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  1. The cafe owner & her hubby are really cute! Love their storyline. Her hubby so straight & cute! While having blind-dating, he was listening to his future wife's plans.. Then he rushed to her & told her, looked her plan & wanted to be her... So sweet! Simple & heartwarming...
  2. So does NGM had 'DID' in this drama? Actually quite looking forward in his character, but seem like you guys don't have a good impression in this drama...
  3. Well done OCN! They keep it real! All episodes worth watching! The last 2 parts keeps me wonders too... I hope have season 2... Really a great drama!!!
  4. Omo!!! Kim Wook' mum know about him in next episode?! So sad... Hopes all deceased can find their bodies and rest in peace... Goo Soo really keep his age well!!!
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