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  1. That’s what some of them has done, write stories starring RL B & xxx (on paper or in their minds), somehow hoping against hope their imaginary couple will manifest in real life. But how can this be when in RL, those 5 denials exist (which I bet is a record for any kdrama shipped couples)? So they had to go out and try to infect everyone else with their delulus and fight those against them, losing their logic, manners and basic respect to RL people in the process, because deep within them, they know there’s no way their imaginary couple would exist in real life. It’s one way for them to sustain their imaginary story, but also avoid acknowledging that feeling deep within them.
  2. Also Kyo, if you do, why not go for broke and comment something very innocent like: ”He woke up like this.”
  3. She is, indeed. Now, maybe Bel can post a Binnie pic next and maybe Kyo will make her second fighting comment, hahaha
  4. I thought I read somewhere that he’s friends with KDR, but I couldn’t be too sure now if I mixed it up with his famous photographer friend (one of Bin’s hobbies is photography). But I think Binnie is a big fan of KDR at least and sang one of his songs during a fanmeet. But it’s still noteworthy that he decided to appear in this MV when the last time he did that was 12 years before that. Whether the lyrics was specifically written for him or not, it’s just too coincidental how they fit him esp. considering the time it was made, not to mention the visual concept/script of the video.
  5. Thanks for the link. It would make sense that the song would be written for Binnie right after the wedding announcement (disclaimer: this is just an assumption, of course). The first lines of the song couldn’t be more obvious. Sorry for being too late You know that I'm slow to understand reading several times over Still I can't believe what I just read The questions that I don't know their answers I’m still in awe that he decided to appear in the MV. I’m inclined to think that was his version of a “grand gesture” of sorts for Kyo and although, at that time, he knew it was “too little too late”, I perceived it as him feeling he owed that to her, and it’s something he needed to do, regardless of how people might look at it.
  6. Legendary composer Ennio Morricone just died and this is her tribute. RIP, Maestro Ennio.
  7. I don’t like it, at all. It put me off reading and posting tbh. I’ll wait until it goes back to normal.
  8. Speaking of weddings, I was just playing the Reply MV again (it’s one my favorite MVs to play in the background hehe) and I noticed something I haven’t really paid attention to before. The GIF below was right after a scene where he was looking at his mail and paused for a long time when he saw a square envelope (looks like a wedding invite). It made me think that it represents his feelings when he learned Kyo was getting married. After reading the lyrics again, it amazed me now that he made this video basically right at the heels of Kyo’s wedding (video is time stamped at 12/28/2017 which was most likely the date the editing was completed). Now I remember it was mentioned before that a picture of Kyo and x after they got back from honeymoon showed an unhappy couple. I wonder if Kyo found out about this video that Binnie made during the honeymoon. IMO, this MV was basically Binnie’s message of both regret and hope at that time. Excerpt from the lyrics: If only I could go back in time, I would not have missed every chance Actually I still don't know the answers But I won't say sorry Because I thought, if I did, everything might be over I thought there was nothing left for me to do I thought maybe I would find the answers tomorrow I defer and defer and defer I love you It might be not enough and it might be no good for now These are my last words that want you to know Love you, I do
  9. Just want to share what PD Pyo has said about Hyun Bin during WW. I became a Binnie fan because I really like his acting. He quickly became my only other bias (aside from a HW actor that I’ve followed for a decade now) because I found their thoughts and approach to acting to be similar. He’s been recognized for his acting in dramas as he became the only male actor so far who won a Daesang for Baeksang Arts for TV, but I’m hoping he will soon find a movie script and role that will also recognize his chameleonic acting talent. Congrats on your 17th Acting Debut Anniversary HB! Thanks @KimSooHanMoo for the permission to post your translated content. Please don’t quote image.
  10. Why do Knetz make it sound like it’s a bad thing? Their being “secretive” is really just them being private with their personal lives and putting the focus on their works. It’s not like they’re hiding some illegal BS, now that’s being secretive. Btw, it still boggles me that Knetz call dating rumors as “scandals”. Wut?!? I could understand it be called a scandal if it’s between non-single people, but it’s so funny to me that run-of-the-mill rumors of co-stars dating or spending time together are called scandals. It doesn’t make sense hahaha And being linked to co-stars during and after the dramas just means to me that they’re very good actors because they make their audience believe they really have feelings for each other, when most of them time, it’s really just them embodying their characters so effectively.
  11. it’s close but I wish they styled his hair closer to his Yoo Jin-woo look. I thought that was his best-looking character so far
  12. I like the rain of “crumbs” going on right now... Hopefully more and more will see the BinKyo-light as others can even try to piece them together themselves (just imagine another donut below the 1 Panda is carrying ) Yeah, this one still boggles the mind.
  13. Why? That’s the question. Can you imagine their kids?!?