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  1. Most of these facts/qualities are featured in "Funding Together", including 1. Great singing skills and loves singing (apple farm visit & busking) 2. Math skills (she kept track of the scores during their apple farm visit) 3. Loves driving (she volunteered twice and seems to be good at it), but.. 4. has a terrible sense of direction 5. Loves cooking (cooked for her cast members and Kang Ha Neul) and got good at it 6. Best friends with IU (first met on Heroes) 7. Loves apples (said she always starts a day with a good apple) & grapes 8. Woul
  2. In terms of music video appearance... do these count even though they're for dramas (she also singing as an Angels member "main vocalist" from their interview ) and she's only lip-syncing here as another girl group member
  3. some translations online for now... (p.s. think the black hair is for her new role...i thought that her new role shouldn't have brown hair cuz i guess it's not that common to dye your hair in that period esp for a doctor...great attention to detail)
  4. well... In drama chat (part 11 on YouTube) YIN talked about KJR's charming point but specifically looked at LDW (and he smiled and asked her to say more afterwards) when she said she thought the kind of guys who is calm in any situation and knows how to be stronger against the strong and weaker against the weak was the most charming... A translated excerpt (not English though) I read from her second recent special dj session (which didn't have any camera and can't find the recording on YouTube for now) she said the most important thing she values in a man is whether he
  5. hmm even though LDW appears affectionate in both bts LDW will look unhappy when he sees that he's filmed during TYH bts JBA will ask LDW if bts is filming when he is being affectionate So that's why gumiho bts feels fake I think LDW and JBA are just sending foodtruck as co-workers/friends Also in the recent special dj session YIN described her ideal type with wording similar to how she described LDW during TYH drama chat 2 years ago (just like how LDW's preferences are still same as 2 years ago haha)...so even if they are not dating
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