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  1. When you say "excerpt" do you mean like there's a story around it? The paragraph just before the extras: 好好好,我知道你们都迫不及待,现在就给你们先睹为快,三个番外小段落送上 Alright, alright, alright, I know that you all can't wait, so I'll give you all a preview. I'll gift you three outtake shorts. https://freewechat.com/a/MzU3MzA3NDk5Mg==/2247484708/1 So it seems that these are more like those mini one-offs that she did when the drama was first airing.
  2. Just a small thing: I know that it says 'chaos' on the cover, but the phrase 洪荒 can also mean 'prehistoric,' and this is the character set that I've constantly seen Tangqi use to talk about the prehistoric era in Pillow Book. So to me, 夢回洪荒远古時 means 'dreaming back to the prehistoric era.' So not necessarily a twist.
  3. Here's the last one: 折颜上神脑子里神思电转,一瞬之间,什么都想明白了。想明白之后,折颜上神觉得自己这数日忧心都喂了狗。 High God Zheyan’s mind was turning. In an instant, he understood everything. Once he understood everything, High God Zheyan felt that his worry for the past several days had been for nothing [lit. worry fed to the dogs; this is my interpretation based on context, but it’s not really an idiom so I can’t be completely certain]. 此时两人已站在了碧海苍灵的海子旁。帝君召来云船,看着折颜上神:“天已晚了,你确定要去石宫做客?”又替他回答,“还是不了吧,霏微要照顾我们一家三口,没有时间招待你。” At this time, the two were standing next to the sea of the Holy Blue Sea. Dijun summoned
  4. The second one: 小仙童献宝一样将手里的九尾小狐狸呈在帝君面前,叽叽喳喳地讨功:“帝座帝座,奴仆们在金镜湖旁捡到了这只稀奇的小狐狸,想着帝座喜爱圆毛,就将它带了来,帝座您抱抱看!” The young fairy boy presented the nine-tailed baby fox in his arms to Dijun as if it were a treasure, chattering, “Dizuo, dizuo, the servants found [or picked up] this strange baby fox by the Jinjing [golden mirror] Lake. Thinking that Dizuo loves furry animals [lit. round hair], I brought it here. Dizuo, take [or hold] it!” 帝君确实喜欢圆毛,确实是看到漂亮的圆毛就忍不住要抱一抱,因此他抱过了小狐狸,见它双眼紧闭,问两个小仙童:“它怎么了?” Dijun really did like furry animals. When he saw beautiful furry animals, he really c
  5. It's a relatively quick and simple translation, so I did a rough translation of the first one there: 霏微欲言又止:“那位访客……应该是与帝座您血脉相连,故而才能进入咱们碧海苍灵。” Fei Wei wanted to say something put paused: “That visitor… should be blood related to you, Dizuo [has been used as another honorific for DH in the past]. That’s why we were able to enter the Holy Blue Sea.” 就见同折颜聊了半天天地大事亦八风不动的帝君那张脸空白了一下,半晌,他道:“我记得,我是个孤儿,我没有兄弟,也没有姊妹。” The unperturbable Dijun, who had just been speaking to Zheyan for half a day and whose face had gone completely blank, at length, said, “I remember, I was an orphan.
  6. So in the book, DH changes FJ's memories of everything, so he both alters her memories so that in her altered memories, she knows that Xize is actually DH in disguise, and he adds in additional memories of himself apologizing to FJ and FJ forgiving him. I've pulled out some quotes to hopefully make it more clear: This one is from before Zheyan gave her the pill so she could regain her original memories: For example, she originally remembered that when she fell into Aranya’s Dream, Dijun had rushed to her rescue. After she regained consciousness, Dijun said many sweet
  7. Oh, was it? I interpreted it as something that happened that he vaguely remembers, but he doesn't realize that the fox that he saved is FJ until he sees her again in her fox form. -slightly confused- ^100% this.
  8. In the book, FJ did not know that Xize was DH in disguise. She was herself, albeit in Aranya's body, playing the role of Aranya. But she did have her memories intact, although, as she describes it in the book, she remembers them as though she had read a book about her life: This wasn’t simply amnesia. After more than 30,000 years of witnessing the transformations of the world, she had experienced things upon things, events upon events. She remembered everything well, from the time she braved the scorching sun to come out from her mother’s womb, to the time she broke into the python
  9. Yes, sadly, the editing of the last few episodes was very badly done and I really wish they had just had a few more episodes to flesh out the ending properly. -sigh- So in the book, FJ decides to leave when she finds out that DH has altered her memories. To her, altering her memories is completely crossing the line (and I agree, it's unacceptable in any circumstance). Because he changes her memories, after getting her memories back, she realizes that she can't differentiate between what is reality and what isn't anymore in regards to his feelings. She can't trust him because if he
  10. No, I don't believe he actually saw her when he saved her in the Demon's territory. In the drama, FJ did seem to be in her human form, but in the books, she was in her nine-tailed fox form. In the books, her original form is the reason why DH is later able to recognize her when the space-folding sorcery forces her back into it. DH did indeed see her as a maid, but he never really noticed anything about her. He just sort of looked through her in the same way as he looked through everyone else, not really noticing or caring about anything about them. Him not noticing her in this inst
  11. That's really horrible that your school wasn't taking those safety precautions. At least at my college, my guesstimate is that like 98% of classes are remote, and the only classes that aren't remote are things like labs and clinicals, so if you have it you'd only go in like once a week. And labs and clinicals are things that absolutely cannot be done online. Its really good though that you at least have the option to do remote learning, that's what the majority of people where I am are doing, so the students who are choosing to do in person learning (I mean pre-k through 12, not college) are a
  12. Yeah... I just... don't know what to say. Even if the death rate is low, why would you risk yourself and your entire family?? -sigh- That's good to hear! This means that everyone is able to go get the vaccine, yes? I think here they still haven't gotten to the general population yet.
  13. In the U.S.? Which news? LOL. I don't know how much news of us you get internationally, but Covid appears to be getting worse so... yeah. Now more personally, I (and most other students honestly) am super concerned about having clinical placements pulled this coming semester because Covid is getting worse again. The silver lining for me is that I'm perfectly happy with remote learning and being at home all the time, so that's actually pretty great :). I know that a lot of other people are struggling with it though. Good news is the vaccines are rolling out, and from what I'm seeing
  14. Is EX supposed to be Yehua? Yes, Yuan Zhen is punished, but its because Sujin was smart and played on the fact that Tianjun couldn't stand Yuan Zhen because of Sang Ji's infatuation with Shao Xin. Tianjun likely didn't even bother to question what happened; he only really heard what Sujin said, and that's part of his flaw as a ruler. He hears what he wants to hear. But ultimately, the truth does come out and Yuan Zhen, although he did suffer through that trial, is exonerated. Sujin is punished—in fact, in the drama (not sure about the book) she's banished and punished
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