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  1. https://twitter.com/NotABabyCheese/status/1331622757751083008?s=19 A few months ago Taemin did a live at his building's parking lot and some fans found out he was in a Mercedes, so I think that's the car he has now unless he already changed it.
  2. They're both very careful when it comes to their private lives though. As a fan of both, I consider Naeun to be a bit more private since the only social media she uses to share stuff about her is IG and it's mostly work - related. These past few months Taemin has been trying to create a deeper connection with fans by using platforms like Vlive and Bubble but he's obviously only going to share what he wants to share. Regarding these so-called 'hints', it will depend on what you consider a hint. I particularly don't consider the Celine thing a hint, but a coincidence, since it's bec
  3. She's most likely talking about Sodam though. They met in 2016 indeed and if we count the way Korean people do, this would be the 6th year since they met each other I think (their system is still kinda confusing to me), so she maybe made a mistake and wrote 7 instead of 6. What I'm sure of is that she's talking about someone from the cast and Sodam is the only one she's been friends with for a while.
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