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  1. Thanks mucho! I hope I can do this, my internet sucks nowadays. Wow! Thanks mucho for this. I hope I can follow your instructions lol. My brain doesn’t want to cooperate Keep safe guys!
  2. Hello! Can you please teach this newbie granny how to post photos? I’m using my IPhone for my fangirling. Thanks mucho! Have a great week BinJin shippers!
  3. Oh yes! Just keep calm! Keep the faith! BinJin rules! And how... Hello everyone ❣️
  4. Yes, me too! A small slice would suffice Btw, I hope you’ll join me in praying for the Philippines. Many areas are being battered by a very strong typhoon at the moment. Thank God electricity came back after 12 hrs here in our place. Thanks mucho guys!
  5. Hello! I’m a granny who’s a BinJin fangirl. Been a lurker for the longest time. This is my first post obviously. I totally agree with you. TN was the first time they were formally introduced but they definitely know each other from way back when. Who knows, they are each other’s fan/follower/admirer/crush since early 2000. I love this page! Have a great day!
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