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  1. 8.7 percent, not bad....shouldn't we change the thread title to Current Drama now, it's actually started airing!
  2. what drama are you watching sis? Hong Hae-in, less qualified and 'human' than her husband?? The same husband who's trying to be nice to his ?? The ladies look worse than the men in this drama?? Better than which men? The incompetent little bro or the scheming husband? The egoistic grandpa? Did you actually watch episodes 1 and 2 of Queen of Tears or just seen screencaps and a summary and typed a paragraph with a lot of big words thinking it's a hot take?
  3. It was 1 hour 15 minutes long but I really didn't feel it, it never got draggy or boring. Episode 1 of any drama is supposed to establish the basic stuff - characters, relationships - and QoT did it really well. The Oh Jung-se cameo was too funny Kim Soo-hyun whining, crying and complaining to his friends/bodyguards and then all calm with the shrink lolllll Also I've been saying since the minute the leads were cast, Kim Soohyun and Kim Jiwon have great chemistry, it's painful to watch them hate each other like that but the little flashes when they're in love are SO GOOD, I want to know what happened to them to change that! (obviously her family has something to do with it but it's so vague and I wanna know more) Also she's so good at conveying 'hurt while the character is doing her best to let nothing show', I'm impressed. And the memorial scene was 10/10, I was wondering why they were showing the aunt in prison but then that scene happened and I died lol Kwakkie trying to do the offering with her yelling the entire time And of course that bombshell at the end! I know it's a romcom but after CLOY I'm having trust issues lol edit: does anyone know ratings for ep 1? I really hope this does well.
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