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  1. All we knows is... Honestly, it's about time! The OIM club and all the other trolls need a lesson. As a wise person once said, "Sometimes words don't work and people just need a good a*s-kicking so they can understand..." and you know what?
  2. Me reading your posting... DUUUUDE! TKEM is my fave drama ever and a masterpiece in every way (Facts. Check 'Em.) and that will not change, but KSH and KGE would be something. Those two have some of the most genuine crying I have ever seen. The thought of that level of acting paired together just...OhmyGah Really, it does not hurt that my Lady Love KGE would have chemistry with a lampshade, (I mean look at her, too much fine-ness) but LMH was throwing those heart eyes like butter knives at a Thanksgiving dinner since the episode 2 bts and that's how this ship nabbed me so Lee. Freaking. Min. Ho. If you need support,
  3. Pssssh watched It's Okay To Not Be Okay last week, it is lovely and along with TKEM is phenomenal and broke into my top 5 fave dramas. While it is great, it is so for COMPLETELY different reasons, the whole tone of it is different but excellent too. It's like an apple to oranges comparison. It's like a darker version of the drama Chocolate, another lovely series. Weirdly, the two dramas I watched after TKEM (Catch the Ghost and IOTNBO) also destroyed my top 5 list after many years. It's now: 1) The King:Eternal Monarch 2) Chicago Typewriter 3) It's Okay to Not Be Okay 4) Catch the Ghost 5) Live Up To Your Name 6) Scarlet Heart:Ryeo 7) Healer 8) Because This Is My First Life 9) Kill Me, Heal Me 10) A Gentleman's Dignity (my first drama) and too many other goodies, but that top 5 is going to take some work to topple. TKEM was destructive in the best way, I will not be getting over it, ever.
  4. Personal reactions to the last several days of pages... #1 My Initial Reaction, Then, Nope. I am not having it today. NOT-TODAY. Kim. Go. Eun. You supermegabeautifulcuteyadorablefineassthingyou! I have several questions about this picture... First of all...How DARE you?? Secondly, I have feelings too you know?! Third, for the Love of GOD... #2 Me and my last brain cell... Those who were late getting on the ship... Those who were already here... #3 The bromance between these two is wholesome and also escalating... #4 *sigh* Lee. Min. Ho. Sir. #5 Oh my, those hands tho, but the way he's looking at her tho... Unfortunately, after seeing the beheading kiss in Ep. 12, my television suffered a tragedy... After which I decided to dedicate myself to prayer and but that didn't last long, because then the Ep. 16 camera room scene came out and it had me handing out blessings like.. God is Good! Finally, you are starting to ease up about this ship. Found a gang of shippers and you think, "The drama ended a month ago, I need to move on..." Then, someone posts this nonsense... and I''m like, I am SO. DONE. with these two! Then my Mom is out here like...
  5. If someone tries to start something about this thread in general or calls you delulu in a condescending way... Tell whoever that is.... aaaaand give them a message from an OG Queen... We are all allowed delulu ships at least once in a lifetime!
  6. HAHAHAA! I know what you meant, it was just such a deliciously good burn. Listen, I love Jesus. My mind is not that far in the gutter. Yet...
  7. If there was anything essential I learned from the drama Chicago Typewriter, it's that you need to be willing to "sacrifice" for your country. This man is simply a patriot, that is all.
  8. DAYYYYYUUUM GIRL! You did Min Ho dirrrty like that?? Where's the lie though?? Lady Janet Hath Spoken.
  9. HOLD ON! We might need to speak in tongues for a prayer of that magnitude... There. Much better...
  10. Dear, whoever keeps posting that video of LMH "dancing"/imagin-arily hula-hooping/being extra with additional toppings/getting crunk/shaking what his mama gave him/traumatizing the good people of this thread... As for the rest of us... jk hahahaaa...this gif is too accurate, just for life. On a side note....SIR.
