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  1. Morning... From Marie Claire Korea site. You can find Wookie's pics and interview here Link: http://www.marieclairekorea.com/2019/05/celebrity/돌아온-지창욱/ Can't wait for the interview full translation
  2. Ahahaha... Seems Jigoner still win over Glorious and Bangchigu Thanks Val for that part of his Marie Claire interview Awww... He still believe in romance! *deluluing*
  3. Welcome to this thread! And thanks for the compliments About your worry... One of our friends here, @excitedgal came to his FM last Sunday. She said it was a good fanmeeting. You can feel that he sincerely wanted to thanks his fans for waiting and supporting him during his military service period. She also said that Wookie is fine. Wookie even addressed the BS issue so well. With a big heart. So proud of him. And love the way he tackled the issue. I put it under spoiler ^^ So... Don’t worry about him. And let's support his new drama. Seems like it will start filming in mid June and start broadcasting in October.
  4. Ah this reminds me of his vibes in his FM. I thought the same about Wookie seems different. Idk but I feel like he's change. More mature? He looks like he is more calm, cool, collected. He looks more relaxed after military service. Maybe it's just my thought but he gave me this "someone who has settled down" vibe *deluluing*
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