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  1. The police really useless.... If the police trust KTP so much. They should get him sketch the drawing if the murderer... Sad to say, KDK really a victim. The reporter really get his karma... Although, both his wife & daughter are innocent... He really deserve it... When those reporters took his wife's picture, he asked them to stop. He should have the same feelings, afterall he harassed SJY & KDK badly....
  2. Thought Baek Kyung will change to a better person... Watching him to do those little things, I felt selfish... Does he really love DanOh? Or for his own sake? Just like what he told DanOh, she is his everything... As for Haru, he over protective... Should not change the medical report... Really prefer Baek Kyung's character in manga... Never force DanOh to like him. Just be with her whenever he can... Haru's character in manga also good. Waited for DanOh quietly...
  3. Anyone know the song that Yoon Pil Woo humming??? Actually quite a nice song...
  4. Was crying last part of episode 9. When HR pushed her away!!! And I laughed.... Lolx!!!
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