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  1. https://hui3r.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/three-lives-three-worlds-the-pillow-book-song-三生三世枕上书歌/ ^The one here (there's a YT video + lyrics)? I totally forgot about it, it sounds really lovely too!
  2. I don't usually download entire albums, but for single OSTs, I really loved Cherished Memory (思慕) and Blooming Flowers (繁花) from EL, Book of Fate (缘字书) from ELoD, and I love A Familiar Scenery (風景舊曾諳) from General and I. And not an OST but a lot of AleXa's music! Oooh and we're at 1,000 pages!
  3. Heehee, I'm still around, I just tend to fall a little more on the lurker-y side, so whenever I fall off the face of the earth, that's why. I am keeping up with the thread though, I just don't always log on / comment. Mmm, I'll copy a list of possible definitions of the word for you: shallow; not deep superficial; surface; minimal; insignificant simple; easy-to-understand not intimate; distant (of colours) light; pale - Synonym: 淡 (dàn) (of time) short; not long (of level) slight; light From: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/淺#Chinese
  4. The "hua (華)" means magnificent (can also be used to mean "flowery / flower" XD). It's the one in Yehua and Donghua. The ye in Yehua (夜華) means "night." In Bai Qian, the characters are 白淺. The 白 (bai) is "white" and the 淺 (qian) is "shallow / superficial / pale, etc." These are the characters for the vegetable: 胭脂菜 This is what I'm getting as the specific species: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basella_alba
  5. Okie, the words here are 林子 which is like a smallish group of trees, and I see both "forest" and "grove" as well as "woods" being used in translation. I used grove specifically because I felt that "grove" helped imply the smallish a little better because this is from Gungun's perspective, but all of the above are actually still correct. The "forest" implies that it's slightly wilder which I also feel is right, and I was actually debating between both of these translations when I was doing mine. So it's not like either is right or wrong. Edit to add: If it helps you to understand t
  6. The way he passed the cakes under DH's nose? LOL. Try searching "bamboo slips" or "wooden slips." If you're not picky about it having words already written on it, a search of "bamboo slip scroll" brings up results on Amazon.
  7. Ahhh his strawberry dragon is adorable!! And he has a hot chocolate dragon too!!! I live in New York City, as in, unfortunately, $$$$$ I love it here, but god the cost. Ugh. Hehe I've lived here my entire life but was actually seriously considering moving upstate for college. But one day Dragon Con~ If only there was one in New York.
  8. Dragon Con seriously looks like a lot of fun! I love dragons and I really do wish I could go, but I'm in college. I'm sure that says plenty about my financial situation LOL. $$$ Also Georgia is reallyyyy far from me cause I live in New York. Is that second picture a banana dragon? The ducky one is really cute too! I wanna say that sounds like a fun job, and clearly gave you a very useful skill too. Just from that, I don't imagine your kids getting away with much...
  9. :O You have really sharp eyes, how did you even catch that? I never would've seen that! The peach blossom one is so cuteee! @Romulan we're time zone buddies! :D Welcome!
  10. I just checked the page for the drama on Baidu, and it says that Yang Mi's voice was dubbed, and so was Vengo's. The only drama I can remember right now off the top of my head where I think Dilraba used her own voice in was Pretty Li Huizhen. There are probably others that I don't know of though.
  11. Nah, a lot of dramas, especially period dramas, use voice actors to standardize because if you don't, you wind up with actors with different accents because they come from different places. The different accents are fine for modern dramas but it sounds really strange for period dramas. I remember Dilraba has used her own voice in a drama or two that I can think of, but TPB was not one of them. Her voice is much deeper.
  12. Ah, that's a little unfortunate, it's too bad AOL didn't come out before TMOPB and ELOD then. I was actually hearing that it was a bit like TMOPB and the cinematics seem pretty good. I do see the dragging on though, although that does seem to be pretty standard for Chinese period / fantasy dramas in general. *Cough* even for ELOD, although I'm sure we all know exactly where those draggy episodes could have been better utilized (looking at you, mortal realm).
  13. Yeah I want to say it looks like jade, but that's to my untrained eye, so who knows. But jasper seems to come in many different colors, one of which is green, and the green one looks a lot like jade. And I'm just going off of Tangqi's work, but she sorta seems to use 玉 and 碧玉 pretty interchangeably, so perhaps jasper and jade are similar? Also, AOL is actually a book, and most dramas are based off of books. AOL has actually even already been translated by someone at this link: http://onesecondspring.blogspot.com/p/translations.html If you do decide to read it, lmk what
  14. Ugh, my grandparents are all doing something pretty similar with the not going out. We don't even see them that often even though they actually do live very nearby. -sighs- But what can you do now right? A thing about the jasper though, the distinction between jasper and jade doesn't seem to be all that massive. Jasper = 碧玉 and jade = 玉. So the word for jasper includes the character for 'jade.' So that jade flute in AOL could possibly be be jasper or vice versa, I don't know exactly what words were used to describe it. I think the snake + flute thing probably is a the
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