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  1. mannnn its really gettin soooo goodddd huaaa i need more i cannot wait to next week I thought leeyeon will help jiah not lee rang but i guess ugh what was he thinking? but well i wasnt ready to let kimboem go too lolllll
  2. mannnn its true why does it feel a bit like harry potter hahha but i love thiss so much i cannot wait for next week huaaa
  3. EP 4 RickRoll'D too much horror mannnn i feel like I might be dead of heart attack
  4. whats with the people standing around the well?! and whats with the baby?! i wish leeyeon can just kill his stupid brother ahdfadhfjh
  5. Saw this review. Didn't mentioned the last scene in Episode 15 but for me it seema like he isn't gonna survive? like their conversation sounds like he is gonna die ahhhhhh I just want happiness for this family
  6. do you all think hyunsu will kill haesung ahhhh they keep me in suspense
  7. ahgshgdadhsdashajhsfja aaaaaaa the endinggggg huaaaa i cry whyyyy
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