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  1. Thank you for explaining this nuance to me. On the one hand, it's good that more dramas will be released, but on the other hand, some dramas, especially if they are filmed based on novels, require more episodes than the censorship and new rules allow. 4 volumes of the book for 40 episodes is very small, which means that global changes will be made to the plot. Yes, I also hope for 2 seasons, but this is such a rarity for Chinese dramas. Of great importance will be the budget invested in the drama and the consent of the actors for more than 1 season And wasn't the reduct
  2. What is the reason for the reduction of Chinese dramas to 40 episodes? This only applies to the drama is a fantasy or not? Last year and this year, there were dramas for 50 or 60 episodes. Can we hope that the Lotus Steps drama will release at least 50 episodes?
  3. Yes, Aranya is married, but I think she wanted Shen Ye to confess his feelings to her. Shen Ye also understood this. She even asked:You love me too, don't you, Shen Ye? Just one word from him would have been enough for her. She had hoped and believed to the last. Xijie wasn't even a barrier to their happiness, I don't think he would have minded if Shen Ye and Aranya had asked him for a divorce. I think Xijie helped them. But Shen Ye didn't say anything, and then it was too late. Yes, I understand that the chance for them is lost. Fate intervenes and does not allow them to be togeth
  4. Aside from what you listed in the TMPOB, I don't like that YX can't protect Su Su at least from Sujin. He knows what a RickRoll'D she is. YX doesn't even say anything. Why can't he stop Sujin from going to see his wife? He could have warned Su Su not to associate with Sujin, not to go anywhere with her. Or was it another of his defensive tactics? Very annoying. Now the ELOD. Shen Ye stayed with Aranya many times during the day, I agree that it was possible to talk to her. How long did Shen Ye plan to play silent for? One could ask for Xijie's help after all. It was necessary to wai
  5. The director asked Yuan Bing Yan to kiss Chen Yi, but he didn't even know about it, so it was unexpected for him. This happened shortly before the farewell concert. And then at the farewell concert, Chen Yi ignored the actress, even when she was crying. According to rumors, his agency told him to behave like this, in connection with the release of a new drama, on the day of the completion of Love and Redemption. But some fans interpreted his behavior as something personal, that they allegedly met to promote the drama. Of course, many things were invented by fans and anti-fans. Ther
  6. I don't want to offend the fans of Love and Redemption, but I think the ratings of the drama were too high. For me, it was the most offensive thing to read that people believe that this drama is a replacement for TMPOB and an improved version of the Ashes of Love. I never got to see it through to the end because I didn't like the acting of the lead actress. The drama lasted only on the acting of the main actor Chen Yi, but he was assigned the role of a martyr who only does what he dies for the sake of the heroine. As for how much blood he spits out, it's not for nothing that dorama
  7. I want to believe that there was something else in the book about YX's feelings. Because if in the book he really believed that Su Su pushed Su Jin, then he's a complete jerk. You must know your wife's character. Yes, and as a mortal weak woman, and even pregnant, could push the celestial. It's one thing for the Heavenly Master to find an excuse to get rid of Su Su, but it's another when YX believes that she is to blame. And the annoying moment when YX carries Su Jin in her arms in the drama. It's also annoying when DX carries off JX after competing for the Pimpon apple. And I don'
  8. I am annoyed by the fact that Jiheng and Zhihe, if they need something from DX, immediately remember their fathers. Here you promised my father to take care of me, I need to go back to the Heavenly Palace for training (in the case of Zhihe). You owe it to my father, if you don't want to marry me, then I demand that you cancel the wedding, never marry, and spend your whole life alone. These women are selfish, manipulative, annoying very much. It seems that they grew up in prosperous families, in wealth and luxury like FJ. But the Heavens did not reward them with intelligence. They a
  9. I remember reading a story on behalf of YX. I really don't like the reason YX is marrying Su Su. It's like passion and lust, but not love, at least in the beginning. YX is young and hot, he is attracted to a woman for the first time. He had never had sex with any other woman, Su Su was his first woman. It seems to me that the story on behalf of YX is not fully laid out. Too many things are unclear. Especially for me, it's not clear when Su Su falls in love with YX. He was grateful that she had yet to fall in love with him.During this relationship, all enthusiasm came fr
  10. The writing style of the BQ book is different from the Pillow book. I like how TQ describes BQ's feelings. The book explained to me why BQ does this, her attitude towards her son, even when she does not remember that she is his mother. The TMPOB drama unfortunately lacks BQ's internal monologues. Yes, I'm not his real mother, but I know for a fact that I love Ye Hua's son as much as I would love my own. I feel sorry for him, because he lost his mother at such a young age, and I always tried to protect him. But all my feelings revolt against such hurtful words. In the dr
  11. The most annoying thing is that neither Bai Yi nor Bai Zhi think about what FJ herself wants. On the one hand, it is good that the Bai family brings up children free and independent, but on the other hand, there is no help from the family. What were they all doing while BQ was suffering from YX betrayal and destroying fox cave? Is it normal for BQ to drink himself into unconsciousness? And wondering where was Bai Zhi and all the other during the trial, Su Jin? Their daughter's eyes were taken away, she was humiliated by the heavenly ones, why don't you do anything or everyone was s
  12. I agree with you that the way the story of DX and FJ was shown in TMPOB spoils their magical story in ELOD. I watched ELOD after TMPOB and I will say that if it was the other way around, I wouldn't be able to watch TMPOB at all. As for the popularity of TMPOB for the past three years, I can say that this is due not only to the production team, but also to all the actors involved. The reason is not at all in the love story of BQ and YX, but in the way each character was written, in their character development, in how interesting all the stories developed. And the main and secondary
  13. Thank you for explaining all the details of my question to me. I really thought that Si Ming was invented in the TQ Universe. I need to read more about him.
