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  1. ohh right...if im not mistaken i think i read the news somewhere there is no 9 tail fox drama this week
  2. More clips for eps 12: Short preview for ep13 Long preview for ep13:
  3. http://koalasplayground.com/2020/11/07/kim-bum-wraps-filming-on-his-scene-stealing-little-brother-role-in-tvn-drama-tale-of-gumiho/ oohh noooo
  4. I apologize i cut post and may miss lots of points as i have scattered brain few of my thoughts: 1. Though LR may not have full supernatural healing power like LY, he did have some of the benefit that enough to make him survive all the abuse he got from his mom & the vilagers Mom during the pregnancy..drink poison, roll down the mountain/hill, hit the tummy with stones Villagers...physical abuses, beating & so forth From the flashback, the beating was serious especially the villagers were angry & meant to kill him And it happened quite a lot
  5. i read few comments that said LY left LR to bleed and might cause him to die i kinda disagree... with LR's supposed capability to supernaturally heal, he was supposed to be better without that red orange fruit i think the main problem is LR lost his will to live After LY hurt LR with his sword, LR just laid on the ground & did nothing like he gave up on his life Only after that red orange fruit, he was instantly revived and had a sole goal of hurting his brother for his supposedly-thought-betrayal so i think LY calculated his move and made s
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