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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong. What I read was his fans didn't meet or took pictures of V that day from Zhangye to Shanghai for the Cartier event because he took the VIP route. The fans then said, they will meet him at the Cartier event and eventually his fans met him and took some videos and pictures.
  2. Yes, it kind of sad n unfortunate V is not at the event but let looks at a bigger picture. Maybe V is invited but due to his tight schedules n he cannot takes too many time off from filming, I guess. Let looks forward n support his new drama Miss X. "Jia you" or "add oil".
  3. Am I the only one cannot get into page or are there a problem with the site. It said "Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme". Sorry, I'm bad at technology, how do l locate the Admin CP. Thanks n appreciated.
  4. Hope the NAtional Film Development Corporation, Malaysia ( FINAS) don't censor all the kissing and intimacy scenes. If FINAS censors all these scenes, then it defeats the purposes of a beautiful story and their chemistry between the 2 main leads V and R. It's my 1st time shipping a couple in the film industry. Never done it before. Sound crazy, right. Keep my finger cross. Ex- Malaysian now living abroad (North America).
  5. Hi, I'm new member.

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