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  1. Hello @HopeHyunjiisreal In my limited opinion I think although they are professional actors and are excellent at what they do I think both of them would have had taken into account Manager Ryu's feelings if he and SYJ were involved especially with the kissing scenes. Although I can't explain why he is that touchy with her. The crazy side of me says maybe he has been chaperoning her ( for KSY) for a long time hence the closeness otherwise I don't know. And hey all of us here are just hoping and pinning for them. If it turns out that the ship doesn't sail we will still be ha
  2. @lebeaucouple Hello chingu. Very true. As you stated previously, he rarely ever picks two characters that are the same. So there might be a significant difference between this one and the one he played in REAL. We have no idea what the script is really about so let's hope that the script in good this time and the PD too. Fighting.
  3. Wow. When I saw this earlier on Instagram I was counting on you to post it in the forum. Hahaha. The crazy me just got excited over the fact that it's the CEO who followed Kim soo hyun and not the other way round. So that may imply that KSY is indeed a silent player in gold medalist. All the big guys are at the top of the management have worked with him. His cousin and the other lady. What are the odds?? Hello there. Thank you for your insightful take on this. I however think he should take on the role. This is him pushing the envelope. I think he is taking another go at a villa
  4. We all can't wait my friend. Either way they are damned if they do and if they don't hehe. Meanwhile I am wondering whether he will offer her his hand or his arm on the red carpet.. That reminds me for the baeksang awards there was a pair of presenters that was shown on the red carpet but hyunji wasn't. Maybe they were late hahahaha.
  5. Am torn between being happy that maybe what the article says is true like what every hyunji fans wishes for and being concerned that GM did nothing. Or maybe they decided amongst themselves that is was insignificant hence they decided to ignore it.
  6. Very true. Because I looked at some of the gossip websites that I thought were likely to publish something negative but loh none of them did. Allkpop has an article about her being super stunning while Koreaboo listed her as the number one best dressed actress at the awards. Dispatch has no news on her.I was like wow GM, u did good haha.
  7. I also don't think they will sue. They will probably just ask them to take the article down or something. Besides I think that they are diverting the issues from her dress and everything to her appearing in a new series in OCN. they have conviniently leaked this out to the media. Good work pr
  8. Also with the emphasis that they put on who debuted first and who is more senior than the other in the industry who is the hallyu star you would think GM would put KSY 'S picture first followed by KSR and then SYJ haha but nooooo. She had to go first lol.
  9. @denira2104 @park2park @firebabeon behalf of everyone who isn't on twitter thank you for sharing the thread and also the insights. I for one didn't know it was such a big deal haha. Wow. Something really must be going on for her to talk to him so formally. I would like to point out that kudos to GM for having SYJ photo first haha I would have thought they would start off with KSY but nooo. and please do keep sharing info from twitter..
  10. Very true. Thank you for the reminder. I was just perusing through the binjin forum and saw fans talking about how some antis are posting very vicious comments on Jin's account evertime she posts something. And then I had this thought, thank goodness SYJ doesn't have an account because I can only imagine what those antis and members of other ships would have done. I echo your sentiments. I am happy they don't force her to have one and are looking out for her well being.
  11. Hahaha I think so. I was just listening to Kim Changwan thank them and invite them to come congratulate him in person. But then he said he is really surprised by KSY, this was really an effort. Me thinks its SYJ's idea hahahaha.
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