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  1. I ended up dropping the novel because of that. There’s only so much I can take Nonetheless it’s cool it’s being adapted though I have to say these revenge/rebirth novels get tiring and boring after awhile
  2. Watched 5 episodes so far and it’s good. I’m obsessed with sports animes, so this is right my alley. Have to say I’m already shipping the two leads knowing their journey is probably angst asf
  3. I’m glad it’s slow because a lot of times the lead couple get together by like episode 20 and then all the hype and tension is quickly deflated and the story becomes super boring coughunderthepowercough It’s why I enjoyed Minglan so much, you can see slow entwining of Minglan and Tingye What this drama does well which is a testament to the screenwriters and lead actors is that it’s sweet and tender without becoming cliche or over the top or saturated You see clearly each time how Lingyi surprises Shiyi when he does his actions as a decent man. It just makes me sad
  4. I don’t mind the slow burn. Has it been lesser actors with less chemistry, I’d be complaining but I’m not. I’m really enjoying the slow winding of the two. Although Lingyi has multiple wives, if he really was a hot blooded male, they’d definitely be more kids running around. He’s pretty disciplined as we’ve seen and if things went his way, he wouldn’t have any wives or women pre Shiyi. If he wanted to sow his oats, he’d make an occasional to the brothel but otherwise he would be living like a monk
  5. The conversation with Madam Luo and Shiyi makes me think possibly it was her scheme to have Concubine Wong get with the Lingyi. Since we aren’t privy to when Yuanniang and Lingyi’s marriage broke down but if it was before Wong and with the ruthless advice from Luo, it makes sense. Also her death is suspicious
  6. Don’t understand why they complain since the promotional material was pretty explicit what kind of drama this was. There’s million of dull idol historical dramas they can indulge themselves in
  7. It’s so sad that Lingyi being decent is such a high standard for male leads in historical dramas but he is so throughly decent. While we see the adverse effects of polygamy with these dramas in regards to how it effects women and children, we never see it from the men. Men like Lingyi who are probably a few (especially who has a high EQ) who don’t see the benefits of having so many wives and sees only burden and responsibility. But he tries to provide for them, make they are okay but he can’t as he pointed out give them the respect and devotion they want because it’s almost impossible for one
  8. Watched up to 10 and I have to say I feel sorry for our male lead. A fellow introvert wants to come back to a quiet home with no wives and live out his days peacefully but psyche as a person of power he can’t avoid all these concubines which have been thrusted upon him. I have to say the wedding scene was probably the most painfully awkward I’ve seen but it’s so realistic. Two quiet people who didn’t want this I feel for them
  9. Enjoyed the first two episodes, these historical cdramas are getting better and better in terms of production. I’m so glad in the casting of our general, once again actual believable general lol. I’m liking Seven’s character, she’s smart, quick, seems kind but not all infallible. It’s real tiring to see and read the perfect female mc in novels, like I’m at the point of skipping those kinda of mc all together
  10. Yeah in my experience if a novel is that big and it’s generally slice of life means a lot of fluff but it could mean differently for this novel, can’t really know
  11. Can’t wait for this. It seems like this year will be THE year of cdramas I’d read the novel before the drama came out but the translation is still at chapter 2 and it’s like a 500+ chapter novel. Nonetheless I’m confident that they’ll able to smoothly adapt and maybe trim some fat
  12. Thought I’d be able to stay away from this thread but I guess not. Just when I think I’m okay and ready to move on, my mind goes “isn’t it funny...” After contemplating, I have to say this ending is worse than GoT. To be fair, we were given warning signs about where the quality of GoT would go with season 5 onward and with Dany’s storyline, I peeped long ago but knew her stans wouldn’t come to face to how she is with how the show whitewashed her (in the books she’s much worse). So for me GoT and how badly it might end, I made peace with it by season 6. With this show, a
  13. This drama is soothing and easy to watch (post Mr Queen especially) The leads are great especially the ML. I’m always for more unconventional looking leads. The always perfect looking idols if they aren’t like a super strong actor can really bring down the drama for me. The equivalent of a pretty brick wall. However the ML is witty, charming and caring. The FL is mature, decisive while also being vulnerable (in fact in JoL, in the episodes I watched before dropping, I wished the actress was the FL, I find her so adorable)
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