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  1. I have a feeling that casting Song Joong-Ki as The One is perhaps to allude that Tree With Deep Root's King Sejong is a descendant of Eun-Som. I'm expecting Han Suk-Gyu to cameo as older Eun-Som. I feel it too, like an RPG. And really, any of you who have been dabbling in RPGs will know that even GOT "borrows" a lot from (older) RPG lexicon. I guess this is why I am not bothered at all by the "unconventional" way the story play out: some are summarised and abridged, some are told in detail. I also think that there's an intended confusion as we try to learn and navigate through that world's folktales, fairytales, legends, and recent events, just as the characters do. I do feel the "uneveness" of expositions, which are typical and sadly becoming a plague in saeguk, but here, I found them more tolerable (and hurray for inner monologues! ). So far, I am liking this for the very reason that this doesn't feel like the usual korean dramas. The director, especially, and writers aren't known for that typical k-drama/saeguk.
  2. @packmule3 love your analysis on how this show explore the subject of suicide... You've articulated why I am drawn to this ghost drama... How this invisible killer is given shape and color: red, a seducer. This drama is personally timely because a close friend is currently battling depression. Thankfully now it's looking up although when she and I spoke last night, she still gets suicidal thoughts however infrequently... Indeed, Yeo-Wool is vulnerable at this moment. And it's interesting how, as you wrote, she is by being painted as strong, cheerful and bright, considering her recent traumatic life event, that it deceives some people (the police chief, "her bright personality grows on me.."). I love my heroines plucky and strong... but I felt her over-compensating her emotional downs would take its toll somehow... That, in the light of recent episodes, she is going after the woman in red herself, in a red car, in a "suicide" mission however "noble" she thinks she is being...
  3. Not only he's cool in black, visually and temperature-wise per Doctor Gil's assessment.... I know this is a stretch... but at one point I thought perhaps the ministry of science and ict also 'shaped' the power of The Man In Black aka Da-Il. Because he is a "blackbody" of physics, absorber and emitter of radiation over all wavelengths.. thus he lets off such energy when he's angry... Anyway, when I thought I'd dig a little on these colour palette (there is a poster, I think, which shows Da-Il in black, the woman in red, and Yeo-Wool in white-ish...)... all intents were thrown out of the window as soon as Subway's green and yellow appeared.... way off tangent...
  4. I love your explanation because .... believe it or not.... I found this drama 'logical' and in a way 'realistic'.... and thus scarier than, say, the others that are also airing. On the title though, I am more intrigued with the korean title, which translates to "Today's Detective..." or perhaps "Modern Day Detective"... because the topic of ghosts and spirits aren't part of today's scientific pursuits... hence my weird laugh on the “Ministry of Science and ICT” detail. I actually 'rejoiced' when I saw The Woman In Red, not white (so last century ghosting). She would fit as a modern day ghost for being 'instagrammable'... if you know what I mean... Somehow, I see her as the Id (of Id, Ego, and Superego -- the girl splits to three...) because due to some game influence in the past, I've associated Id with red and the superego with black. So... I am expecting to see another one in black.... Or... is it Da-Il The Man In Black? since he wears black...... Oh, well....
  5. I'm joining this thread! It's interesting that the woman in bed (red) shed a tear. Perhaps the horrible things she does to people is because she can't do that to herself. She would rather die than living that way, attached to a life support and become a burden. I'd like to think there are other forces at play. Why Da-Il becomes a ghost? Is it because of his Mother's sacrifice (a la Harry Potter)? The woman in red had promised (for what it's worth...) not to harm Da-Il but she breaks that promise... So his soul survives. And Yi-Rang perhaps also has put protection for Yeo-Wool just in case.. Why Da-Il can't open/cross doors... this reminds me of the vampires code in True Blood and also Let The Right One In (Let Me In is the US remake). The owner of the house must issue invitation or explicitly let them in (just like that scene with food). Perhaps there's similar rule here. He can't just barge in. Or... it's an "experience" thing, he's fresh out of grave and unexperienced in ghosting. I don't know... but I like being confused here.
  6. Miss Yoon is quite an enigma for me because, just as you've brought up, she knows Dr Jang AND her role as "exposition" device here are (she plays Miss Information Super Highway a little too well) hints for something. My theory is too bizzare with some tints from BBC and US versions colouring it so I'll keep it to myself. But I too am hoping for a real happy ending, hopefully in line with your theory... In light of the recent epiosdes 11 & 12... should I put my money on the manicure killer being the ET Guy? It's Han Tae-Joon's achilles heels: Facts vs Truth.... Kim Hyun-Seok plots and manages to come this far in his revenge. He is too sane and intelligent to kill repeatedly on impulse. But the mentally unbalanced ET Guy, drugged and watching KHS being dolled up, may have developed the fetish and urge to relive the moment he sees KHS on makeup. "He likes to watch..." Officer Yoon says when she wonders why the victim is posed in certain way. The way the ET Guy watches KHS helpless and 'pretty' is just..... uncomfortable. But if so... where does 2018 KMS fit in this...? "I remember that look on your face..." (2018 KMS).... is he referring to young HTJ or the 1988 HTJ? Anyway, I haven't been this satisfied watching Kdrama since Signal... even if I trip all over the place trying to connect the dots... edited to add: sadly, I think HCH is killed because he sees KHS... a casualty for he is at wrong place and wrong time.... he figures out that the GYS killer is KHS and confronts him.
  7. .. I know it's a late reply... but I did. It was good... The 'literal' ending resolution had me laughing, kinda took the edge off of the ride/experiences although I applauded the attempt on twists. I personally prefered the BBC's Sam Tyler, ending, and mostly its 'Manchester' setting. What's with the psychiatric patient at the beginning of episode 10 (the ET-handshake guy from the 2018)? He got me thinking that perhaps this adaptation would also use bits from the 'Ashes to Ashes'... that.... **BBC VER SPOILER ALERT!!!** Speculating here... I am not sure if the killer cop is a vigilante. Kim Min-Seok and he could be biologically related, brothers who are long separated. He could have murdered Kim Bok-Rye the way he did simply because he wanted revenge for his abused little brother (since there is no post-humous grooming with manicure and cosmetics). The rest of the murders, with dead women manicured, are surrogate for another woman in their life, perhaps their mother? Anyway, love the surprises thrown that indeed make the resolutions feel simple.. edited to add praises for JKH... I like him since 'Time Between Dog and Wolf'. He does a thinking man up for action games so well. HTJ's lines are few but his internal struggles feel real without exaggeration.
  8. There are endless possibilities how K-LOM will go for the twist factor... I'm thrilled. The charm of the original is here though as I'm loving HTJ trying to make sense of his bizzare new world. @bedifferent regarding endings... Like many of you have mentioned, I also love how soft-spoken, calm, and assertive Officer Yoon is, intelligent and strong without being showy and confrontational. She understands and uses her psychology background well... HTJ's got a type of girl, ay?
  9. The US version's ending/conclusion is different to the original BBC's "Life on Mars" (there is also the sequel "Ashes to Ashes") so it's still interesting to see what the Korean spin would be--I am looking forward to it. So far, there are direct scene for scene "rip-offs" but the contextualisation is done well.
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