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  1. LET US SUPPORT YOO IN NA AND VOTE FOR HER https://www.polltab.com/MhOu3vxR7Ps Most Pretty Asian Actress Star Award 2021
  2. Video of jisoo saying she’s close to her costars and that there will be a lot of behind the scenes of Snowdrop. Let us hope that! tweet @kjstrk https://twitter.com/kjstrk/status/1392093862772895745?s=20
  3. Throwback to YooDJ / Honey-Yoo. It's been 5 years without YooDJ cr:@yooinnasource
  4. LeeDongWook&YooInNa Happy Children Day for the child you both and all of us have in our heart! Love,love,love. Take care of each other!
  5. https://www.twitter.com/yooinnaupdate/status/1389147080799625219
  6. we don't even know if she's filming (I guess not) , if she is sick or taking a nice few weeks to rest.... Is she fine, happy, sad, worry? Has she any(other)film offer for this year?? Is she planning her own wedding ? oh my gossh! hahahah At least know if she's still working...
  7. CONGRATS TO YOO YEO JUNG AND ALL THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH KOREA! "YOO YEO JUNG portrait in kofic’s website is now updated with Oscars 2021 winner and her profile is back in homepage reels." “at age 73, she has no intention of stopping. indeed, an icon never does.”
  8. Just miss Yoo In Na ... no contact at all make some fans or just some audience who like her, to forget her. It´s feels like no interest in audience, even if it's not like that. WE know. We love you YOO IN NA, please don't disappear..
  9. Well, as time has passed, here some bts pics from "New Year's Blue" where YOOINNA's beauty shines.
  10. Guys. it's right that BAD & CRAZY would be finished SEPT. 11 and SNOWDROP would have broadcast SEPT. 10 ?? Anyone knows about it?
  11. YOO INNA! LOVE HER,SUCH A GOOD FRIEND HUMBLE&WARM PERSON. Giving her friend a good advice,as always,her good intuition,helping each other. "2021 April 14 IU mentioned YooInna on IU's Palette ep.8 IU to Gong Yoo: I'm very close with my friend YooInna (Inna told IU about Gong Yoo then IU told Gong Yoo what she said) Inna to IU: "It's just very fun to talk with him. He makes it so fun, you shouldn't need to trythat hard." So IU remembers what Inna said and interview him. cr: Ken on Tweeter I wish YooInNa &am
  12. RUMOR.. Snowdrop,JTBC, FR. - SAT. The release date of #Snowdrop is said to be scheduled on September 10. !
  13. Miss Pichi Couple ... What happen to you Pichi? , How are you doing? , How are you feeling? Are you still loving each other?,Are you taking care of each other?
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