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  1. does anybody know how the main characters from L&D related to 10000 Miles and Pillow book? I don't remember this book from original author.
  2. I'm really enjoying this show. There's a fresh approach to it and the members are very compatible with each other. I also like that they don't go TOOO easy on guests and NDLN.
  3. I completely agree. I wanted to know how FJ would have reacted when she wakes up and finds DH there next to her. Even if we speculated it will be a happy reunite ending, but how how it will lead up to it...there should be a sweetness/suspense to it. I hope the drama will expand on that.
  4. I hope they don't play the lost memory game too much..I'm having a hard time keeping track of what people remember and who is suppose to be who (?).....
  5. I'm already dying waiting for season 2..now they're gonna make me wait for season 3 too!!! It looks like season 3 (from the poster) will be more modern....whooo hoo!! There is a vietnamese translated version for the novel but it's not completed..has anybody read any part of it? I can't even bring myself to read it until i finish the drama...
  6. Yeah..The flower tattoo was kinda weird...if anything, he should have made it into a rose. Since that is her favorite flower..
  7. is anybody wondering how come they don't include the evil side story to Season 2? In season 1, even though the three crazy eyes people popped up once in a while..but it showed there's more to the other world. It's been 16 episodes and we only get nothing....I hope they don't bombard us with it for the last couple of episodes.
  8. Am I the only one who is disappointed by all the White on DH in the BTS? I hope in the drama, we will see more purple....
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