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  1. Honey I'm Sorry 《亲爱的,对不起》 English title: Honey I'm Sorry Literal title: Sorry, Honey Korean title: 자기야 미안해 Country: Mainland China Language: Mandarin Number of episodes: 30 Channel: TBA General Director: Cao Huisheng Director: Gao Han Screenwriter: Wan Jun Production company: 上海广目天影视传播有限公司 Casting Joo Jinmo ― Zhou Yulou (Heart Surgeon) Zhang Li ― Jiang Dan (Music Teacher) Bai Huizi ― Bai Xiaoxi (Jiang Dan's Student) Lee Yoori ― Jia Churong TBA ― Qin Fan Zhao Zhengyang ― Huang Dasheng (Jiang Dan's Friend) Luo Xuan ― Zhou Yuting (Zhou Yulou's Sister) Dai Xu ― Zhao Duo (Bai Xiaoxi's First Love) Additional Informations Based on Chinese novel titled Out of Control (失控) by Zhang Zhen (张震) Shooting started around November 2nd, 2015 and scheduled to wrap up February 3rd, 2016. Zhang Li wrapped up her scenes December 16th, 2015 and Lee Yoori December 28th, 2015. Tentatively scheduled to air in late Summer 2016. News (translated) [SINA] 16.02.03 'Honey I'm Sorry' Wraps Up Filming. Emotional And Teary Joo Jin Mo Kneels On Floor... [HANCINEMA] 15.12.04 Korea or China? Lee Yoo-ri's happy concern [DRAMABEANS] 15.11.28 Joo Jin-mo (Beloved Eun-dong) began filming the Chinese drama Dear I’m Sorry Videos 16.04.14 First Teaser (MV) 16.01.08 BTS and Cuts Social Networking Platforms - Official Weibo - Joo Jinmo: Weibo Zhang Li: Weibo, Instagram Bai Huizi: Weibo Lee Yoori: Weibo, Instagram Luo Xuan: Weibo Soompi rules Do follow the general Soompi Forum Rules. Do not insult a celebrity / a member, whether directly or indirectly. Do not spam. (A post must include at least twenty characters or be of substance. Hence, a post which does not meet this requirement may be subject to deletion without notice.) Do not engage in off-topic conversations. (If you'd like to discuss / post off-topic conversations irrelevant to the subject matter, do so through personal message or where else more appropriate. Posts that don't abide by this rule may be subject to deletion without notice.) Do not quote images / gifs / videos. (If you'd like to quote a post, remove images / gifs / videos (if applicable) and quote the text by itself. This rule is to preserve the bandwidths of images / gifs and to make a thread as simple to navigate through as possible.) Do provide English translations as needed. (Comments must be written in English or with English translations when posting in a foreign language.) The rules may be subject to updates and changes. Failure to abide by any of the rules may result in a warning. Contact angelangie & 13infamyss for assistance if there are questions and queries to address. Sources: 1 -
  2. Profile Name: Joo Jinmo (Born Park Jintae) Hangul: 주진모, Hanja: 朴鎮泰 Birthdate: September 26, 1974 (Lunar: August 11, 1974) Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Height: 180 cm, Weight: 71 kg, Blood type: O Family: three older sisters Religion: none Education: University of Incheon - Physical Education (dropped out); Chung-Ang University - Film Company: Huayi Brothers (2016 - Present) - Fantagio (2012 - 2016) Social accounts: Weibo, Facebook (Professional - Private), Instagram Filmography (directly linked to their respective Soompi forum-s if available) 2013 Friend: The Great Legacy - Role: Lee Chuljoo (Guest Appearance) 2012 Gabi (가비) - Role: