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  1. hi ladies Unexpectedly i watched Heirs press conf. I haven't watched drama. So, pardon me for asking this It looked as if PSH is clinging to LMH and engaging him and also trying to look not very obvious about it. He is just reciprocating low key. Did they date? I know so many ship them till today. Now she has someone i think in her life right? Is he conscious about his skin colour.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YG8cW6Wltk check this out and tell me if this guy is interested in that girl in real life. No googling nothing. just watch it and share your opinion please.
  3. I really hope KGE will be protected by her agency. https://twitter.com/kimgoeunphofc/status/1302618779700977665 Our girl is practically glowing. I hope all this glow is because of some one not only because of Kahi. I never thought I will be missing any actor like this.
  4. exactly. This is what I am trying to ask some time back. Can they force her to go along with their strategy of "No denial and No acceptance" Its not fair know?
  5. As if the bomb dropper wants LMH be with any other girl. Except KGE. May be these OIMs are feeling jittery and insecurity about KGE. Because so many ladies many times said in our thread that this is first time LMH is behaving like this. May be they are feeling threatened by her. But they cannot own him life long na?
  6. Thanks. I never shipped anyone from my nation or from other countries. In India this much scandal type attention will not happen. To be frank I never paid any attention also. After first time seeing the BTS, I started shipping. I worried that from becoming shippers are we putting too much pressure on them. But i think SK stars are used to this type of environment even though its related to their private life. Lets hope for sailing forever and happy anchoring. I had wonderful time in this group. thank you all
  7. Yeah sweet heart these hugs are what made me shipper too that to first time in my life. I am exploring all options here including that angle. By the way, do you have any idea about SK entertainment industry inner workings. I am really really interested to know Bravo. Proud of you
  8. Hi Ladies I just want to rant a little bit here. Have patience with me. Just like me most of us are first time shippers. Some are KGE fans and some are LMH fans right? I really felt like living in alternate world after watching this drama and with this shopping business and now almost returned to real world. I wanted to have clear thoughts with this shipping business. Someone close to me gave an alternate theory and some what ugly view on Entertainment field in general. I am from India where a bright young actor allegedly committed suicide and this issue is burning thru minds of a billion people in my nation. Along with that came ugly reality of entertainment industry. So many discussions are happening in closed groups. someone told me how agencies and PR firms manipulate perceptions which is prevalent in Hollywood and Asian industries. I want to know who is having a fair idea about Kdramas and kpop industry and these things Will the agencies can force actors to behave accordingly with public acceptance of a couple in a drama to real life? I mean can they force them without denying or accepting continue that perception of chemistry in real life? Did the actors have to conceal most of their relationships in order to carry this pseudo relationships. Did our shipping business will force them to pretend or to maintain that perception? If yes, are we here also doing the same thing? if KGE and LMH are not at all interested in each other and because of this shipping fandom are they forced to maintain a semblance of Relationship even though there is nothing going on in between them? Are we hurting them with our shipping delusions. I am actually worried as a fan not a shipper. Is there any other alternate reality which we may not know or ignoring. I Know this is shippers thread but we are also fans of their acting. Can anyone please clarify me about how this industry works in Korea. Is there any chance that KGE and LMH are not at all interested in each other romantically? Is there any chance they might have other secret relationships going on which they are hiding? How much time the agencies and PR firms will take to deny or accept the Relationship news in SK Please help me out ladies AND Important thing Don't hit me for this. Is There chance that LMH might be batting for other side? RUNS...........
  9. Hi ladies Hope you are all doing fine. How many of you have seen Tune into love after TKEM. I am planning to watch it. Now I have seen some videos on twitter the intimate scenes between Haein and GoEun gave me goosebumps. Before TKEM, if I watched that movie, I would have been shipping them. The professionalism required to act these scenes is really of highest order. Suddenly I felt It's good that Our boy and girl didn't have that type of scenes in TKEM. Something should be kept personal if they are involved. Right? Hope they are doing good and together.
  10. LMH posted. He is going to be on IG posting spree I think. KGE may be silent for some more days. Whatever, If we got confirmation at the end of this long wait. Its worth all this shipping business. Hoping and wishing all the ladies here are doing well. Take care
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