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  1. Man, Zhang Zhehan is so athletic! Picture 1: No need for a stunt double! He's beautiful! Picture 2: Can't believe the ball went in the hoop!
  2. I think his favourite drink is bubble tea, he talks about it in interviews and live streamings. Yes, fans are buying beer for their dads, boyfriends, and husbands.
  3. Yes, this is his real hair. From leaked photos of him recording "Running Man China", his hair has grown quite a bit. Frankly, I don't like him wearing wigs.
  4. It's great news because "Song Of The Dawn" finished filming in early 2017 but was unable to premiere for 4 years due to censorship. "Retro Detective" will come in the second half of 2021 (I'm betting on August!) Meanwhile, Zhang Zhehan just finished recording 2 variety shows, "Happy Camp" and "Running Man China" (with Jackson!)
  5. Good news! Song Of The Dawn (朝歌) will finally premiere on Youku and Iqiyi, probably in 2022!
  6. Zhang Zhehan and Ju Jingyi somehow have great chemistry between them!
  7. Zhang Zhehan's latest CF (Anker Phone Charger) He looks so good with this hair!
  8. My favourite performance from last night! Fans are shipping this CP on Weibo now. Their Weibo avatar are both from One Piece!
  9. @Yumiyue @Wuzetian @cenching Hey guys! I just wanna say I'm so glad you guys came! When I set up this official thread for Zhang Zhehan on April 2, there was no response for more than a month, and I felt so alone. I wondered why nobody was interested in such a talented and wise actor. Now that you guys are here, let's spread the love for Zhehan, so that more people will notice him! Here's a sexy preview of Zhang Zhehan x Vogue Me!
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