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  1. @pad-hari I really like how ep 26 they have the guy singing the OST (that the female always sing), it's a nice change. I wish I can understand Chinese watching these previews!! @juliaajumma @madmad min I like that LYX went alll out on this drama with the kisses..
  2. I don't know about you guys but I love the fact that they aren't shy about sleeping with each other the first night of confession. While other dramas wait and wait, and probably never get to it, this drama just dive right in!! Whooo HooO!
  3. Can someone get the gift of YS dancing into the office please? Cause that's how I felt when I saw their lovey-dovey scenes..
  4. to all (I haven't seen the picture in the apartment part), but from what I've gather reading above posts....we all know that pictures taken in dramas will look like it was taken by a mysterious ghosts/ninja in the room. I'm waiting for subs for ep 19-24. Does anybody know when those will come out?
  5. This drama is sooo funny. The only thing I'm disappointed in is the second lead couple. I usually ship the second leads more than the main couple, but this drama is not the same. I just skipped their entire story line.... but THANK GOODNESS for the main lead and their chemistry! I love it soo much. I' just finished episode 11-12 and just wanna let you guys know in advance, there are more and more cute (bickering) scenes to come. What I love about this drama is , there are no shyness between the main couple, they act very natural and fitting to their long term
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