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  1. Considering she already accepted TYH by that time, it is very interesting. How in the press conf. she mentioned how Grim Reaper was cute and lovely, while KJR was the character that captured her heart. Even more so when in the drama interview following that, they both say that they are similar to OJS and KJR in real life. Also amazingyooinna's insta is back up again, she just shut down her social media for a few days cause of personal issues.
  2. I remember last time they deactivated/went offline it's because they were on vacation or something? Maybe something involving that.
  3. As far as I know, no official statements of denial or confirmation and a lot of people rumored that they dated, but it is unknown as of now.
  4. Do you mean why Korean Age is different? In Korea, everyone ages up once the new year begins, so people born in the same year are all considered the same age. Also, they must really like working together, they did a joint CF right after Goblin ended lol (the Goblin Special as well).
  5. The thing with TYH is that it blurred the lines between what was real and reel, so much in fact, that it made my jaw drop when I first watched it. Especially the sofa scene! Jin-shim says the kiss was fake and that all actors have skills to fake whats not real. But Jung-rok says, 'What if it's real and not fake?' I literally lost it. My brain fried after thinking about what the writer was implying lol. Then, they don't change the angle at all and it is very clear that it isn't fake. I think they blurred it so well, that one cannot determine that the two leads are dating on the drama alone. All the jabs at how Jin-shim and her co-star are getting shipped, while she has a bf irl, contradicts the many parallels that the drama brings to LDWYIN irl. The comparisons do hit close to home, and are more sentimental, which made me question it. If they don't end up together, I do hope they remain long-time friends! I feel like celebrities need those, because like someone said earlier, it is difficult to keep in touch with such busy schedules. Anyways D-4 till Inna turns 38! (39 korean age!)
  6. Yoo In na's birthday is coming up soon! On June 5th, so today is D-5! Last year he had a v-live on that day, wonder how she will celebrate this year. Hope she has a happy birthday ^-^
  7. Me being delulu again: In the TYH bts where he writes her a note, he leaves it on the flower bouquet, while the one he wrote before, he left it on her desk. Such clever placement loll. She was excited to read it and the message was kept from viewers. I'm super curious ^^
  8. sort of related coincidence: the female lead starring opposite of LDW in his upcoming drama was one of the people called unto Happy Together’s 500th Anniversary (LDW and YIN were called, but LDW didn’t answer and YIN found out about the broadcast and made IU go instead, lol). As discussed before, Se Ho was probably in the midst of calling LDW when Hyun Moo (i think) mentioned he was gonna call YIN and his reaction was taken aback. I think he knew both of them at the time, because I remember YIN mentioning he might stop by on her last day as YooDJ, before Goblin I believe. One of his guests said he invited him to lunch one day and when he arrived he was unexpectedly with LDW, so who knows who else he calls (reminding myself to be realistic lol). I wonder what would’ve happened if they went? Mini-Goblin reunion haha (they wanted to get GY on but he was abroad). This happened around Mid 2017. I suggest watching it, though it has barely pichi crumbs, it is quite funny and entertaining.
  9. His smiles towards her in the bts with the CEO were so . If not dating, I can tell he admires YIN and who wouldn’t? I wonder how they are dealing with the outbreak, hopefully both are healthy. After stay-at-home orders are lifted I’m hoping for a Goblin reunion or something haha. Also, I watched a segment of promotion for another drama and one of the actresses had a husband who is also a public figure. Though having different professions, (though both still considered celebrities), she states that they maintain their relationship by respecting each others field of work and trying not to overlap too much in their professional careers. She says she won’t cameo in his programs and same with him, because they want to separate work from relationship. If these two are together, I assume they could be doing the same but again, nothing has been going public. I assume they both would like private relationships because of YINs past with her costar and LDW hasn’t had any confirmed dating rumors (I won’t count that one lol). Considering from wanting to film all CF’s with him to glossing over working with him post-TYH, it is a possibility.
  10. Lol for that one YIN kept on laughing and getting shy and LDW blamed the director. When I saw that, I thought he was trying to divert the attention from them, as if saying its not my fault she’s all shy! (though it seemed like it was). Compared to the end of Goblin, they were more giggly and shy. In the Goblin Special I could sense some tension, but its nice to see all the tension disappear in TYH, despite the public not hearing/seeing them for ~2 years.
  11. Another thing I noticed is the staff, PD, and co-stars reaction to them, is kinda amusing. In Goblin GY was smiling suspiciously when LDW was comparing Sunny to YIN, saying YIN was way more gentler and stuff. (YIN was wary when he tried to do this and I felt bad because she panicked a bit, probably because her ex did something similar). When they kept on high-fiving when she was comparing the Grim Reaper to him, KGE and YSJ teased them by imitating it. I also remember reading on a transcript that the MC said their chemistry was so good it was gonna cause dating scandals (but was quickly brushed over). The actress who played Yeoreum said they were too close, note it was describing them after shooting a scene. In their last scene in Goblin, they were kissing and they went on for a while because the PD didn’t say cut. When they were taking selfies in Goblin, the staff behind them were all smiles. The PD of TYH and the MC for the live drama talk said they both made their heart flutter. Sometimes in the behind-the-scenes the PD seems to be third-wheeling lol.
