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  1. I didn't support them like a year ago that much but the way they're getting closer and closer makes me think kookmin is a real thing. With how similar jong kook and somin's social media posts are, i feel like they're hinting at something. RM also tries to edit out a lot of kookmin scenes but there are always some being shown through the jimmy jib.
  2. I'm assuming you're talking about me. So others talk about JSM and KJK getting married and it doesn't matter but when i talk about it, I'm an imposter? Jong Kook has mentioned on MUD in the previous episode a while ago that when a woman shows him attention and says she likes him, he'd be okay with catching feelings for her but otherwise, even if the woman flirts with him, he won't catch feelings. So even if i support kookmin, you're gonna keep saying i'm an imposter. Okay bud.
  3. did you guys see how happy jong kook was that somin didn't get the punishment at the ending of the latest RM episode? I really do hope they end up marrying each other.
  4. why are my comments getting deleted?
  5. look what i noticed. Jong Kook doesn't sit this closely with any other cast member. Episode 545 for anyone wondering. https://gyazo.com/db69c7feaf6c8bd552c7d80d3dd06eee
  6. i think the PDs of RM aren't showing Kookmin moments maybe because it's real and Jong Kook + Somin are just waiting to announce it. With Kwang Soo leaving the show and a chance of other cast members leaving too, they may finally announce that they're dating.
  7. Hey guys, can we make this an appreciation thread for Somin as well.
  8. hey guys, i'm new here but i'm going to give my honest opinion. In the beginning of when so min joined, Jong Kook disliked her a lot because if you guys remember, she punished jong kook out of everyone else. They started getting friendlier with each other after some time and now i really do think they might be dating. You have to look at the evidence that's behind the main focus like some scenes where they show jimmy jib moments. I think they're only showing KookMin moments with Jimmy Jib and behind the main focus because of how So Min had the fake lovelines wit
  9. It looks like nobody really talks on this forum anymore. I'm a new fan of Running Man that's watching because I'm a big fan of Jeon So Min.
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