  14. I have such a question. There were rumors after the end of ELOD that a drama about Zhe Yan and Bai Zhen would be filmed. But to date, TQ has not written any history about them. So, if they want to make a drama without the original source, it will be considered plagiarism if they do not get the consent of the author? But then the question arises in the drama Love and Destiny there is a Si Min that was invented by TQ, wouldn't that be considered plagiarism? The same goes for DX and FJ in TMOPB. Even if their history was falsified, but in the drama, their exter
  15. I haven't compared Love and Destiny to TMOPB and ELOD. Just answered a question about the storyline in the drama. It seems to me that the production team, desperate that they didn't get the rights to the Pillow book, decided to come up with their own story, sticking to the TMOPB Universe. Although they have satisfied themselves, many people think that dorama is just a pathetic parody of TMOPB. When I watched Love and Destiny, especially after watching TMOPB and ELOD, I also started to think so. Everyone can watch the drama and make their own conclusion.
  16. As far as we know, this is a spin-off. The production team after the release of TMPOB was inspired and decided to shoot another drama. But the events in Love and Destiny take place in the same universe as TMPOB and ELOD.
  17. I watched the drama Love and Destiny. The main characters are the God of War Ju Chen and Lin Xi (she is the princess of the Kingdom of Mountains and she is the phoenix). In the drama, there is a Peach Garden where the main character lives and her friends are nine-tailed foxes, but this is not the Bai family. The drama does not mention DX and ZY, but there is Si Min, who has just started his official position.(a young version of Si Min, he also has his own love interest). Heavenly Master is very different from TMPOB. Finally, we get a normal Heavenly Lord who makes fair decisions. The drama als
  18. Indeed, after reading the novel, it became clear to me why BQ abandoned Ali twice, it's just very difficult to accept that a mother can abandon her child. It is good that the problems with plagiarism were resolved in favor of TQ. The history of DX and FJ is the best. I would like to learn more about the prehistoric times of DX. It would be nice if we could make a film where we could see what DX's life was like before and after he became the Heavenly Emperor, as well as see MY and Shao Wang.
  19. This whole situation with the rights to the book is really depressing. What's the point of holding the rights to a book for so long and doing nothing? Liu Yuxin was so obsessed with playing the role of FJ, and her character JX was delusional about DX. For this, the hatred for her increases from the drama to the real person. For me, TMOPB has always been more than a BQ and YX story. The drama includes many other stories, which makes it very interesting. I usually find the sidelines boring, redundant, and not affecting the main plot, but TMOPB is really interesting in prescribing eac
  20. I do not know if this question was discussed on the forum, but I would like to ask it. (perhaps this post will be long). I read so much outrage after I finished watching the ELOD that most thought they would shoot a sequel to the DX and FJ story in TMOPB. Why is their history in TMOPB better? After watching the ELOD, I felt like I was tricked by the DX and FJ versions. I know they didn't have the rights to the book at the time, but it's not an option to mess up the characters like that, especially FJ. I liked the way their story unfolded in TMOPB. But after returning fr
  21. In 10,000 years or so, Fengjiu is going to have a trial with three lightning strikes. It's the trial every fairy goes through to ascend to High Immortal. In the world that Tangqi built, I doubt that there would be a way in which anyone would be able to skip either of the trials. The three lightning strikes can be taken on by another immortal, but the ascension trial for High God status could only be taken on by the individual him/herself. Those trials are meant as an equalizer; you can only pass if you're good enough to, and regardless of how much Fengjiu suffered (a lot), her suffering can't
  22. It's understandable that EX already knew about Sujin games. Tianjun turns a blind eye to Sujin's antics, but this was the perfect chance to at least punish her. EX perfectly pretended not to like Susu. It's just not fair that Yuan Zhen alone is being punished and has been sent to the mortal realm. Why not do the same with Sujin? EX could talk about his reputation that Sujin had tarnished, blame her. Tianjun may be Sujin's patron, but she is now a concubine, and only he has the right to punish her. Sujin herself began to play a comedy and asked for punishment. Still, DX protected FJ much better
  23. Thank you for your point of view. It's really annoying that as a father, Bai Yi didn't pay enough attention to FJ's upbringing. And then he expects her to obey him. I won't blame BQ. She also didn't listen to anyone when she was younger, and also likes to get drunk until she passes out and no one cares. So why should FJ unquestioningly do what her father told her to do? If she wants to wear mourning for a mortal, so be it. But no, it is necessary to quickly find her a husband, wants/does not want who will ask her. I totally agree with you about DX's fault that FJ left. S
  24. Thank you for such a detailed answer. It's possible that JH actually asked Xuyang to help her manipulate DX. Yes, and other demons could see DX and JH together and interpret it in their own way. Naturally, the rumors reached the Bai family as well. Even if you take a moment from the drama where FJ came to the demon realm to find out where DX. Xuyang replied that he was with JH, so FJ made her own conclusion. If you take the drama version, since the part about memory manipulation is not there, I still won't blame FJ for leaving. She is still very young and misinterpreted
  25. Hello everyone I found your forum completely by accident, read about 200 last pages of discussion and it helped me a little to move away from the history of FJ and DH in ELOD. I've been obsessed with FJ and DH (V and R) since TMOPB. After completing both dramas, I became interested in reading both novels. I will say that the story about BQ helped me understand how she felt after the betrayal of YH, her thoughts that were not included in the drama, including in relation to Ali. The story of FJ and DH is something different, especially in ELOD. I was so heartbroken after their TMOPB story.
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