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  1. I actually love that scene. Gives me all the feels His expression is so fleeting, yet so telling. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss it because it is only a split second.
  2. Actually in CLOY, Se Ri referred to herself as a rich swallow, a kind of bird. It's because she related their situation to the Korean folktale of Heungbu and Nolbu (see link below). It's likely the same reference that they use in "The Classic". http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Culture/view?articleId=121330
  3. I noticed that, too. Though I don't want to think that she did it because HB told her. For a strong and independent woman like her, she must have done it on her own because she knows her boyfriend is more on the conservative side (one should check out the TN video where he obviously reminded her to cover her legs).
  4. They should also take action on some BinJin fan accounts are selling BInJin merchandise, profiting from their images and the photographer's IP. In the US, even the celebrity/ies in the paparazzi picture can get sued by the paparazzi or the agency if they used the said picture even just in their own social media account.
  5. I was actually wondering why HB got that Box-Office King/Producer's Award considering the only movie he had in 2014 was "The Fatal Encounter" and it was considered a flop. Anyone know?
  6. Here's another take on SYJ's CF voiceover (I think the outrage over the Smart execs comments re HB's voiceover has been blown out of proportion). "The actress was sent two storyboards to choose from. One version is to have someone do the English voice over and the other is where she’d do her own. She went for the latter." Read more: https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/368035/all-hail-queen-son-ye-jin/#ixzz6UdjSxnjc
  7. It may be really her since the Smart execs said that she really enjoyed riding the Ducati, but they used a high-speed camera to make it look that she is driving that fast, just like the camera that they used for HB's motorcycle scene in CLOY. And not sure if you've seen YJ's workout videos, but she's a bad a** and crazy strong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pa3m2YgC4o There's a longer video of this episode but unfortunately, I can't find.
  8. Clearer billboard pic https://www.instagram.com/p/CDd9lY4j-UJ/?igshid=13g3bhuo389qx
  9. Trying to post a clearer picture of the 2 Smart billboards but couldn't figure out how. It won't let me put the IG link
  10. I think it's because there are more Filipino (abroad and in the Philippines) fans here
  11. I think so many of us here (active and lurkers) are Filipinos who are now living in different parts of the world. As Hyun Bin said, Mahal ko kayo (I love you all) I just woke up and saw the Vast denial. What a relief.
  12. No malice whatsoever - just wondering how did you know - did you know the OP of the grocery pic?
  13. Strike while the iron is hot The man is working like there is no tomorrow!
  14. This is what most people miss because they focusing on their actual compliments, which are the typical press release type (HB) or playful/misleading (YJ) to be funny/get some laughs. When ai first saw the video, I thought they were too obvious. Why on earth would you think that your "friend " wrote that you are flawless and you are like her most favorite thing in the world (flowers)? For someone like Hyun Bin who is very shy and humble, this is almost out of character. But I guess it's okay when you are trying to guess your woman/girlfriend/fiancée's compliment about you.
  15. I am currently watching Personal Taste so I got so confused when I clicked on my YT notification from MSteam and it was the Personal Taste commentary! I was wondering why they would post something this old YJ though is really beautiful and ageless. She doesn't seem a day older from when she was in Personal Taste.
  16. I have a Google news alert for HB and I can tell you, every 2-3 days or so, the article about Season 2 from Pinkvilla or Devsdiscourse will pop up, with a slight variation in the title so that it is recognized as a new article. And yes- people will believe what they want. And unfortunately, a lot of people are really gullible these days. Proof - I have a fan page with a small following, and I constantly receive PMs from different people, asking me if I was really HB or writing love messages. This happens in spite of the fact that the page description clearly says fan page, unlike
  17. I think you're mistaken - I am not even for a season 2. It's a dead end. I told the OP that the sites pinkvilla and devsdiscourse are both clickbait sites and CLOY part 2 articles have been popping up in those sites since spring. You can check it if you want.
  18. Hyun Bin, the perfect gentleman, becomes an armchair hogger when he is with SYJ because they don't really impose personal space with each other https://www.instagram.com/p/CCoP654p_up/?igshid=1j71adcaemg46
  19. I have reposted the airport stuff too in my personal accounts but I think this video inside the plane violates his privacy and that of the other passengers as well. It's a little bit too much.
  20. Sorry, I couldn't find the post I wanted to reference- so hard with this dark screen! But regarding the tongue topic. I have seen episode 16 ending videos where YJ's tongue is seen and where HB's tongue is seen, and somebody commented that is not done in K-dramas at all. I don't know much about K-dramas, but I do know based on articles that I've read that french kissing/tongue is also a no-no in Hollywood, and that you do the tongue when you fancy the other person (at least according to Daniel Kaluuya, from "Get Out" and Black Panther"). Here's the article: Re Hollywood
  21. Thanks. I am not techie at all but like 99% of the web has a white background. Is it Soompi's way to telling us to post less (or else you'll get a headache)? Just kidding
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