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  1. Aigooo my hearttt!!! ...and seconds later i realized that it was an edit My shipper's heart reacted faster than my logic, lol
  2. She wore the outfit from her visit to one of Chanel's events (2018/19?). She was visiting their workshop here: https://www.instagram.com/p/ByEvdQVAnhk/?igshid=13kiumagvbi90 So that's why i felt familiar seeing her outfit. I think no doubt that her post today was about Chanel It seems that our couple's theme for today is fashion/luxury brand after all. He posted LV, she posted Chanel. Too good for a coincidence. Are you guys like together rite now? i almost believe that they had planned this!
  3. All hail the queen! https://www.instagram.com/p/CDgVQZNDJND/?igshid=ix5k3tclyvq9 So it seems that today's couple theme is fashion As usual tho, she's more of throwback team
  4. I think so too. Anyway i saw similarities there. Ggone once posted Chanel ads last month, and now LMH posted invitation for LV's event (i never saw him uploaded something like that before). Couple thing? or draught-induced deluluness? lol Note: it seems that Henry Lau also uploaded same invitation
  5. Even when he was presented with his mom's photo, that little boy still picked Ggone over his mom, lol The complete video is here, if ,i'm not mistaken it's around min 02:50
  6. Have someone posted this cute video? some shippers from ig commented that the brown-haired little boy reminded them of captain who is in love, he kept choosing Ggone, lol
  7. Wow, this is an edit but Ggone looks really stunning in that hair color! Let's see what roles would suit this look... - A K-pop idol? - A sassy heiress? I wanna see her acting those kind of roles
  8. I couldn't recall the time where we were not worried for his neck, lol Look at you, captain. Your eyes, your face, your body, even your feet were all directed towards the queen. Such an honest body language coming from a man in love. Ever since his july 2 posts, i have no doubt the ship has sailed already. I could put my mind to rest and enjoyed the crumbs they gave while gradually returning to my RL. They lay low now, including the agencies, i think until Hero is released. Anymore pressure than this, then both agencies would be pushed to confirm (or deny) the rumors before the premier. That's why i think silence and temporary withdrawal (oh, and also media handling by their invisible hands ) were the best strategies they could take right now. Judging from his character, i believe captain were not that type of person who will lie to his fans, hence no denial whatsoever so far. Come to think of it, aside from july 2, actually us shippers already got that long awaited dating confirmation in form of their agencies' silence. Let's hope for the best that their relationship will be smooth sailing until the time comes for them to make it public.
  9. Happy one thousand pages chingus! Let's have a good time together while guarding our ship until the time we receive the news we've been waiting for
  10. You're totally right, this style will likely make someone look pregnant, lol. But that's what i called as KGE's specialty. She can rock a style that won't work on most people and turn it into a chic one. I like that loose dress combined with army jacket and boots on her, it gave a lazy-effortless-but-chic kind of vibe. She also rocks this lady boss style. Note: if she's pregnant (hopefully with LMH's child ) she will totally be a hot momma
  11. Dear Mind Bridge, please keep giving us whatever you got Dear captain, you do have such an excellent taste. In Lee Min Ho and Chanel we trust, lol. She's truly one of a kind. I can totally see this woman as SK's future fashion icon.
  12. Latest release from Mind Bridge. How about "Queen of Sikhye" as a theme? lol Note: she has the most beautiful skin i've ever seen and she looks good in literally any color Gosh, I can tell that i'm about to fall victim to those Mind Bridge clothes she modeled. I love both the outfits and the model, what a lethal combination for my self-control
  13. Some twitterians mentioned that when he was walking, he saw her and changed his direction towards her, but it seemed she didn't notice so they just went their separate ways.
  14. @Prerna no dear, i'm not from India The Alley is just recently available in my country. I'm about to get my first cups tomorrow and feel excited, even tho me as ajumma and bubble tea don't match well, i will gladly expose myself to weight gain just to relive a piece of TKEM, lol I also love TKEM OST! they're excellent and bring out all kind of feelings in me. My no 1 favorite would be Maze by Yongzoo, because it perfectly described their longings for one another. It always gave me this mental image of LG standing alone in front of the palace pond, staring at the falling snow, missing JTE.
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