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  1. I saw this and like is it really gonna end sadly?? i just want to see lee yeon happyyyyyyyy ffs
  2. lets vote for tkem guysss https://www.streethuntcafe.com/forum/the-king-eternal-monarch/vote-tkem-on-koreandrama
  3. waittt does this really mean that our NJH will die again to save lee yeon? ahhh i just want a happy endingg now
  4. Wait what, will jiah die at the end? again?? or lee rang ahhh man 1 week feels way too long...
  5. So i read this and ugh another theory. this is killing me, how will he save jiah im just hoping for a happy ending
  6. mannnn its really gettin soooo goodddd huaaa i need more i cannot wait to next week I thought leeyeon will help jiah not lee rang but i guess ugh what was he thinking? but well i wasnt ready to let kimboem go too lolllll
  7. mannnn its true why does it feel a bit like harry potter hahha but i love thiss so much i cannot wait for next week huaaa
  8. EP 4 RickRoll'D too much horror mannnn i feel like I might be dead of heart attack
  9. whats with the people standing around the well?! and whats with the baby?! i wish leeyeon can just kill his stupid brother ahdfadhfjh
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