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  1. @piluche exactly exactly you can’t be more right. Now I’m actually depressed that it has ended, haha. They cast everyone so well it was really quite perfect. All the cast and crew brought their A game to the drama. I seriously love that in True Beauty there was no ambiguity at all. So refreshing, unlike in other kdramas. It has always been SH for JK. JK never, not once has expressed any kind of love interest in SJ before so I don’t understand why are there haters?! In fact I feel SJ was a little selfish to have confessed and he knew it himself too. He told JK that he was sorry to hav
  2. @madmad min Hmm I think even if Su Ho didn’t return I don’t think Ju Kyung will return Seo Jun’s affections. It is very clear that she has not forgotten SH at all. Also, in SH’s defense he only “stalked” JK when they met at Namsan Tower by chance. If JK no longer has him in her heart she would have never went there when the first snow fell. It was then that he knew that JK has never forgotten him and that he has to get her back. If at that time JK had forgotten him and has somebody by her side I’m sure SH would have let her go. That’s very evident during the first scene of episode 16 where he
  3. Omg yes! Cha Eun Woo is so dreamy and seriously is PERFECT as Lee Su Ho. I’m so sad it’s over
  4. Yeah whoever cast the sister and the teacher is a genius. They acted out their characters to perfection! Actually let me rephrase that. All of the supporting cast are perfect. Seriously, even the bully girls. Loved loved loved all the comedic moments, I have not cackled so much watching a drama without feeling cringey in a while.
  5. Our Su Ho has grown up! Into a mature, understanding adult! He’s no longer the brooding, jealous boy at the school field trip. All in all, I feel it’s the perfect ending to this drama. With comedic relief thrown in sporadically, and enough sweet lovey dovey moments. The most heartwarming endgame
  6. @kdramagrandma I agree that Su Ho shouldn’t have broke up with JK, but that’s a very familiar trope in kdrama. They want to show the pain and separation before the getting together and living happily ever after again. So, that’s kinda expected. Though in Su Ho’s defense, he had known all along that his best friend has always loved his girl, and while he’s heartbroken to have to give her up, again he’s trying to be selfless because he’s thinking maybe Seo Jun can be a better boyfriend to JK since he cannot be physically there. That’s why he did not contact her immediately when he l
  7. @piluche Yep, it turned out to be a cliche kdrama after all. That’s why the ending of episode 13 could have been the best finale without the tiresome love triangle dragging it out. Also I guess they wanted to “follow” the webtoon a bit more? Hopefully today’s final episode will make up for it? No doubt it will be endgame SH/JK. #fighting
  8. @mizv She’s angry with SH because he was the one who wanted to break up, and did not once reply to her or keep in touch at all after the break up. She’s heartbroken and hurt. That’s why even when deep down she still misses him she tells him she doesn’t. And runs away from him, because she has pride too and is not gonna just fall over him once he’s back.
  9. @airasara Very true and well said! I, too don’t sympathize with SJ’s character and I really did pity Han Ji Pyeong’s character until I stopped watching Start-Up because I knew he wouldn’t end up with Dal-Mi. Yeah, come to think of it, Su Ho and Ju Kyung are the same. They are selfless and think of others before themselves. That’s why Su Ho encouraged Seo Jun to become a trainee again and didn’t think of his own future. I also hope to see Su Ho’s career dream come true.
  10. @ferily I think in the end Seo Jun will sing that song Su Ho and Se Yeon composed.
  11. @pilucheI know right? I can only say, it is for drama’s sake. Drama can’t all be happy and lovey dovey. Always need some pain and suffering. And sadly, it’s always the second leads who suffer. I agree! Love Sleepless in Seattle too! @cess4evah I was so heartbroken for Su Ho too. All alone and so far away from everyone else. It’s a miracle indeed that he survived the 2 years in the US. I think his main motivation and what got him through that time would be as soon as his dad is well enough he is on the next plane to Seoul to see Ju Kyung. I love “Love So
  12. I agree, guys, today’s episode is kinda like a filler episode. Maybe made to pacify Team Seojun I guess? But I feel like it just amplified how much Ju Kyung misses Su Ho and only treats Seo Jun as a friend. One last new episode and we are done! I will miss it.
  13. @sal2 I’m looking forward to the mature versions of them too! More fashionable outfits too
  14. Actually my friend also told me that she’d have been contented with the ending of episode 13. But I loved all the sweet lovey dovey moments in episode 14. I think they just wanted to follow some of the plot in the webtoon by having SH also leave Korea and the time jump. But I agree about Soo Jin’s story arc. @softestfairy Suddenly, she’s out of the picture. I wonder if we will see more of her in the final 2 episodes.
  15. So true. I can’t wait for the last 2 episodes too, and finally see what SH wrote in Prince Comics! I’m kinda sad that it’s ending though. But it has been a fun ride! I seriously never thought that I’d like a high school drama but this one exceeded my expectations. The comedic parts are so funny, yet not cringey. I haven’t laughed so much in a while. The supporting cast are all so good too.
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