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  1. new hand sanitizer ad posted by YG AD https://www.instagram.com/p/CRngk96HUMj/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. one reason could be that she has had long brown hair all along. People get used to her look like that. Last time YIN had black hair was during the filming of High Kick Through the Roof, and she easily pulled that off. After 11 years, maybe she herself has become tired of that hairstyle and color? Just maybe. Also, it's likely that we won't be able to see brown-hair YIN for a long time. It's said that it'd be very difficult and harmful to dye your hair, after dying it black, right? Everyone have a happy Wednesday
  3. Somehow I feel inna will not leave YG. She'll stay there for as long as they let her. She seems to be comfortable in YG
  4. @LAARNI Because it's the same PD, Touch Your Heart, My Roommate is a Gumiho Korean production team, PDs, writers, they like to work with people they've worked with before Goblin's writernim wanted YIN to play Sunny already in the beginning, because they worked together in The Secret Garden. So even though they were casting back then, they still kinda,,,,,, waited for YIN to come back from China. TV stations are also like this.
  5. Kim Go Eun already sent food truck to Jung Yumi who's filming Till the Morning Comes So I bet she also did that for YIN, just no photos yet
  6. Ohhhhh...... This filming has been long enough... I hope it will end soon, like someone said earlier, maybe at the end of next month, and Inna can have a rest... Somehow, i wish that she could take one more variety show before 2021 ends haha
  7. She doesn't seem like someone that gets shy easily, or that's afraid of doing something simply because she's not good at it. Quite impressive. Like that time, First episode of Heroes, when MC asked her to dance. Also, in the bts of TSWLM, YIN said that she couldn't dance but she WOULD do it whenever she's asked to Really??? doesn't sound like her... and I've watched so many tvN's dramas and variety shows
  8. OK, let's have some fun. Can I start a topic here? What's that one amazing fact you found out about YIN after getting to know her more? Me first: She reads so much!!! Some people may just say they like reading blah blah blah... but she's definitely not merely saying that. How did I know this? When Jang Doyeon mentioned "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" on Funding Together and YIN's reaction there!! Also, she really KNEW the books that she recommended or gave as gifts on that show. That girl's a Gem! I like reading myself and I have two giant bookcases in my hom
  9. The chance that TSWLM has a second season is extremely slim, considering its not even average ratings. Poor MBC. That said, I like her actings more in that drama, more so than in TYH. Kang Ah Reum is more challenging of a role and has more layers to her. So I'm really looking forward to Snowdrop. And hope her future dramas will mostly be aired on tvN, JTBC, and KBS at least.
  10. Hi people, just some thoughts today One of my team's apps is about zodiac signs and astrology, and the app lets users comment and communicate with each other too. Today a user, who's a Gemini, wrote and I quote "I don't have secrets. Just private person about my personal life." I don't believe astrology much, but for those who do, maybe this can explain a little as to why YIN keeps her life private. Again, I like this about her. Have a good day y'all
  11. I don't understand why so many get upset about this. I respect her so much for her trying to protect her own privacy and also understand if she didn't think how she celebrated her birthday was something worth mentioning or that important. As Inna's fans, you and I all know that this is who she is. She is NOT the kind that posts fun or boring or eye-catching stuff on social media. She is NOT the kind to publicize what she has done for whom or what. She is NOT the kind to let fans know how crazy her schedule is, because work is such a normal thing for her? It's very possible th
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