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  1. ignore this lol, I had a question earlier but it’s no longer relevant!
  2. If I’m being completely honest, I’m pretty disappointed & a little frustrated the Korean audience isn’t more accepting of genres like this? But I can understand that they’re probably not ready for something heavy, especially in this genre. I’ve accepted it now, but I still gotta say that they’re seriously missing out on this gem
  3. I'm seriously so impressed at the direction that this show is steering towards. Episode 3 was the perfect mix of amazingly comical without being insensitive, straightforward, but also tackling with the mental health aspect where and when it needed to. MY is seriously so annoying (in a funny & endearing way) and so straightforward and blunt, and I'm here for all of it. She knows what she wants and she isn't going to stop till she gets it; she's reckless and has no fear, which can become very dangerous, but I'm intrigued to see how KT is going to calm her down and become her "safety pin" and help her overcome her trauma while also allowing her to help him heal his. Highlight of the episode was definitely Kwak Dong Yeon's performance because it was simply amazing and really resonated with me. I teared up at the end because his character's speech truly shows the cruelty that people with mental illnesses have to deal with on a daily basis, even from the people who are supposed to love and accept them for who they are. I hope that scene also resonated with viewers and show them that there's nothing wrong with who they are and that they are enough. The scene also shows the impact that MY is starting to have on KT. He can finally start considering what "fun" even is because he's never even allowed himself to think anything of the sort before due to his circumstances. And this might be a controversial opinion but I think that deep inside KT, he has some sort of resentment towards his brother. There's no doubt about the fact that he loves ST and would do anything to give his brother the world, but when you've had to play the role of the caretaker for so long from such a young age, it takes a toll on you, both mentally and physically. I hope that MY will help KT realize that it's okay to want a car, or money, or a house, it's okay to want to have fun and be loved, because it's okay to want to things and be a little selfish while also wanting the best for his brother. ST is the center of KT's life, but I want KT to realize that it's okay for him to have and want more things at the center of his life besides his brother.
  4. I've also been reading up on ASPD quite a bit since starting this show and this is the conclusion I've come to for now (this is purely from my PERSONAL research & reads on those with ASPD so if anything is inaccurate please let me know): ASPD falls on a very broad spectrum & the behaviors of someone ranges greatly depending on how serious/intense their condition is. ASPD is still under-researched and isn't something that has been truly & deeply understood on all levels. Also meaning that there seems to be a general stigma around the fact that those with ASPD completely lack the ability to empathize and also love (I'm only mentioning these 2 emotions as I find them to be the most relevant to Moon Young). I've read that although the feelings of love & empathy might be considered rare for someone with ASPD, it honestly varies on where they are on that spectrum, once again. Some with ASPD can feel empathy, but very rarely or the feelings of empathy aren't very strong. Additionally, there's also cognitive empathy (when you can recognize & understand someone else's feelings) vs. affective empathy (when you can actually feel someone else's feelings & have shared emotional experiences with said person). Some with ASPD can only feel cognitive but not affective empathy, again, depending on a lot of different factors, while some can feel both to varying degrees. As for love, I've read that it is completely possible for someone with ASPD to fall in love, but it only happens with people they bond with. So if there's no bond, they are just essentially using the other side. I've also read (specifically from one guy's personal experience) that he is capable of feeling love for people he is close to but is otherwise remorseless to anyone else. It's very enlightening please give it a read: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/your-stories/life-with-antisocial-personality-disorder-aspd/ I apologize for the whole spiel but that's just what I've come to understand after doing a little reading on those with ASPD (very enlightening & highly recommend to better understand Moon Young & her tendencies along with others who have ASPD). Kdramas make anything happen so I'm sure true & organic love between Moon Young & Kang Tae isn't entirely impossible (& also not medically inaccurate?). Again, please add on or call me out if you are more educated on this topic because I would love to be more informed!
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