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  1. Love the JTY! Agreed he kinda cute!!! Bought the bags for the sake of GAR!!! Hahaha! When GAR serve Bon with food, he kinda jealous!!! Hahaha... Can't hate JTY!! Both Bon & JTY fighting to "win" GAR's heart!! Just my 2cent of opinion...hehe... Nx wk episode, seem sad. Bon can't play with Joon-Joon anymore.. Hope only just 1 episode, he can't take care of Joon-Joon...
  2. I kinda confused. So there 2 powerful ghost? Sohn the minion & Park Il Do the boss?? I really confused. Someone pls enlightened me
  3. Agreed that Joo Hyuk should let go of Woo Jin. Since he have choose to let go. Why should he hang on to her. He don't deserve her. I hope Jong Hoo and Woo Ji together. Although, Joo Hyuk is a good. But he weak... Unlike 'Go back couple', both husband & wife choose to go back to past together. And they realise they still love each other. But Joo Hyuk just too selfish. Anyway, above is my 2cents opinion. Don't get angry with me... Hahaha!! !
  4. I root for Joo In Ah & Cha Jae Hwan!!! Cha Jae Hwan such a good man!!! Han Seung Joo, No no no!!!
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