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  1. since when did a horse feed on kimchi? let alone chicken??? the last time i checked a horse wasnt a carnivore? how do you expect me to clean myself up when both my feet and hands are pointing downwards? eyyyy somebody has to clean me. you have to mom @extrodinairey anyway happy 1000th!!! look how far youve come! more like.. what are you guys up to nowadays, since there are no crumbs to snack on? why you guys still around here and be as active? jk
  2. good afternoon, dear passengers! long time no coming to this thread and im seeing three new additions of emoticons? 2 are cute and the other one is... thirsty? like for real? after they were notifying us to not be too racy with our posts. oho. you're trapped, emoticon maker!
  3. miss quake never disappoints wbk i had expected for you to head to that denouement and i was right. my humour really matches yours, or should it be the other way around?
  4. coming back here to @koreaboooo sharing the scanned photos and not whipping anyone. you're doing the god's work! thank you so muchhh
  5. there are two, so let's split. if im the striped one that makes you the black tee one? are you down with this arrangement?
  6. remember when it was only @koreaboooo and me experiencing the glitch and you were making a joke out of us? and now it's you getting a taste of it. HAH! serves you right
  7. it was last month i think they did eventually announce the break up, but the rumour of them separating had surfaced a few months ago or even last year. i'm not sure. she @goldenashes97 puts out fire by igniting another fire with the mention of the third one. bravooo girl
  8. fosho mom. i just want this cute feud to get over with hahhahaha so i let myself jump and drown and belong to that lower part of the chart.
  9. first paragraph: the prologue. second and third: thinking youre already at chapter 1 going on chapter two. last paragraph: nah btch, youre still with us.
  10. we have such thing too here in indonesia. for instance, since i live in java, we do have our own javanese calendar which is used to determine the best date to hold the holy matrimony as well as certain months and days best avoided to hold a marriage. as a matter of fact, we're still holding onto old sayings and myth thus a lot of people will go to the elders in order to ask for a help for the date-counting. and such practices are still popular to this modern day.
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