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  1. I was almost worried that they were going to end in the middle of the final confrontation, at least it wrapped up abit for the finale ...hmmm...but still so many threads hanging. I had such a good time watching Fan Xian - my little fandom heart was happy happy happy. It was a big cast (again), and some returning characters didn't get so much screen time - so it was happy to see and sad to see little of them , etc Duo Duo, Uncle Wu... Grandmaster level is real! I mean Wu Zhu always been pretty amazing, but nice to see some other comparisons in this tier. I hope Fan Xian gets to level up in future. Season 3, now come on , just give us the complete story.
  2. Up to 15 only. Couldn't believe that Official Lai dared to complain (? not sure that correct word) about the King himself. Even before making yet another complaint when the King was obviously tired of the court and was about to go... I was like...stop before you make him angry. Oh, yeah, Guo and Fan Si Zhe, indeed 'dumb and dumber'. I hope Fan Xian and Hai Tong Duo Duo will see each other in this season. They're great together - of course as friends... don't add to the gossip fuel.. hahah And all the new pictures I see floating on the web of the 'wedding' in the recent ep yesterday. Mr and Mrs Fan! And Uncle Wu is back! I miss him.
  3. I'm watching too! I've been busy and have been taking it slow so I can binge a few at a time and then having more available if it's a sudden 'cliffhanger' that I need to watch the next one.Therefore only just finished 11. The court session in 10 was great drama. I was just abated watching + waiting for who else was going to speak and add to the final result of what Fan Xian wanted. There's schemes and twists, all with the usual JOL comedy antics, ah, its good to be back in the thick of the JOL world, for more Fan Xian adventures. Fan Xian got all these new outfits. ZRY looks so good! His hair all down again - since having it up at the end of S1. Enjoying the new Yan Bing Yun character & portrayal - also Deng Zi Yue of the First Bureau. He and Wang Qi Nian will be good support to Fan Xian. Somehow really liking the Young little Eunuch Hong that appear in E8. I find him to be quite intuitive and capable (I already know a bit of where he is heading later on). The two theme songs have grown on me. I kinda like to let it run both start and end of each Ep. I know ! 36 eps , that's 10 ep less than first season.
  4. Tomorrow is the day!!! There's a new 5 minute trailer 3 on Weibo. Looks like they re-shot the S1 ending so to continue on for the start of S2 (with the new Yan Bing Yun in place) (sorry...not sure how to add the video link.... )
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