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  1. did anybody notice that Reba playing Aranya kinda look different from FJ? Not just the phoenix mark, but even her make up..like there's a slight difference in the eyes....I can't put my finger on it, but you can just feel it. Any one?? Also, what war??
  2. @pawla I can see why they do this, cause some drama tend to do this.. But some dramas that follow very long novels really can't stay within these guidelines.. If they do, the story will be very fast and confusing... Thank you for the info. Oh well, thank goodness pillow book already aired.
  3. Question, for the VVIP accounts, do they get more episodes next week too? Another 12 or will it be 6? @Sisca_TVXQ you poor thing.. How are you going to survive when little brother shows up?
  4. Ahhh one arm exposed!! it doesn't look like the I've got wrath of time, but still very manly. I'll take it.. So I'm a bit confused. In EP 33, the queen of fanyin valley said Arayana was her sister.. So when she saw FJ how come she wasn't surprised on how much they look alike? it will get confusing that they play each other's shadows counterpart..
  5. @9tRedFox you can just fast forward and look for the kisses scenes .hehehehe....contents later...
  6. if you read viet sub enough..you will improve it..that's how I practice mine. It's just a bit annoying cause you have to pause ever once in a while. My reading skills aren't as good as english..but it's sooooo worth it. They have til ep 39 in subs!! I don't think i'm sleeping tonight @9tRedFox we can't help it but watch it!!! I mean..wouldn't you, if you have subs til ep 42? hahaha.
  7. Those who are watching viet sub ..if you want to know the link from 31-38 (Subbed) PM me....Soo excited!!
  8. kisses kisses kisses every where!!! It will definitely be a lost of money for tencent if they don't release until ep 42 internationally...look at alll the fans in here willing to spend the money!!!! I'm sure more will too.. Omg..all these kissed are making me soooooo happy..*happy dance* I can see how wild it got since this page went from 227-231 just within half a day..right after the video released..
  9. weTV just released a bunch of BTS scenes on the app!! Sooo cute. I don't know how to share them here!!
  10. Thursday!! Thursday!! THURSDAY!!! I hope some Viet website will pick it up and sub it!! It will be sooooo awesome. What I've always wonder, how did Liansong and DiJun become friends? I'm sure there's a hilarious backstory to it.. most likely Liansong gets mistreated by DJ.
  11. @Asliza Mohd the censorship shouldn't be that bad being that this is web-drama. It will depend on how far the director is willing to push it and if Reba/vengo will cooperate @9tRedFox have you seen sweet dreams with her and deng lun? The kisses there were pretty good. Not too wild like Yang Mi's in TMOPB but enough to get your heart pumping...I'm crossing my fingers it will be the same. I hate the wide-eyed-shocked kisses that some actresses do. Or...the motionless ones too... @Sisca_TVXQ Dylan and Vengo's heights match so well...hahha. is vengo left handed? He threw that rock with his left hand....
  12. Haha this video cracks me up. I have no clue what they are saying but I love the camaraderie between these two actors. Their BTS are always laughing at each other.. @Em D DJ is the oldest loving being in the whole universe, if he doesn't know about the birds and the bees, who does?
  13. @Sisca_TVXQ thank you for the videos!! I can see sooo much chemistry in their friendship. Even if they aren't real life couple, they sure are very good friends. I feel like they are one of those couple who always have feelings for each other and borderline relationship, but never act on it because of the industry. So they treat each other the way they do...just lingering looks and close proximity... Any way....counting down..3 more days!!! @jimmylyne if they ever do another drama together, i'm sure we all will see each other there!!!
  14. @memine use your imagination..ahahah.. @9tRedFox , also, where do you watch Happy Camp with eng sub?? Vengo, only has his good looks and height..he is terrible at being athletics..hahah...
  15. Goodness..Ive been gone for half a day and all I see is scandals on Vengao.. What the hell has our DiJun been up to??!!! I've seen these scandals before..all I can say is, hope he's protected...
  16. @Leslie Mtz C final verdict...I wish DJ was like that!! @1:10 was the best..Ooo la la... Thank you for the video!!
  17. I'm just gonna repost this here so it can appear on more than one page...I really prefer him looking like this than what we saw in PB...I wonder if he had to go on a diet for PB...to look slender, willow-like, to be like an eternal God... @akkarin let's delete that video..DJ should only be with our FJ please...haha just kidding.. I agree with @jimmylyne they probaby did edit hit fingers or used filter to make him look like that.. @Sisca_TVXQ I do prefer a man with smaller breasts than me..hahaha..but YQT looks very well build.. I feel like this topic can be discussed for a very long time......all the way til thursday.
  18. @jimmylyne I think we need a full video of Vengao back from wrath of time..just to be sure....research purposes..PLEASEE!!! DiJun, though retired, still needs to work out and eat more so he can protect his beloved FJ and Bai Gun Gun....
  19. And maybe some food vouchers!! Vengao is not a small guy but without all the clothes, he's super skinny Dijun needs to eat so he can protect the 4 seas and 8 realms.. Even YQT is a bit more buff than he is.... @FloraImmortal I hope it's next week!!!
  20. I wonder this too. Cause lost her memory when she was in the mortal world, but there's no indication that she lost her memory of the mortal world. She only regained her old memories back with the help of Chiwu.. Which makes me wonder when she saw FJ, did she recognize her? And if she still remember the mortal world, she should be ashamed of herself for deceiving DJ's mortal body...
  21. From the book and the drama, besides being shameless..I love that DiJun knows what he wants and went after it. I don't think the drama ever mentioned when he actually "fell"in love with FJ, but I can only speculate he liked her from very early on. Unfortunately, we don't really get his perspective for his feelings, but you can feel that he be like, "She's interesting. I'm paying attention to her..Okay..I like her..lets bring home an empress for TaiChen Palace." Correct me if i'm wrong, I don't believe he ever questioned his feelings for her. And this what makes DJ awesome.
  22. Honest....THURSDAY, can't be here soon enough...I've waited for 2-3 years for this drama..but waiting another 5 days feels like eternity!! Why can't WeTV just upload everything at once... if they need viewing counts..I'll watch it 10x over and over again..and turn on 20 devices to play it on repeat....
  23. I had the same problem a while back..but one day, miraculously, it popped back up. So you just have to wait...i think.. They aint lying...hahaha..'
  24. @elioraroi he didn't find out anything Bai is her last name. Xiao like what @jimmylyne said an endearment before the word. Jiheng scenes just ruin the drama tbh. It's making it draggy...nothing against the actress, they are just giving her too many scenes.
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