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  1. What interview does she say? You can give me the link. I want to see her expression when she said that haha
  2. That translation is most accurate because of Qiyi they bought the rights to broadcast the drama. So they will update the information correctly. It was great to join my favorite couple's chat group ^^ He and Krystal collaborated in 2018, the drama joined after he had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend "The Player". At the time, the four main actors of the drama were very close, often going out to eat together and Krystal also posted on her IG story to celebrate SSH birthday. They still have a good relationship up to now and you're right about talking about how you feel, he sees Krystal as his sister and brother. Krystal is not the type of person he likes, they are good colleagues with each other
  3. The official translation for Qiyi with engsub is that he is really handsome ^^
  4. SSH once shared that his friend SJS likes a gentle, gentle girlfriend so he can protect and protect her. As for SSH, he likes the kind of girl with a personality that can make him obey and manage him. I think SJH can do that bcs every time he started playing she would hit him or scold him...
  5. The first time I chatted on soompi, I didn't know how to upload photos. You can see that most of the pictures they took with the crew were always next to each other
  6. I noticed that almost in group photos they always stand side by side. At the closing party, SJH is also behind SSH and eating rice cakes (LOL)
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