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  1. I noticed nobody talks about Han's ancestor being castrated. I think we should focus on the cause not the outcome. Han's ancestor doesn't need to be direct from this man line, as long as this man has brothers or already have a son. SB putting Han's ancestor at risk hence the harted and resentment in the modern time. It's like a pandora box. If SB didn't make him an eunuch maybe the modern SB didn't have to go through all the hardship to survive. Only then there would be a reason for Han to go after SB. Just my 2 cents. I think this is a closed circle. SB is SY' reincarnation. And
  2. To be honest I asked because of the exact problem. His account will be more secure and protective if anyone try to hack it again. But you are right. He could stay on hiatus but he didn't which is nice. So yeah, enjoy his updates to the fullest.
  3. It's so weird I have to say. My only theory is because his profile photo is not a photo of himself, hence they can't verify if it's the same person. Cause I know to get verified one has to send ID to confirm there identity. Edit: a close-up photo of himself I meant
  4. Does anyone know why his instagram not verified? He has more than half of million followers? I've seen many with only 20k verified before?!?!? Edit: typo
  5. The more I watch Making videos, the more I'm convinced they are dating or in some sort of 'ambivalent' relation. They looked so good together, especially she looked so shy and giggling around him. Small details like fixing his sleeves etc. I hope they could be a couple in real life too.
  6. Maybe she only found out the real reason behind the King's love for HJ and thought it was too late to tell him the truth cause he's already in love with someone else? SY is a good lady so I thought it's possible she gave up on telling the truth and didn't want to look pity running after the King, begging for his love? (Which she kinda did at the night she committed suicide).
  7. He's always been a fantastic actor. He was lead of many dramas and SL to the latest CLOY. I love him in Wakiki. It's freshing to see a young actor, good looking, has a face to go the 'serious actor' road ended up with comedy. 'Cause once someone stick with comedy it will be hard to see them in a new light (serious roles), especially when they're doing too good with comedy. Kind of lame but it's hard to shake off the comedic moments and not easy to take them seriously, Lee Kwang Soo is an example. But he's doing so good so far. He blends and balances things well. I've always been h
  8. Unlike others, I think this scene is to trick us. Probably this is a dream or imagination of the queen (not SY). This is my two cent, first, her hanbok doesn't on par with someone came from a wealthy family. Second, her hair is up, meant at this point she's married. This can't be a flashback as if it is, then her hair should be down and braided, if not, it doesn't make any sense. Third, I think mr queen have a new development on his feeling for the King. Maybe something changed and he's imagining himself looking at the King as a woman. I personally think if t
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