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  1. I watched CLOY again. Sigh, I don't think i can get over with this show. I invited some of my friends who hasn't seen it yet, and some were cursing me like mad as they also caught the CLOY fever hahaha. Btw @eLizza you are right about the other "secretary kim", I understand now what you meant by filler, everything became rubbish and didn't continue watching after the part where kim stayed overnight with the vice. yuck, it ruined everything. Anyways I'm going to check out who the screenwriter of CLOY is. Most people neglect or doesn't know the role of the screenwriter. He/She must have done other successful Drama or Movies.
  2. @elizza no worries, yeah, story is a bit mild and characters are a bit younger too. I'm currently at Episode 11 or 12 where the dark past has been revealed. Yeah not sure how the rest of the Episode will progress. Let's see.
  3. @eLizza Hi it's me again! just wish to share that I manage to find a good replacement but a lighter version with more comedy "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" it's also on NetFlix. Not as super top notch as "Crash Landing on You" but this can be a good show to watch next if you are wanting to continue the K-drama fever.
  4. Thank you @eLizza so happy I discovered this forum , with people whom are in boat as I'am will check out all your recommendations!
  5. Hi to all, An avid fan here of CLOY. Sigh. I can't get over this K-Drama. It's been 5 days now after completing the series and tears still keeps flowing (I keep watching clips from different episodes). Please help me to move on. Can anyone please suggest a new drama series to watch? I can't find any that is as good or better than this show. I have tried the Descendants of the Sun, but I couldn't stand the lengthy dialogue so I stopped (didn't even completed Episode 1). Appreciate your response. Thanks.
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