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  1. Did people hear about the third installment of the Three Lives, Three Worlds? https://www.jaynestars.com/news/third-installment-for-three-lives-three-worlds-in-the-making/ This is kinda wild. I don't know where to post this...I can't imagine they would do that to Bai Zhen and Zhe Yan. Wouldn't there be an uproar from the fans (like us!)
  2. Sorry people, didn't get a chance to get to this post...Quarantine life has Made me hopeless.. I'm still scared to diving into this drama because I didn't really care the novel. hahah. I had to force myself to finish the last 10 chapters. For a short book (53Chapters), somehow I feel like it's draggy.
  3. I just finished the novel. I'm debating if I should dive into the drama. From the glimpses I got, it seems to be a bit different from the original story line. Can anybody verify?
  4. I'm reading the Vietnamese version. I believe it will be Happy Ending, cause I only read happy endings..no sad ending.
  5. Currently reading the drama, it seems promising. (I'm only on chapter 10 out of 53). So I'm hoping to finish it before the drama begins. This will be my exit for ELOD...(still hung over from it.)
  6. Ladies, what is the name of the plant that DiJun loves? Or that big giant pink plant they were under in the Blue Sea? Is there an English name to it?
  7. HAAHAHAHA... DJ has became a teenager with raging hormones.. Thank you everybody for posting clips and tidbits. Some are sooo sad and most are tooo sweet. Recaps into comments ... - Some one mentioned good thing DJ doesn't have to change BGG diapers: do you really think he will do it himself, when he has LS and ZL around? - When DJ patted BGG head, he's pretty rough with him. hahaha you know he had no experience with children. - I'm so excited that we will get a happy ending. - DHDJ has really becoming cheesier and cheesier. - We didn't fully watch the sword ceremony, but from the clips, it is a bit anti-climatic. I hope the final results won't disappoint too much. Either way..today is the day folks. I'm soooo happy, yet soooo sad at the same time. Happy discussion later.
  8. You have found multiple soul mates in this very Forum... But we just can't give you the love you want... @Leslie Mtz C I can't deal with that trailer...
  9. @Yori Ten I"m pretty sure BGG got his sensibility from DH...I wonder when he grows up, he will inherit his father's shamelessness too.. @Bai Gun Gun Care to wager in?
  10. Outdoor is always fun I like how DH is experimental.. and spontaneous..hehehe. *Sorry admin..I can't seem to delete the photos from my phone when I quote*
  11. Ahhh I've missed out on sooo much. This page is going wild. My heart is up and down reading your guys comments and posts. First off..thank you to all the translators for the contents. Sorry, can't tag names, I was busy reading. I've never wished to know Chinese more than now. The weibo's bantering are priceless!! And then I reached page 324 and my heat broke.. I really hope they aren't going to give us a sad ending....I pray not. I can't take angst. BTW, Tencent must be following people's forum and discussion cause they just released a video of all the "official" kisses....so if anybody wants to relive those moments time to watch it!! I'm not gonna lie, I have watched it about 10x already.
  12. the BTS in WeTV shows some scenes from the ending episodes..even DilRaba said it will be very sad and she was heartbroken from it. Soooo expect waterworks this week.. I'm not ready to say good-bye.
  13. http://www.dramapanda.com/2020/03/eternal-love-of-dream-hits-5-billion.html?m=1 Okay..which one of y'all is Anonymous #3...