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  1. Boy, Soo Hyun is really flustered. His body language can't lie. And i think we can all safely say that he's really into Ye Ji. I just hope he is not like this behind the camera. Like c'mon be a man! make some moves and go get the girl! We HyunJi nation are all waiting for you to date.
  2. I have seen this a million times. And one things for sure, that is not Gang Tae anymore. That is Kim Soo Hyun. Specially that smirk. And when did KSH know how to flirt huh? Hahah. And to add, Ye ji adjusted her hand, so she can also hold KSH hand tightly.
  3. WE WON... This is much much more better that the other BTS. Them not knowing at first that they are being filmed. Imagine what these 2 gorgeous people doing without camera? UGH my heart. THE SHIP HAS DEFINITELY SAILED.
  4. Yes, when the time comes that SYJ will call KSH "OPPA" i'm out of this ship. hahaha joke. Kidding aside, this ship will now depend on KSH, I have seen his other interviews and so far the only costar where you can see his sweet side is with Bae Suzy If guys watched their BTS/Interview on their Beanpole endorsement, Soo Hyun is very comfortable around her. But you get the feeling that it is more of like sister-older brother relationship.
  5. Right. And happy endings are kindy to forgettable, though, you get the satisfaction. After seeing episode 8, and how happy KT is at the end. I just want them, especially KT to be happy. Hopefully, ending will close on this cliche phrase "and they live happily ever after'. Hihi.
  6. YESSSS I WANT TO SEE A NAUGHTY KSH. I mean SYJ is also a good kisser, and what if KSH got carried away. OMYGAWDDD. Never mind the passionate kiss, we demand a hot/dirty kissing scene. hahahaha
  7. i pity their lips just the thought of this, if you know what i mean hahahahaha. Well its going to be worth the wait, and save the best for last. haha. I am a sucker for tragic/sad ending, for me its more epic and unforgettable and at first i kinda want this to have sad ending since its kinda suitable on the story line.... But man, as the story goes, we've seen how they suffer to much all of their life. I just want them all to have a happy ending. OMG i'm getting emotional rn. ahhaha
  8. So Netflix already release the runtime for episode 9-10. And surprise surprise, Episode 10 will have 1 hour 21 minutes long. Weekend, come faster please....
  9. hahahah i dont want to get my hopes up too and get disappointed haha. but i think this coming episode will be the right/appropriate time for them to kiss. Though i am just expecting a peck (since both of them are new to this so called "dating"). But i am okay just as long as their lips touches each other
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