  11. Apologies for cutting your masterpiece of a post... The BTS of that kiss needs a whole thesis, senior seminar, PH.D, Master's, final project, level analysis by ITSELF. For those blessed enough to see it before it was removed from the youtubes, it was a Whole. Damn. Mess. in the best way... He not only tackled her, nonononono, that was just take one y'all...the take of the final kiss in the aired version kept going...KGE started to lay back on the bed and he just followed along like the good boy that he is. He is still kissing her, homegirl did not know what to do with her hands, you hear the sound of the kiss and then right after This. Man. (Help me Lord...) brings his leg up onto the bed to be fully on top of her, when the director panicked and said... He yelled cut twice, in such a panicked tone, like, "CHILDREN! There is NO room for Jesus in this arrangement!" Had to pause the damn video, because I was wheezing from laughter... BUT, what took the cake, the whole bakery even, was LMH's reaction after KGE busted out laughing. He is still hovering over her for several seconds after, like he did not know where he was, what just happened, was this still earth, nothing. Then you hear him saying something after he stops, in this raspy voice and he sounds SO annoyed that someone stopped them. Like, "Can't you see I'm busy here with my Queen??" I lost my crap laughing, all over again. SIR. Did you think this was TVN? What else were you planning on doing if you had not been interrupted? KGE, My Lady Love. What else were you going to allow homie? You started this! Who told you to lay down?? Additionally, there were various priceless reactions to this footage from: The faint of heart... The Not-So Faint of Heart... Those who love the Lord... The ones who turned into Shippers right then and there... The Newbie Shippers... The Established Shippers... The Hard-Core Shippers... and The Director...
  12. Duuuuuude! So true! This ship was definitely one-sided the majority of the time until the behind the scenes of the last three episodes and maybe a sprinkle of interest from KGE in the behind the scenes of the beheading kiss. In the Ep. 16 BTS, as soon as I saw her tearing up and then refusing to be consoled by him when he tried, twice, the first thought was "Ohhhhh, she is not entirely indifferent toward him." She was dodging his hands like they were in an episode of Recess, which was hilarious to see. There is something there, however small it might be on her part. There is no way you can spend 8 months with someone, the majority of which was spent pretending to be in love with said person, portraying touchy-handsy characters from the very beginning and someone you admitted never feeling awkward with after you met, and feel nothing. That is probably psychologically impossible. Even if they just become friends, it is better than nothing...Although the entirety of this thread has other plans in mind haha A visual of everyone here watching this ship...
  13. Just a personal referendum on shipping...this ship is one the very, select, special edition, elite, platinum few ships I have ever joined the crew of...a great one to be completely honest. My first two ships were way before it even became a term. As a little kid, I recall seeing Jet Li and Aaliyah together and thinking they looked really nice together, not exactly romantically, because I was a kid and did not know what that was, but they looked lovely together, in a child's eyes. Then, years later, as a teen, I came across an old interview of Romeo Must Die. The comment section was full of others my age and older talking about how damn cute of a couple they would have made, BUT the icing on the cake was the actual interview. The director pointed out that when Jet and Aaliyah met for the first time, they clicked instantly and that this reflected in their performances and Aaliyah herself admitted that they had very similar personalities and were both very shy. Jet would blush every time they so much as mentioned her name. Needless to say, it was a "Be still my heart!" moment. Jet Li is still asked about her TO THIS DAY, and he always smiles and gets shy about it each time. That ship is still the most adorable of all time. The second ship I ever joined, was also before the term was invented, and was at about age 11 or 12. That ship is that of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I saw The Lake House and Speed around this age and was floored. This ship I was so damn sure of even at that age, not only because Sandra Bullock had been my fave actress since I was 6 years old but they looked so GOOD together. Only to find out, 126 years later, as an adult, that they had ACTUALLY liked each other and NEVER pursued it, because they were both shy, and he thought it would be unprofessional to pursue a co-star, which is both the softest thing ever and so sad, because they would have made the most beautiful power couple in Hollywood. As soon as I jumped on this ship here, that of KGE and LMH, they immediately reminded of Keanu and Sandra. I have not felt that strongly about a pair of actors since them. It's like their chemistry is too much for them to handle between themselves and it just permeates the screen, their every action, how their characters come off to the audience, it crosses that line into being real. In the case of Keanu and Sandra, it was VERY real, it just never came to fruition off screen, even after TWO projects together. LMH and KGE seem slightly different to me though...especially since LMH, whether it be out of maturity or the trance/voodoo KGE put him under, or both, keeps dropping hints and has been very audacious in his actions. I initially thought it was one-sided, until the BTS videos started coming out and you see her corresponding, in often very subtle ways. This is getting too long, so that lecture can wait for another day. Just my two cents, maybe a whole dollar because its lengthy hahaha. Anyways...
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