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  1. Absolutely. It’s all acting. And they understood their roles and portrayed them well, so good that they made us believe of their love for each other, the longing, the loniness, etc. However, this ship is mostly fueled by how their intercaction during BTS and interviews.
  2. LMH’s post yesterday could just be any random post, any of his post moving forward should not be all about KGE. Does any of you with relationship post things linking to to your love all the time? I believe the July 2nd was for KGE and that was the confirmation I needed. After that, I finally able to live my normal life. We can fantasize that they’re together at that moment but viewing all LMH’s post as something that has to do with KGE is not quite right for me. And besides, KGE is a very secure woman. If she is convinced of the feelings LMH has for her, she seems to be the type of girl who does not need assurance all the time. I love your passion towards this ship but... MinHo and GoEun are together, and we will not get a confirmation from their agency. If we get lucky, we get announcement of their wedding 1 week before it happens, otherwise, the normal 1 day notice. Let’s enjoy the sail (yes, we are sailing) and not pester LMH so much with his posts, I already feel sorry for the guy.
  3. @Time loop please remove twitter on quoted post. Thanks. @SweetButters thank you for being our Sweet “buster” for the night.
  4. @markovingian markov I know right? LOL And please edit your post and take out the image/twitter from the quoted response. Thank you.
  5. OMG, this just certifies that I am indeed a LMH and KGE shipper (or maybe more of a stalker) for noticing this, too.
  6. Thank goodness you’re still on the ship. I was wondering where you went, if you left the ship trusting your swimming skills or what. I have full TRust of the captain of this ship. Let’s enjoy as we’re cruisin’.
  7. I just saw the video from page 868, looks like she had a red flower bouquet, too, standing next to Jhi. I don’t know who gave it but it was over-flowing red. And just last night, I was browsing througg JHI’s ig after he liked kge’s bday post, and found that he was also in the US and was at Santa Monica where KGE was (based on her photo) at about the same week. He was there for a video shoot for something he was modeling for. I have no idea if they met while he was there. But then again, LMH for the win!
  8. https://twitter.com/taerxbyte/status/1279971153302351872?s=21 Now this has been the best tweet I’ve seen today. I cried laughing!
  9. Or just go back to page 555 for people who need to calm their minds and nerves. After July 2nd, we shouldnt be asking for anything more.
  10. That’s a lot of research! Thank you. I double checked koraebul’s IG and here’s what I found. On June 28, this man posted that KGE went to his restaurant. And that picture from koraebul posted on insta by someone who did a great job connecting the dots was taken on June 24th. It could only mean one thing that the photos showed where the venue of the party was but no one knows who the attendees were. The second set of photo with baskin robins cake icecream, shows it was taken from the same place but not the same time. Now, where this place is no one knows. We may try to raid all baskin robins stores around their area and check the interior? I don’t know. To sum it all up. She celebrated her bday multiple times with different groups of her circle. These photos though do not take away my presumption that at any time on her bday she was with him or him with her, in short, together.
  11. We quicky hid the raft and all life jackets, we’re already sailing, remember? You’re stuck with us!
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