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  1. I feel so sad for the main leads.... it’s like the world around them don’t allow them to be together.
  2. Previews are out... can someone translate? Thank you in advance!
  3. Silent reader... The more I read from this forum the more discouraging it is to continue to watch the drama. I am hopeful that given all the bad things LCY has and will commit in the future, he still truly love XF and she recognizes that. As the story unfolds, we get to see XF and LCY loving each other but given what has happened in the past that XF feels obligated to not accept his love and killing herself was a way to be free. But so far from what I have read here... if LCY is such a terrible person from start to finish... this drama should have ended at episode 10. Though, I am not rooting for a happy ending but I want to believe LCY really loves XF and they had a good chance at it before memories come floating back. Just my two cents.
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