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  1. CQL Thai fanmeeting presscon I love how everyone else is there in their finest suits and dress and XZ and WYB are looking like they're about to serve me some finger sandwiches at a Thai spa
  2. that spell is made by WWX. it is implied that WWX gave his paper spells to LWJ back in ep 11, and the Yunping City scene is to show thar LWJ has kept them for 16 yrs.
  3. I’ve been binging interviews and people confirmed to have auditioned for Xue Yang: Nie Huaisang’s actor Jin Ling’s actor Xiao Xingchen’s actor Lan Jingyi’s actor people wanting to play Xue Yang: Xiao Zhan Wang Yibo Jiang Cheng’s actor Song Lan’s actor these guys are OBSESSED lol
  4. just realized my favorite review channel got another Eng sub video, this time on the topic of how to make BL drama adaptions successful. CQL is of course is the forefront example of how it overcomes a dark past and she also brings up a lot of older adaptions as examples. anyway pretty funny info vid if you want to know about CQL's old rumors and about the current state of BL adaptations
  5. I have said WYB's acting got better as the episodes increase, but ngl he is pretty bad during the entire sequence from the snowy night at Cloud Recesses until Burial Mound seige. he looks completely zonked out like he can barely keep his eyes open lol. it's super obvious that he filmed these scenes early on and out of order, and it's jarring to be reminded of his not-so-great-LWJ again. I guess it's fine since it's not like those scenes require a lot from LWJ, but and it's super weird bc it's sandwiched by him delivering some of the best LWJ scenes at the Koi Tower escape before and the Lotus Pier reveal after
  6. animations also face censorship but there is no animation that can have as big of an influence on the Chinese youth like dramas. SARFT always end up writing more censorship laws whenever a drama becomes too popular and they're always on drama productions like watch dogs Scarlet Heart -> bans time travel on TV drama Go Princess Go -> bans time travel on web dramas Addicted -> bans homosexuality Story of Yanxi Palace - bans displaying excessive wealth and too much scheming lol
  7. I know everyone thinks it’s a myth but there really is a loooong list of rules from SARFT for television dramas. Here are some “taboos” that pertains to CQL: - Sets a negative character as a main character, or exaggerates the positive sides of a reactionary, backwards, evil, or illegal [acting] person, society, or organization. - Promotes spirits, reincarnation, witchcraft and other feudal superstitious thinking - Blurs the value judgement between truth and falsehood, good and evil, beauty and ugliness, or confuses the basic boundaries between justice and injustice - Expresses or displays abnormal sexual relations or sexual behavior, such as incest, homosexuality, perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual violence. Online dramas will have the same restrictions, and staff censors will supervise online content around the clock
  8. I cried a lot for the jindan reveal scene...everyone did so good in that scene, especially LWJ...I thought it was just gonna be a single tear scene but he cried so much and looked so beautiful doing it too
  9. I knew they wouldn’t be able to keep the explanation for that scar in. it really is just too gay lol and I was genuinely shocked they included it at all. I guess it’s just a visual easter egg for novel fans
  10. everyone in CQL is dubbed by voice actors. I'd say 9/10 period dramas are dubbed altho I'm surprised Yang Yang was dubbed in TKA, he usually use his own for modern dramas
  11. whew the JGY and NMJ flashback was intense. I also like the scene of them bursting into JGY's room and LXC and LWJ's convo about trusting people; it's almost word for word from the novel unfortunately the Koi Tower "escape" was real clunky and CQL is kinda giving up on the fight scenes at this point lmao. how useless are all those disciples and all the sect leaders just staying still waiting for LWJ and WWX make eyes at each other and say their lines. like y'all should let JC do something also than standing around frowning lol
  12. after the clumsiness of last week's Yi City, I feel better about the wrap up. XY's actor still overacts but his flashback when he died...like ok that got me right in the feels... also random but it's kinda cute they casted a Jin Ling that looks so much like his 2 uncles and nothing like his parents lol. like the facial features between JL, JGY, and JC are uncanny
  13. they’re at 3.3 billion. yeah I’m hoping by the time the non-vip schedule finishes it’ll get to 5. fingers crossed the worry is the spoilers and illegal leaks upload. I mean regular vip episodes already get leaks every week but all dramas suffer from that; this vip paying extra for even earlier release will take out another chunk of views from those who will watch the leaks cos they can’t wait and won’t go back to stream the actual eps 1-2 weeks later
  14. so Tencent is dead set on having CQL end airing next week....all the OST and spoilery promos are getting released. ugh I’m stressed, I really want this drama to break 5 billion views and get above 7.5 on douban and this is still gonna dampen it
  15. XY’s actor looks exactly like his part but he’s really veering off into overacting at times. XXC’s actor acting as XY pretending to XXC is kinda better lol. but props to both of them giving the best fight scenes so far in the drama. sometimes I get tired of LWJ being too flowy and fluttery lol also I love the juniors, they’re almost exactly as I imagined. I would watch an extra centered around their shenanigans
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