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  1. I am here because of the coincidences... I am a BinKyo supporter till the end.. Plus I stan them as individuals as well, but I am leaning more towards Hyun Bin.. If they dont end up together this time, well that’s life.. just accept and move on.. But as what we said no news is good news.. Praying hard for their second chance in love...
  2. yes please! since they have a news blackout in Korea anything related to you and bin.. can you try if they can still remain quiet? hahahahahha
  3. yup! remember they said before they are the male and female version of each other hehehhe
  4. hahahahaa we setting the mood for Kyo can someone create a spotify playlist for Binkyo and share it here? heehhehe
  5. Yes please! or meatier “crumbs” hehehehe Or a soundtrip session from the gf pleaasseee
  6. Yes... and he mentioned in one if his interviews that he is very blunt..
  7. and we are back and running! Have a good day everyone! *blue hearts*
  8. She’s already on a love triangle situation, aigoo!!! hahahaha
  9. And how dashing our Binnie during Baeksang 2019 that close up shot still make me drool hahahahaha
  10. With the cool daddy who already bought baby boy shoes for the future baby
  11. Everything happens for a reason And WW is created for us to see a glimpse of BinKyo’s “real” relationship, well bits of it lolz
  12. Yes!!!! IF they confirm and get married, internet will blow up for sure and they will be trending world wide, that I am sure!
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