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  1. @piluche Totally and wholeheartedly agree with what you said. And can I just reiterate how truly heartbroken I was for Su Ho during that car accident scene. It’s way way too much for him to bear.
  2. @sal2 Hi chingu! You were in the Dinner Mate forum too right? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Oh I definitely hope so! I hope SH will be the one to help JK face her insecurities! I can’t wait to watch more scenes of the cute couple. I also hope when the boys reconcile their friendship, SJ should be the better man and give both SH and JK his blessings.
  3. @lilybpwow really? But then again I highly doubt it JK will end up with SJ coz SH is the first male lead. Plus you are right, the writers have made it very clear that JK only sees SJ as a friend. And SJ knows for sure that the one JK likes is definitely SH and not him. Though I’m wondering, if SH makes up with JK and reconciles his friendship with SJ both in episode 11 that still leaves us 5 more episodes, how is the storyline gonna continue? I need more sweet moments of our OTP! Lastly, I lost interest and didn’t finish watching Start-Up for the same exact reason. Stupid l
  4. @SCSfanz omg you literally took the words out of my mouth. Seo Jun’s scenes annoy me so much too! So what if he’s nice to JK and helps her? How about all those things Su Ho did for JK without her even knowing it? Like that time he “forced” the bad boy to apologize to her after “abducting” her and he didn’t even need her to know that was his doing. That’s true love, in my opinion. Both Su Ho and Ju Kyung are growing up so much in their relationship. Su Ho is learning to break down his wall bit by bit, to know how it feels to love and care for somebody else, albeit his mistaken tsunde
  5. @airasara Thanks for the link, I’ve read it and wow, it’s deep and very insightful. The lightheartedness and comedic nature of this drama has made me forget what this is truly about, it’s about 2 persons trying to navigate life with deep secrets, masks on. I feel like in ep 10 Seo Jun has really overstepped his boundaries with Ju Gyeong, she has already told him that the one she likes is Su Ho, and that they are dating, but he keeps hanging around her and telling her to “break up” and “choosing friendship over love” is not helping at all. Especially since her relationship with SH is still n
  6. @airasara I enjoy the drama more too! I prefer JG with SH and you are right, the Suho “flying” part was super cringey and over dramatic. So not on point indeed
  7. @kdramagrandma They are all 18. I agree with all of you, and I really like it that this time the writers didn’t go the ambiguity route. I loved it when Ju Gyeong told Seo Jun not once! But twice that she likes Su Ho and that they are dating. But she is still clueless that he likes her. Also loved that Su Ho told Soo Jin straight in her face that he has a girlfriend and wanted to tell everyone that they are dating. But, miscommunication does happen and such is the reality of life. Plus, they are only 18 and still learning to navigate real life. So I wouldn’t really put it p
  8. Oooh I absolutely loved Episode 8!! Now the problem is, what am I gonna do until next Wednesday? And judging from the preview for episode 9 doesn’t it look like Su Jin is gonna come between our OTP? Also, why do they have to keep their dating a secret? I don’t understand
  9. @lebeaucouple I seriously laughed so much during this episode too. Even though I’ve spoiled myself and read the recap before watching, oops. And I wholeheartedly agree with you, JK should end up with SH, since SH was the first one who loves her for what she is, and not for her pretty face. I think this should be the main focus for this drama, JK should realize that inner beauty should triumph over superficial beauty. And she should be proud of her “bare face” no matter what! But I know, easier said than done, especially in your teens. I just hope SH will help JK realize that about
  10. @rocher22 I agree. I hope our OTP gets together real soon. I loved that fight scene. How SH cried out JK’s name when he finally found her. How he was so angry and pounded the guy for “abducting” JK. I don’t feel for SJ though. I was glad that he saw the way how JK looked at SH. He didn’t like JK the way SH did. SH fell in love with JK even when she was bare faced. JK consoled SH when he was hurting from losing his best friend. They deserve each other!
  11. Wow seriously? Geez people are harsh. Acting is such a niche profession and it’s already so hard putting yourself out there and be judged by everyone. I feel bad for him just reading that. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve seen SSH in a drama and I think nobody else could have done better than him at pulling KHK off. My heart broke for KHK so many times. Whenever he was rejected by DH, at the loss of his mother, and every time when he reined in his emotions when JHJ triggered him deliberately. He’s a very good actor!! I wonder many many times if it had been another actor and actress wh
  12. @PreciousByTheBay Thanks for all the points you gathered from SSH’s longtime fan! They are all very interesting. It certainly feels like SSH himself is 90% KHK. Maybe that’s why KHK felt so real to us lol. Is SSH’s last relationship with Liu Yifei? Does anybody here know the reason why they broke up?
  13. @nyzah13 Thanks so much for that translation! I was curious about it too. Aww they seriously chat like a couple so in love
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