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  1. All this talk of advanced episodes makes want to binge watch the raw episodes but I must be strong I have to say I find the General Song’s actor much more attractive than I did in Joy of Life lol but then again Xiao’s people are pretty attractive in their armour and general competences. This drama is absolutely gorgeous, I keep coming back to the horse riding scenes of ep 13, just beautiful. I hope those quieter scenes come up a few times as a breather got out couple cause RickRoll'D is going to be real for a long time. I want to ask for those in the know, how’s
  2. Finally caught up and I have to say it’s been hilarious seeing Bong going through a bi identity crisis but as the doctor said, the more s/he accepts, the less pain they’ll be in. I hope from the explosion, the King manages to find strength and start cutting those strings around him along with the Queen.
  3. Well tbf the amount of saeguks I’ve seen are pretty small comparatively to historical cdramas and a lot of the men wear that band around their heads, so you can’t see any issues with hairline lol But they already have the wigs, I wish they incorporated it much better or weren’t so lazy as you say
  4. I don’t find their romance development to be too fast...other than the dramatic rescue scene, I think their relationship will just quietly spiral deeper and deeper into love throughout the series. As for A’Wu she had her supposed eternal love of her life leave her in the rain for hours waiting, and now she has a husband who told her that he’d die with her. As much as she can try to cling to Zitan, she knows she can’t with that wide of a gap in terms of intent/actions by both men.
  5. The level of thirst I have for Xiao is almost scary to me. I literally fangirl each time his scenes come on Now with episode 10, I have to say Zitan while a beautiful Adonis who’s such a throughly decent person truly would’ve not been a good match for our A’Wu, all them scheming and shadow fights would’ve been done by A’Wu alone and I’m sure (I mean I would be) she’d grown resentful of him in the end.
  6. The wedding was so gorgeous. Vibrant and yet sad His quiet longing It’s probably was for the best he went away for three years (is it really three years ??yeesh, they need better indicators of time lol), can allow her to grieve without the presence of him ( I mean also so the Wang clan don’t start pushing her and Xiao to do their bidding)
  7. I’m really resisting watching the raw episodes but luckily the subbing on China Zone is pretty quick. I have to say the OST is great in this, understated but grand (which fits the theme of this show) But onward with a review of episode 8. It’s not surprising to me that Zitan choose revenge over A’wu but he seems not all that smart to not realise why A’wu was suddenly marrying someone else. He’s also not that smart to realise he could run away with her and also plan for his revenge with the outer kings but it could be grief clouding him I guess. One thing I wasn’t expecti
  8. Waiting more than a year for certification doesn’t seem sustainable in the long run. Can you imagine how many many more Nirvana on Fires or Longest Days we could get if censorship wasn’t so strict and wish washy
  9. @hush puppy I think you’d like Secret of Three Kingdom, you really root for the main character and couple imo plus it has probably the most sauciest scene in recent drama history, none of the awkwardly chaste make-out scenes, like actual passion (the main couple have such chemistry haha). I liked the Story of Rose and Tiger and Under the Power enough but ultimately dropped them halfway. A big problem with these two (and really a lot of dramas) is that that the couples get together too quickly imo and the sweet torture of a slow burn just stops and I no longer care that much anymor
  10. Well I follow her for the thirst posts (+ commentary) and considered there’s no other person like her I’ve come across, so you must be talking about her I don’t get the oily complaint for ZYW, I’m literally dying of thirst each time he’s on but then again the only role I’ve seen him in was Longest Day and he was hot/mysterious and well groomed Imo child actors are a hit or miss depending so I don’t blame productions entirely for not hiring younger dupes for the main actors. Also if the story largely remains within a few years rather than time skip in decades, I don’t w
  11. Is it dangermousie who u follow? Well tbh when aren’t they ever not complaining about something? It’d be nice if China really opened up their dramas for international audiences, they definitely wouldn’t be any complaints about the pairing lol
  12. Yeah in my mind as far as I’m concerned, So Yong is dead, we haven’t seen any tangible evidence of her present other than her memories. If it were two souls coexisting, I wouldn’t mind the ending of Chef going back to his original body. But that’s not the direction that’s been shown...aaaahh Maybe if it were a webdrama, it might’ve gone into the brave direction we’d hoped for
  13. It looks so natural and not distracting Mr Cheung needs to have disciples and spread the message across dramaland. I have to say Chang would’ve been an acceptable second choice if Zhou wasn’t the ML.
  14. Longest Day has definitely a slow start but once it starts, oh boy it really picks. I think you just need to bear with it for the few episodes but if after that, it doesn’t seem to grab you then maybe it’s not meant to be The cast of LD is great like there’s no weakness with any performance from any actor. Zhou was especially charismatic, I died (figuratively) of thirst each time he was on and I am with this. I love that he’s a man man as the male lead who’s a hardened general, none of these flower boys CDramas like to cast sometimes Back to Rebel, this is his third ma
  15. I think regardless of how I rationalise it, the thought of the ending of So Yong coming back to her body and her and the King living happily ever after still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I fell in love with the Chef and King, not really So Yong and King. I understand that with conservative Korea, the writers are in a tough spot but still
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