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  1. For me, it's this one

    Effort isn't seen-what people see is only the result. That's why other people's success might get called genius or luck

    Sometimes in life, we dismiss other people's success just to feel better about ourselves. The thing is, even if you're a genius or gifted with above average abilities, if you don't lose hours of sleep and fun to work hard, you will get nowhere.

    It is important to see the big picture, your effort is valuable no matter the result. Work hard, always. Don't look at around with bitterness. And if you have the innate gift for your craft, be thankful every day, and cultivate it. Do not lose your time, do not lose your determination even if you feel lost. You'll get there, maybe later in time, but investing your time, effort, love, and hard work in everything you do, will pay off.

    Gabi (Argentina)

  2. the girl who! said: tiacosas said: New Subtitling Project Alert!

    Currently recruiting: Translators KOR-ENG // CHI-ENG
    Project: [bARAM - WISH]
    Contact: @thesuitelife547 or @tiacosas
    Description of the job: translate as much as you want or have time to (10-15 minutes of the movie is OK), writing the lines in a notepad/Word file. Send them to us, and we'll do all our timing magic.

    Thank you!!!~~

  3. New Subtitling Project Alert!

    Currently recruiting: Translators KOR-ENG // CHI-ENG
    Project: [bARAM - WISH]
    Contact: @thesuitelife547 or @tiacosas
    Description of the job: translate as much as you want or have time to (10-15 minutes of the movie is OK), writing the lines in a notepad/Word file. Send them to us, and we'll do all our timing magic.

    Thank you!!!~~

  4. Songs that remind me of Chilbong-ahhh~~~ I tried to make this list with a song for each moment of his emotional journey.

    My forever CB (and YYS?) song is Whistle for the choir, because it's about a one sided love but it's so fun anyway!! This one's for CB's awakening of his feelings, and the happiness this love brings to his life, even if the girl has no eyes for him. Unrequited love songs usually are angsty and sad, but The Fratellis just make me wanna dance and hug the guy :P

    ...but for our own angst lovers (hello @candid59 how are you), when the fight for the heroine's love sent the heroes to the trenches to think about their respective strategies, Why by Mate is so accurate depicting one sided loves while ripping your heart with the according melody.

    We all know CB tried to keep himself away from his friends and especially that person after being rejected, trying to convince them and himself that everything's fine although he knows that is far from the truth. I'd like to think that even though she's happily in love, NJ feels apologetic for what went down, but he doesn't want her to feel that way...


    so many people I missmy heart's courage doesn't come so easily let's meet up sometime, let's see each other some day empty promises piling upbetween the indifferent seasons you are getting closer to me it's been a while, it's been so long longer days, slowing down my steps at the end of the day it will be okay, everything will be okay my days are going fine I'll believe, I'll believe in it that we were right, that we made the right choice it'll be okay, everything will be okayeven if my day is the same tomorrow I'll believe, I'll believe in it don't be sorry for me anymore it's okay, everything's okay, it's all in the past free your heart of the lingering feelings it's okay, everything's okay, it's all in the pastfree yourself from the sadness

    translated by: gogoparty.livejournal.com
    original lyrics from: naver music

    Then, It's Alright by Mate, which conveys this melancholic feeling for a lost relationship without losing hope in moving on and smiling again in the future (T_T).

    And The Universal Song by Broccoli You Too, for when Bong-ah is already letting go of his first love, and looking at his feelings in retrospective. A beautiful song. Those magic days they shared when they were in their 20s, are now ordinary memories of the past.

    Finally, one thing the drama didn't let us see (*shaking fists*), Chilbong embracing the amazing life he has and looking at the future with that bright attitude of him. This one has been my pick me up song for years, and I hope it could be his too :)

    I know they're a lot, but I just wanted to share my little playlist (I have many more hahahaha just didn't want to overwhelm this thread with mah feelz).
  5. Oh my God this drama 8-}


    I started it because it looked cute, and I wanted to watch something that cleaned my heart after my constant suffering with another one I'm following. I can't believe I stumbled into one of the most illogical, boring, and hair-pulling hot messes of the year. This has to be a new contender for the worst drama I watched in 2013.

    They couldn't even give us a nice ending. Just... rolling my eyes to the mount Everest. I want to cry, and leave drama land forever if this is what we're getting. Man, how disappointing has this second semester been. I think I haven't liked any of the dramas I watched this season.

