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  1. Hence: "When I feel myself alone, in between those thin branches, Will you remember me, in this much pain?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. Yes that's her. Anyways, I'm not really happy with this new theme I have a really bad eyesight (maybe this is the reason why I keep seeing that blonde hair in LMH's wallpaper ) and it's doing no good. Hence, I will be cutting down my visits in this thread unless soompi will have the option to change the theme to original again. Ps. It took me 10 minutes to write this and maybe 3 min with the P.S , add 2 for finding the gif below
  3. Judging by this tweet, they haven't read our thread yet. Hahahahahhaah! LMAO They're coming for us
  4. My boi asked out of sarcasm and... jealousy but..... Hahahahahahahhaha! That's not what he meant Pd-nim!
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