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  1. When in earlier pages I told Minho fans are getting on my nerves this was what I was talking about. This girl has to poke her nose in every Shipper post. She just can't mind her own business at all. Always coming up with "you don't know anything about Minho, I gave birth to him so I know him more than anyone else, he's the same with all his co-stars" omg irritating fools
  2. ROFL. I want hug everyone who's commenting there. It's not even an hour and already more than 200 comments.. at this rate that will be the post with most comments on swoon ig
  3. Yass we gonna sacrifice sleep for MinEun and omg soo many people are commenting under that post. Woah hats off for the dedication. MinEun rocks. Shippers super rocks
  4. Somebody yesterday posted an analysis maybe he was waiting for the spring because he was waiting for her answer.. mAybe that's true
  5. Please the fandom needs something to survive today. It should be either them posting a couple pic or ep 15 bts. Everyone's soo depressed right now since tomorrow is the last episode
  6. Something is happening for sure else why are we being starved like this while the rest of the okayish dramas are getting more content and our super duper international hit drama is getting absolutely nothing at all
  7. Guys even mystic pop up bar got couch talk. It's a new drama. Cloy got soo much swoon content. I feel like everyone out there is anti TKEM. Let's do something. Let's keep on commenting asking swoon to give us couch talk interview of MinEun. We literally got nothing compared to other dramas. Covid is not the reason at all. Backstreet Rookie got photoshoot few days ago and now mystic pop up bar got couch talk.
  8. Thank god I joined this thread when it was at 195. Imagine joining late and having to read 363 pages. When you finally think you reached the end point this thread will be at 1000th page
  9. It's like maybe she felt a lil shy first so she proceeded to walk towards kyung nam to involve him in the conversation as well to make it less awkward but he's busy in his phone lol. Even if kkn joins in the convo Minho will only focus on goeun anyway. Also observe his body language.. always and always wanted to be with her. His body automatically rotates towards her
  10. Guys if we all really want LMH and KGE photoshoot or interviews we really gotta comment under swoon posts or sbs posts. I've seen a whole show coming back with new seasons on fans demand. If fans will put Pressure they'll give us what we want. I've seen people trending on twitter for a season 2 of their favourite show and they indeed got it. So let's all stick to a time and attack swoon with comments. Trust me we'll get all the interviews if we do so. C'mon sbs anyway did us dirty. Even backstreet Rookie has got photoshoot before the drama even aired. Ours is coming to an end. So let's all do
  11. Exactly!!! I don't think min ho opened her mouth with his fingers.. it may look like it but it's not. It was KGE who opened her mouth in response to his kiss. If you zoom in you can clearly see it was her who opened her mouth.
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