  6. Why is this thread so quiet?? Sobbing :(( :(( :((

    OK, but let's talk about the reversal in episode 6!!!! I thought Shin-young would bite the dust, it was Chi-ho instead!! OMG!!! Totally unexpected!! I was ready to express my disappointment, after my initial love for the show, a certain je ne sais quoi was missing: Now, I can't wait for next Monday, with Kang San super famous and Chi-ho as the pariah and Shin-young shifting her preference!! Yes, drama, keep the awesomeness coming!!!

  7. mystisith said: tiacosas said: But what if she's not really into it? Let's be real, he's been pushing her so friggin' much, his overbearing insistence is extremely annoying. She must be overwhelmed at least. Also, what about being 18? Are we seriously saying that we should totally accept a hot guy's kiss only because we're slightly inclined to like him (she isn't shown so attracted to him, she follows his lead mostly - left to her own desires, she wouldn't be around him at all), and because hormones are running high? What? I mean, yes, Park Shin-hye's deer eyes are her signature everytime she's in a "coupley" situation, but in this case, her terrified body language is, for once, completely justified. Let's not forget that she was coming from one of the most disturbing situations with Young-do, she's absolutely creeped out by everyone at the moment, and this guys swoops in for a kiss? Dude, way out of line.

  8. mystisith said: That's my problem with ES resistance against KT's affection at that point of the story: Overthinking the why and where and the consequences of a kiss is something you do later in life when you've been scarred by a relationship (and even then, not always). This is not what a 18 years old girl does when she is on a safe place (closet or rooftop are both safe). Raging hormones, a gloomy life in needs of sweetness, a boy who likes you sincerely and that you like back: Planets align and things happen. I can understand a moment of panic and doubt AFTER, when the brain kicks in, but not 2 cold rejections in the heat of the moment. 

  9. OMG just finished episode 2 and this is love love love. The last 15 minutes were amazing, totally manipulative I know, but all the punches landed exactly where they were supposed to. Kang Sannn my heart aches for you =(( (tecnically, it's much more tragic what's happening to the people, but he's our hero and his despaired crying sent shivers down my spine so yeah...). It helps that Do Ji Han adjusts his intensity according to the scenes quite proficiently (and he can be INTENSE but not overwhelming or over the top, which is nice).

    I'd like for him and that lady to be appart, though, more time for them both to find their paths (I'm hoping for a juicier arc for her than being romantic idealistic lady from a super high class - from what the preview showed, there're some clouds on the horizon, so excited!!).

    Thankfully, it's as addictive as I thought (and wished) it would be.

    Cannot wait for next episodes!! Yay!

  10. So, I could finally watch this show's premiere, and I have to say that I liked it. I mean, it's still a little green, and could benefit itself with some fine tuning, but yeah I love how dynamic it is, and the actors are not disastrous. Particularly, our leading hero is quite good, with his fiery passion always ready to explode, and his sweet eyes.

    I'm not sold on the love story, especially since the girl is a bit generic for my taste. However, there's a lot of potential, what with her "modern" views on women's place in society and her naivetè when it comes to the hard reality (will her bubble burst?).

    All in all, it was solid, and shows a lot of promise. It's a shame it's such a buzz-less drama =((

  11. Lucel18 said: After watching the finale with eng subs (I know, i said i wouldn't, but I couldn't resist), I felt sorry for MY.  After deciding to give up her revenge, she really didn't know what else to live for.  It seemed like her sole purpose for living after her family died was just for revenge, nothing else, that when she finally gave that up, she didn't see a point to living anymore, even though Choong begged her to leave with him and to keep living.  I know she loves Choong very much that she told Nam Seng to keep his promise to her that he won't kill him if she kept her end of the deal with NS, but I just wish she found strength in her love for Choong - to live for & to be with him. 
    Why was it so hard for her to just live and be with Choong?  Is it because he's the son of her enemy? Does she think she'll be betraying her family for being with him? Or is it because she misses her family so much that she wants to be with them in death?  Or is it because she's just tired of everything she has gone through, seeing her family die, seeing her supporters die in their efforts to protect her, seeing her failures in killing her enemy, that she just wants it all to stop?Would living be equal to her dying inside - being constantly reminded of what happened to her family (seeing how she gets nightmares of them)?  
    It's just so tragic...she gives me the impression that she thinks she won't be truly happy while alive even when she's with Choong when we all know that's not true.  Did she have doubts about that? Her actions in the finale made me think that..Ugh! So many unanswered questions...but oh well, the drama has ended, but in our minds, the love of Choong and the Princess will always last...

