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  1. still confused about the heart thing. Can you guys help me out?? SB said SH make her heart flutter and beat fast (skip beat) SB said HB make he heart hurt if you are in love with a person. Which one of this feeling of the heart would you choose?
  2. I'm dropping fast both the drama itself and the soundtrack. I'm gonna complete erase it and not remembering ever. I just jump in to watch a new Chinese series called You are my destiny and is good. I'm gonna stick with it because is actually a legit drama to invest it. I guarantee it
  3. what the fudge is this shiitake drama? Born Again, please more like Died again and don't get reborn ever please. I can't believe this is the ending. I want all the minutes I watched from the drama back in FULL. also, how ridiculous is to make JB the hero. He was not a hero to begin with. He have sins and committed more serious crimes than SH. All HB did was accidentally kill HE's parents trying to catch the bad guy. SH shot JB to protect SB and he's evil from all those actions. OH Please. even when SB have HE's memories back and chose JB - I think is more JB choosing JB instead of HE. I know my girl HE"s would never hurt HB. How dare you JB, you are mean and heartless. now I'm gonna delete all this drama forever from my life.
  4. I have never been so disappointed in a drama until BORN AGAIN. seriously, it like a turn from a good drama (episode 1 to 10) to a disaster overflowing with uncalled character changes (episode 11 to end). if they end with JB and SB saying SB love JB? I mean where, I don't see her saying anything to him about her feeling while SB on the other hand confession her feelings to SH, let me see SB/HE confessing her love/like for SH/HB: SB said SH makes her heart flutter and beat fast SB confessed to SH that she liked him SB told JB that she liked SH and that her feeling for him will NEVER CHANGE HE make a recording that she loved HB and that even after many years, she continue to miss him HE confessed in church that she loved HB and will only love HB forever where did all those feelings of SB/ HE goes...WHERE did it it GO???? episode 11 to the end, is like watching another drama. I think I'm already set for disappointment tomorrow. however, I do wish for either SH to died (end this life misery because they do him wrong so bad) or JB (so both guys can't have her). DONE!
  5. I do not agree with JC/JB and HE/SB being soulmates. there's no way I can see any connection in them only except JC been obsessed with HE in the previous life and a stalker in the present life. If there's any love or connection between them then geez, I don't know what the writer did there. From the beginning to the episode 10, it show case that HE/SB and HB/SH have a deep connection. the again, I do not wish JC and SB to end up together. I want them all to died or just be alone. I cannot understand the concept of love between JC an SB.
  6. I like the pictures just because LSH and JSY posed more like a couple that JKY and JSY...
  7. I love the way JSY was looking at LSH during filming...heart eyes all over that...so lovely to see her looking at him that way. Do I sense maybe a crush/like????
  8. I don't like the way SB act toward SH now. like when he called her. she have this disgust look at the phone and turn away. even her eyes, it doesn't have the I like you look from the first 10 episodes. everything about her feelings toward SH is gone. So technically I don't give a BS about what she told JB that she's gonna go back to SH. and don't what's with I want to have 2 hearts. honey, if you love a person, you should feel flutter for that person only. I'm already given up and I hope that they don't end up together, I don't want SB and SH together anymore. I want her to be with JB and leave SH alone
  9. I feel like SB gonna accept JB and they are in a relationship, maybe they both visit each other parents to get to know each other family????????????? and then why SH give SB the rings...she gonna hand it right back to him and said she can't accept it. I'm pretty sure that's today episode summary
  10. this drama is bogus....I regret watch it. I felt so hurt after watching today episode, thinking I was watch a new show instead of the one I was watching. The kiss scene at the end was a real blow however, SB texting JB while with SH was totally uncalled for. Really???
  11. I just hope that they don't make Soo-huyk into a bad guy. why do I have a feeling that the writing is heading to a reverse order to make Soo-huyk the bad guy and Jong-Boem the good guy????
  12. I hope the writer is not switching to the JB and SB romance now. I'm afraid for next week and the coming weeks. I will feel very upset for SH if SB actually ending up like JB.
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