  12. As far as I know, its only been that one, the rest are up to public assumption (never had been publicly confirmed) though some have discussed before that he was possibly in a relationship with Lee Da Hae, note that he also worked with her twice (though it took around a decade) in My Girl and Hotel King. YIN and LDW worked together twice, with a two year gap, LDW being cast after YIN in TYH. Also earlier on the thread, the Goblin reunion dinner or of the same sort occurred around October 15 I believe and the confirmation for LDW as KJR happened around three days later. Though we cannot compare because they are different people, it is a precedent we can refer to.
  13. (sorry for the length lol) I have been lurking on this thread for a while now and I would just like to share some of my own insight (though quite biased lol). Summary of previous events and what I think is of them right now. 1. They weren’t romantically involved post-Goblin, pre-TYH, and the beginning of TYH filming. (Feelings/Crushing could have been present, but not exclusively dating). Apart from the finger-rubbing BTS (lol) the beginning behind-the-scenes seemed like close friends, probably because the romance and kissing scenes came later on. 2. Goblin was a turning point in both of their careers so I think it was inevitable that they were attached to each other (them with KGE and GY). I find it so admirable that they are all still close to this day (KGE mentioned she still visits YIN’s house and hangs out with LDW and GY). 3. I am leaning towards the sentiment that they were romantically involved Post-TYH because of the ninja Wrap Up Party and matching Chanel Watches. (Though, it could have come from KGE, she hid her wrist with the watch on previous Jeju posts until confession day where she was seen wearing it. I believe a few days before, LDW’s stylist or manager took a pic of him with the watch. I also think they had another matching watch instance, one with Inna on With Funding and Dongwook on a V-live I believe, around Strangers from Hell era. It was white with a rose gold center? (Someone discussed it before on the forum and it was barely discussed. Maybe it wasn’t the same if so). 4. During Mirae Interview in Taiwan, YIN is asked if she would like to work with LDW again which she glosses over and LDW’s fanmeet doesn’t discuss TYH. A bit odd cause in a VIKI interview during day of TYH press conferences, YIN is asked what CF’s she wants to film with LDW and she says all (note that she knew what ad deals they both had, though maybe because of some being shown in the drama) 5. Speaking of press conf. interviews, in an IQiYi interview, two things came up which caught my interest. One, the interviewer asks, non-verbatim, “In the drama KJR has a 99% winning streak as a lawyer. Is there anything you believe you’ll never lose at?” LDW says no, but YIN whispers “Sports” to him. Shows a bit of her LDW knowledge. Two, LDW says that they meet OFTEN (자주) and either PRIVATELY (사적인 자리) or with the drama team. Doesn’t that mean they’re close enough to meet one-on-one. We would have never known this if he hadn’t said it in this interview. If they had met often and privately, without getting caught by Dispatch or media even once, they are truly ninjas. This could hold true to even now, but at the moment I am unsure where these two stand. I’ve noticed that they balanced each other out during press-conference day. In the side interviews with Viki and iQiYi, LDW looked a bit tired while Inna energetically carried the interview. In the Drama Live Kakao Chat, Inna is visibly cold and tired and LDW is the one who’s leading the interview. (Doesn’t indicate that they are dating necessarily but it’s admirable, their friendship). Some sus parts from this are the jjajang jjapong question, the coffee question, LDW reading ‘YIN saranghae’, him insisting that his arms are long enough to take the selfie, and him putting the pillow behind her back. As for ad-libs, widely believed ones are the ttalgi market-place one, that sneak attack morning cheek kiss, and ldw asking if boys and girls can be friends during the jenga game. (though i feel a lot of scenes had ad-libs near the end because maybe they didn’t have to act??? ahahahha clownery). Now for the current situation. No clues. We can take that no news = good news but we do have to brace ourselves if we get news we aren’t expecting. YIN expressed wishing to marry in three years in 2018 (2021 coming nearer and nearer sis), and currently says she has no boyfriend, quite firmly on 7.7 Billion in Love. Though she has said that even if she is dating, she will say no. It is possible that she has a prepared answer but again, we have to stay grounded. LDW is shown two times on the show, one being compared to the to-be-wed (large reach LOL) and when they mentioned Goblin, they showed a pichi picture instead of just YIN (they only mentioned Sunny). Seeing her reaction of LDW being mentioned, I do think there’s no bad blood between them, so that’s a plus. Things to be noted is a) she stays silent at first and becomes a bit pouty (maybe some one rubbed off on her lmaoaoa feeding the delulu) and b) she knows his face enough to identify the resemblance. The guest says “That’s exactly what my wife said!” heheheh. They also teased her when she was discussing convincing your parents to like your partner. They said stuff along the lines of ‘You are in the same drama you can get closer’ and ‘You even had a kissing scene together!’, considering her last drama was TYH, it is possible they were referring to that. YIN gets flustered and denies while laughing. Interesting, though subtle points in her talk-show. With my knowledge of Korean media, I heard that agencies can pay to stop dating articles to be released (not sure about this). But considering that the Goblin cast met often and no pictures resurfaced, we can assume they still do after TYH (prior to the outbreak of course). The two have a lot of mutuals, so they could add on as well. The thrill of playing with the public could be present early-on, but it does subside like all thrills do (maybe it applies to them, if they were an item?) As of now all we have to do is wait. I might have forgotten something and left it out, but this sums up my thoughts well. Current status: unknown ?
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