  12. Just like @asyree said, it's not so much the fact that both Choong and the Princess died that hurts so much, it's the lameness surrounding it.

    In those last 15 minutes, Nam Saeng talked and talked with his typical delusional crap and Yeon was like "yea son preach it while I wait here, wont try to stop you lol". It was surreal, because in the past, when Yeon's revolution finally succeded, the show spent 8 episodes showing how he gained everyone's support, by fear or power, while the King couldn't really do a thing to stop him - and it was so awesome when he entered the palace like a boss. So, NS winning this battle lacked lots of sense because hey, no one really liked him, he had absolutely no one by his side, no political allies, no military support, no power, his dad was mostly annoyed by him, the king barely interacted with him, so how in the hell everyone stood there like they were waiting for the shot to end just so they could go and drink soju somewhere else?? Hello, Geumhwadan???? Earth to Mars???? Your Princess is standing in front of this bloodthirsty jerk...................................!!??!!!!1!!11!

    In the end, we get that tyranny destroyed Goguryeo from the inside, and Yeon was in a state of confusion and despair, finally realising that his """"revolution"""" failed horribly and that it was a matter of time before everything crumbled; and that the decadence, corruption and cruelty brought (and represented) by his son would be the end of his legacy. However, it fell flat due to the lack of consistency in NS's development - he was always there, smirking or shouting or randomly killing people, not being cunning or plotting or even corromping the structure. NMW's disastrous joke of a performance didn't help either.

    Gah. I'm so angry. I really love this show, really really, but it derrailed so fast it makes me want to cry.

  13. omg

    Nam Saeng seriously wounded Mo Seol (while she was about to kill the princess). I liked her, but I guess it's time to die. Aw, it's so sad.

    I should really learn korean, lots of talkin'.

    This episode is so epic I can't.

    Nam Saeng rising to power just like his father in the past, while Choong is fighting his way to the palace.

    Abt the Princess

    No one can believe when she enters the room. Geumhwadan is there and they're like


    Choong arrived!!

    He's totally finished, all covered in blood and stuff. Argh! YGSM is saying something to the princess while NS has his sword to his throat.

  14. Nonononononono, Nam Saeng cannot kill Choong, that would be quite the gut punch. I'm totally prepared for an unhappy ending (I mean, for Choong and the Princess), but even if I know Nam Saeng won't die (damn you, history), at least don't let him have that kind of victory over his bro. Just no, NMW's triumphant face would make me cringe and sob uncontrollably.

  15. laraffinee said: SMP567 said:
    So, even his head tells him that the Princess is dead, on the instinct level, his body moves to protect her the way he always did when he was her bodyguard.  Otherwise, what can be a reason for him to protect Moo Young, his subordinate?
    And for her... When she realizes, in that very raw instant, that the man is after all the same man who will protect her without any hesitation, moves on the same instinct level to protect him.
    The way I see it. These two people are spiritually connected at a deeper intuitive level more than words or other physical substance can command.

  16. @mekeo117 Dramafever subs can't be ripped (bummer) because they're hardcoded on the image. I downloaded the episodes with decent quality (not HD) and harcoded subs (I'm fairly certain they're the same from DF, and wouldn't be surprised if DF had uploaded this same version) from a website, I'm not sure whether I can post the link here or if you're interested. I have never found those subs as softsubs, it seems like they do not exist :((  If you want it, send me a PM and I'll share it with you, I've checked and they're still online ;)




    does anyone have the recent ratings for ep 9 and 10?





    Monday 2010-08-30


    7. I Am Legend <나는전설이다> (SBS) episode 9 - 15.3%, 15.4% (TNS)


    8. I Am Legend <나는전설이다> (SBS) episode 9 - 13.4%, 14.1% (#9) (AGB)


    Tuesday 2010-08-31


    8. I Am Legend <나는전설이다> (SBS) episode 10 - 15.2%, 15.6% (TNS)


    9. I Am Legend <나는전설이다> (SBS) episode 10 - 13.2%, 14.7% (#7) (AGB)


    Source: Box Office and Ratings topic (here and here) updated by sayroo.





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