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  1. Sadly, Naeun get attacked from haters when YG released their announcement, beause of the photos of Naeun they put in their post. Defamation and face shaming are coming for Naeun. Her hater are attacking again. YG's one weakness as a company- they never defend or protect their artist. Remember that not all discussion and activity of these 6 members would go publicly. I honestly admire them for keeping quiet publicly about Naeun's departure in PlayM, they are not the kind of group who really like to show off the public their closeness.sometimes those group who likes to "show off"in p
  2. I know that i have said that Naeun is in good hands with YG..but i can't help to think that there's a possibility that YG will intervene Naeun's activity with apink ( YG now has the right to do it because Naeun is their artist), this is what i'm afraid off. Even Naeun wants to to have an activities with apink, if yg will not allow her, there's nothing she can do about it. I just hope that her contract from YG clearly indicate her freedom from apink activity. I saw the tweet again about KakaoM, unite all it subsidiary company ( idols and actors company), it's now called kakao enter
  3. Definitely, Taemin is worried and has fear on his hiatus. There are lot of boy group/male idols who's career are soaring now, and year after year there are lot of bg debut too. In reality, some idols popularity went down when they on hiatus because of enlistment. There's no assurance on their job if they will still be popular or not.
  4. This is it, it's kinda clear now that Naeun already signed with YG. One of YG instagram acct, YG ad started to follow Naeun.
  5. There's already a leaked that she already signed with YG, a kpanda tweeted about it. But of course we need to wait for her and YG to formally confirmed it. I'm not surprised if a big company like YG had an offer. International fans and netizen may think that Naeun is not that so popular, but the truth she is extremely popular in south korea. She is also known and love by general public there.
  6. Sorry to break your delusional moment, but Naeun is already a YG stage actress. To be fair with YG, they are really good in handling actors/actresses compare to SM, and their income.. YG and their artists had a 50-50 division when it comes to income. So a wise decision for Naeun.
  7. It's partly confirmed that Naeun is with YG now as an actress. YG already include her name on their page.
  8. She will remain in apink, as an idol/singer Naeun. But honestly, it would be so hard for getting them in one show as ot6 since Naeun already left playm, I just hope that they will not like snsd that they only meet or they do vlive as ot8 when their anniversary come. Naeun will signed under YG stage-focuses on actors/actress, this subsidary of YG is actually good in treating their actors/actresses.
  9. Sorry this song is not about a certain person, this song is about pandas who left apink in 2016. I think you're a panda right? So you you know that there's a lot of fans who left the fandom in 2016 and fanning the other girl group that year. This song is included on their DEAR album, all 6 members participated in song writing. Eunji and Hayoung- that spring, this autum. Bomi and Namjoo- Heaven/lost pieces. Chorong and Naeun-cliche/ordinary days. These song are connected to each other and they dedicated it to their former fans. That spring, this autumn is about their fa
  10. Actually they did not mentioned the WGM that we know, it was the movie we got married/my wife got married that was starred by son yejin in 2008. JaeJae ( the host) mentioned the movie because they recalled the chart back in 2008 because a lot of people think that shinee's replay got first in chart, but it did not. That's why they look back at the chart.... wonder girls at first spot, taeyang at 4th and top 10 is the ost of we got married movie. The scene that you mentioned is from the movie, that is a famous scene that joohyuk gave a feet bath to son yejin. This scene was mention
  11. I am sure this thread will be on hiatus too when Taemin enlist,and some pandas are suspecting too that apink might have a longer hiatus because of chorong issue since the trial is still ongoing. Naeun only updated on her Instagram now about related on her work. We can't get any hints about them because of the situation.
  12. Have you seen tweets from Taemints ( taemin fans), they ganged up the OP who translated taemins vlive, the one I posted here. They cursed this OP and another shawol ( a minho stan) who also gave opinion about the "fan who said dont do it",was also cursed and ganged up by taemints... and they are all international fans. Some ifans are like kfans the way they think about idols.I hate to say this, sometimes ifans are more possesive and delusional. Some of them are already in their mid 20's and early 30's but the way of their thinking is immature.
  13. Fans should never dictate their idol what they want in their life. Fans should know their limitation. Fans should get out of idols privacy life. Fans should know the reality and being delusional to their idols. Become an idol means having you sacrifice your life? Really? Fans are the one who have this concept for idols, if fans doesn't act like they owned their idols, it would never happened the sacrificing that you're telling me. Naturally, some things idols would sacrifice like studying, it's obvious because of their sched, but telling me that idols need to sacrific
  14. a fan told him not to get married and then he agree, I think he only agreed so that fan will not be disappointed. Ok I found this translation This fan is something.. scary and disgusting fan.
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