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  1. Taemin voice trembling here he loves his fans that much Taem Prepare from the end of last year SHINee Album + Repackaged Album + SHINee Japan Album + Beyond Solo Concert + Solo Album + SuperM Album Passionate workaholic Lee I hope he doesnt have to be afraid of losing his fans Taemin Please stay and keep HEALTHY Baby
  2. Naeun use her ring again on her daily life but no for broadcast or advertisement,I don't know is same ring or just religious rosary
  3. I'm so annoyed why many people judge naeun cos she into give spoiler or hangout with PD wgm years ago... and naeun take photo in jeju with same pose in wgm...and also naeun post with taem tower in Japan, some Taem fans prejudice against naeun social climbing with Taem popularity actually Taemin give hint too, right? post on exactly the same street in Paris and drive scooter(?) Calobye (?) Also I'm not sure he get cos sponsor or from naeun.. Because of that some taemin fans still annoyed at naeun and yeah also the hyper shippers too. If Taem who gives hint is mean
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can found "plam tree in Seoul(fanfiction)" Fanfiction? Or recommend me some fanfiction no smut Thank you
  5. Yesss... I hope they're relationship going well, we just waiting until announcement or wedding.... OMG Thank you for this one Wow I have goosebumps with Cèlin Taemin mention it twice
  6. Hahahha maybe... I hate I'm being delulu too... Maybe Taemin being Connection between Naeun and SM artist and yeah I believe Naeun and Taemin are friends or something like that no in romance relationship coz recently They're VEry Very Busy since Taemin debut with Super M, Shinee, and Solo too and no time for date but yeah we don't know anything about Nangni and Taem relationship behind... But I believe Taemin and Naeun are Closest and being friends for long time... Oh sorry I don't know... can you mention year and what event Tiffany Naeun attend? Nae
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