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  1. No worries i didn't mean to 'attack' your opinion or something. I only shared my views regarding the 1% twitter thread. Sometimes i also joined JiDal thread to understand their perspective. Like many others here i won't participate in the war and degrading other characters. It's just outrageous. That 1% is still in itself a possibility that may or may not come true. I love DoDal very much but if PHR decided it's JiDal end game instead, i would really like to know how she would tie all loose ends and wrapped it up perfectly. Because even now there are already too many plot holes she
  2. I've seen this too on twitter. I had different opinion tho. Until ep 14 my perspective regarding JP is still consistent since the very beginning. The role of JP's character in the whole story (IMHO) was suited the most to the title of ep 2: "angel". They also (i think intentionally) dressed him in white suit (white is usually associated with angel) during the networking party, watching his two humans from afar. This angel/guardian role was further emphasized by his job as a venture capitalist and DS referred to him as a sherpa. Frankly speaking, originally he was supposed to be a matchmaker. T
  3. Hi all. Dropping by here because it seems quiet peaceful. Tired of those super toxic stans, they're literally everywhere spreading hate to DS (even DM too). Some long time KSH fans (long before SU) even felt embarassed of his new fans' disrespectful attitude towards the main leads. Among the characters in SU i'm more interested in DS. Something raw, genuine and naive about him, not to mention his sexy brain. This is how i see him: - He was humble. He didn't think he was a genius at all even tho he was. Until today i also never saw him took pride in material things even after h
  4. Coming back here because i suddenly miss MinEun. I wonder if they spent quality time together during chuseok holidays. I also started watching Record of Youth and got hooked since episode 2. I personally think both Parks (Bo Gum and So Dam) were outstanding in acting department. Their chemistry were also genuine and at the right pace. It felt refreshing to find such chemistry after MinEun. On the contrary there were quite many people who found the series boring and the couple had no chemistry. I was like... whaaaatttt? Well, nothing new tho. Same thing happened to TKEM back th
  5. Long time no see chingus! Most recent post by captain made me come here because i'm dying to write my mind. I mean, in my opinion his post held great significance. 'Maze' has been my number one TKEM ost, the song i love the most. Why? because they always played 'Maze' in the background each time Lee Gon longing for Tae Eul but couldn't see her due to their circumstances. As i could recall, the song was almost specific for those scenes where he was longing for her. And captain chose that song out of all TKEM ost to post. I mean, there's no way he wouldn't know
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