Ilyich (Lead) 2010 A Better Tomorrow (무적자) - Role: Kim Hyuk (Lead) 2008 A Frozen Flower (쌍화점) - Role: King (Lead) 2007 A Love (사랑) - Role: Chae Inho (Lead) 2006 200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워) - Role: Han Sangjun (Lead) 2006 Puzzle (두뇌유희 프로젝트, 퍼즐) - Role: Ryu (Lead) 2004 Liar (라이어) - Role: Jung Mancheol (Lead) 2001 Musa: The Warrior (무사) - Role: Choi Jung (Lead) 2001 Wanee & Junah (와니와 준하) - Role: Junah (Lead) 2000 Real Fiction (실제 상황) - Role: Kim Hansik (Lead) 1999 Happy End (해피엔드) - Role: Kim Ilbum (Lead) 1999 Dance Dance (댄스 댄스) - Role: Junyoung (lead) Drama-graphy (directly linked to their respective Soompi forum-s if available) 2017 OCN Bad Guys 2 (나쁜 녀석들2) - Role: Heo Ilhoo (Lead) 2016 MBC Woman With a Suitcase (캐리어를 끄는 여자) - Role: Ham Bokgeo (Lead) 2015 JTBC Beloved Eundong (사랑하는 은동아) - Role: Ji Eunho/Park Hyunsoo (Lead) 2013 MBC Empress Ki (기황후) - Role: Wang Yoo (lead) 2013 Hunan TV Flowers in Fog (花非花雾非雾) - Role: Qi Yuan (Guest Appearance) 2009 SBS Dream (드림) - Role: Nam Jeil (Lead) 2006 GDTV Bichunmoo (비천무) - Role: Liu Zhenhe/Yoo Jinha (Lead) - Note: also aired on SBS in 2008 2006 SBS Queen of the Game (게임의 여왕) - Role: Lee Shinjun/Chase (Lead) 2005 SBS Fashion 70's (패션 70s) - Role: Kim Dongyoung (Lead) 2003 SBS Punch (때려) - Role: Lee Hansae (Lead) 2000 KBS Look Back in Anger (성난 얼굴로 돌아보라) - Role: Lee Donghoon (Lead) 1999 KBS Sad Temptation (성난 얼굴로 돌아보라) - Role: Shin Joonyoung (Lead) Theater 2015 Musical Gone with the Wind - Role: Rhett Butler 1997 Play Taxi Driver - Role: Shoulder 1 Awards and nominations (won 8 out of 14) 2014 3rd APAN Star Awards - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama - Empress Ki - Nominated 2013 MBC Drama Awards - Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama - Empress Ki - Won 2010 3rd Style Icon Awards - Style Icon Award, Movie Actor - A Better Tomorrow - Won 2009 45th Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor (film) - A Frozen Flower - Won 2007 6th Korean Film Awards - Best Actor - A Love - Nominated 2007 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards - Popular Star Award - A Love - Won 2007 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Actor - A Love - Nominated 2005 SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Stars - Fashion 70's - Won 2005 SBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Planning Drama - Fashion 70's - Nominated 2003 SBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special - Punch - Won 2000 KBS Drama Awards - Best New Actor - Look Back in Anger - Won 2000 37th Grand Bell Awards - Best New Actor - Happy End - Nominated 2000 37th Grand Bell Awards - Best Supporting Actor - Happy End - Won 2000 36th Baeksang Arts Awards - Best New Actor (TV) - Sad Temptation - Nominated Songs and Music Video (MV) 2015 Joo Jinmo (주진모) - Musical Gone with the Wind's songs - Singer 2013 Joo Jinmo (주진모) - Salomon CF's Theme Song - Singer 2011 Joo Jinmo (주진모) - Like Music Like Rain (비처럼 음악처럼) - Singer 2005 J-world (제이월드) - Final Fantasy - Singer 2000 Jo Janghyuk (조장혁) - 중독된 사랑 - Appearance 1999 Kim Gunmo (김건모) - 버담소리 - Appearance 1999 Noa (노아) - 남겨진 사랑 - Appearance Advertissements (CFs) 2003 Intercrew (인터크루) - nothing 2001 Cafe Latte (카페라떼) - 1 - 2 - 3 1998 박카스 - 1 1997 Lotte Gum (롲데껌) - 1
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