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  1. hello everyone! i'm usually lurking here as a guest and haven't been signing for almost 5 years, but this drama is making me so fed up in good ways anyway.. anyone notice that in the 1st episode, before Mago left with all MW's things (the things of people who were died because of her), there's one firefly that flies back to MW? After tonight's episode, i'm sure that if it really is CM, then he never went to the afterlife. He stayed with MW as a firefly all throughout those years. It also explains the firefly that fly around the tree too, i forgot in which episode, but there's a shot of a single (lonely) firefly around the tree. if CM's soul is the firefly, it might means that he's not exactly evil, and he will also maybe be the last soul MW send to the afterlife. so far watching all the episode, i can't really see CM as a bad guy, i think if the revelation on last week episodes were just that, without any sort of twist, it hardly bring any impact to the story. ah but i'm happy to see YW in this lifetime also, i belive that CS is no one's reincarnation. he was just someone that somehow plotted by Mago to remind MW of her past, that's why we see so many parallels between CS-MW and (mostly) CM-MW. which somehow makes me believe that her biggest regret has something to do with losing CM in the past.
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