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  1. I am (I like flowers in the garden more) but I would like to keep an open mind as who knows this winter garden might grow on me later on. First of, I hope this thread is not just for certain shippers only and other like myself can also have share without people making a joke out of our post just because we interpret differently. I just finished watching HP and so far I enjoyed watching all 12 episodes! It's well thought of and full of heart! The hospital's inside dramas tugged my heart a few times as cases like those exist in real setting. I am sure irregardless who they'll end up with in the end I will watch this drama again because of the slice of life they added and the songs they incorporated as well. Very good combination! My question ... are these pairing already set in stone as we still 1 or 2 more seasons to go? The people behind this drama are known for pulling out surprises at the end. What if those obvious things right now may just be in placed to keep something "less obvious" obscured until it's time. For one, Song-Hwa's real feeling is still veiled and IkJ is waiting for her reply. JW's a very empathic person so I question his true feelings for GW. JWan relationship with IkS started smooth sailing until the distance separated them (Did anyone see that coming?). And SH is still unmoved despite Minha's persistence. At the end of the season, everyone's love line is still hanging except for JWan and GW's (but then it only take a dream sequence or something-else for it to crumble down also). It's too early to gloat and too early sigh as I feel their relationships are still evolving, some moving forward, some falling apart and others staying the same in the first season.
  2. @violet13 @Plummpychan @whiteclover I had to rewatch it again and I realized I totally missed the color of the coats they're wearing . My apology. Now I am baffled even more while trying to find my own closure to the ending as I too feel confused over it. Anyway, as the episode 16 title implies, Sacrifice, I guess all three leads ended up sacrificing something they value in the end: life, love & profession. I didn't know that we as viewers would also end up sacrificing something as well, our time pondering over the story and our piece of mind trying to figure what the writer is trying to send across. But for whatever it's worth, it was fun up until frustration sets in! I've yet to fully watch the last episode, sub is a little slow but I did skimmed through the last part where SB started showing items to JB items that hold special meaning to both of them, and for some reason I had this creepy sound effect playing in my head up till the part where she screamed. (Did JB die or did he just temporarily lost his memory?)
  3. looke @Plummpychan Yes, you are right, HB held her hand after the CPR but here SB was talking about the one underwater and it was onlyJB's hand that slightly held hers(underwater) while HB had his arm around her neck pulling her up the water. I rewatched that part again just now to make sure it's not just my imagination. It is there, very briefly though. (Not the part where she gained consciousness after CPR or when she recalled bits and pieces of the past -- but the actual drowning part after both HB & JB jumped down the water) For the most part, I am guessing, it was JB that gave her heart a painful tug whereas with HB, he makes her heart flutter/skip a beat.
  4. @whiteclover That would be Ep 16/32 (Ep. 14/32 is where she almost drowned and slightly touched JC hand who was also trying to save her). After the incident with her Dad and HB dropped her off, she met up with JB, had a little alcohol and opened up to him about an unexplainable pain in heart, she thought it might be due to her heart holding memories of its previous owner. Here is a portion of what she said, SB: "... my heart flutters, but right here it flutters like its shattering...that man, how can he be so vivid? His hand grabbing my hand in the water. I can still feel it now. Its tormenting me..." She said that without even knowing it was JC hand that touched hers. You're correct, poor writing and maybe poor directing also(?) What I think they actually did right was HE & HB love story, They have those heart tugging moments that made JB & SB story go pale in comparison. They also got most viewers rooting on them (SB/SH) hook, line, and sinker.
  5. Again this are my personal thoughts. Although I am one of the few sympathizers of GJC/JB here in this threads since Episode One, I am also surprised at how the story romantically ended as I really thought HS and SB will end up together (that red string connecting the dolls on her wedding day along with the promise to only marry him in that life that's a no brainer to me that they will be together in the end, they have to be the one true pair!) But then even with SE/SB & HB/HS pleasant love story, I had a nagging feeling that HE and GCJ has deeper connection just not blatantly obvious, more like a soul level kind. That feeling started after HE all of a sudden felt rejuvenated (that was after GJC stayed all night at the hospital holding her hands) she started feeling better after that; and then the next was when SB almost drowned and HB saved her, JB for awhile touched her hands while trying to save her also. Later after, she told JB she felt someone hand while she was in the water and she felt deep sadness somehow. (I forgot what episode that was) I then assumed JB will play a big role in SB's life (thats also when I thought about the heart transplant idea only it did not turn out that way). Also, I know many keep saying GJC killed HB that tragic day. While that is true, in my opinion JC also did not go there with the intent to kill HB . HB arrived at that location, he was the one who pointed a gun at JC, he has a knife in his pocket, he's the one carrying those weapons thereby he's the one with the intent to kill, JC merely defended himself and fought tooth and nails to survive and in the process HB got stabbed and stabbed even more after JC lost all reasons. (that's why we tell kids not to be horse-playing with sharp objects.) I truly enjoyed reading everyones thoughts and opinions even those that are in contrast with mine are very enlightening. .
  6. After watching the first two episode (with 2 more to go), Here is my opinion. It very obvious here SB loves KHS but she can't go to him because of JB. It pains her heart to see JB suffering and until the time she knows he is happy she won't go to KHB. To illustrate this example, SB only has one (1) lollipop. She can only give that lollipop to one of her friends and she already knows whom amongst her friends she want to give the lolly to. So, until the others are happy to have without, she will hold on to it meanwhile. So, KHS has to endure also as much as she is enduring (Enduring reaps the most benefit in the end after all - he gets her heart). This, to me, definitely shows the empathic and selfless side of SB. She is also guided by her own principles in life. I know KHS also has his own set of principles (he said something about it further back in ep.). I can't understand why he feels that way but then, I guess, unless one feels the same it would be hard to understand the reasons behind their actions. Love? SB love for KHS is more on the romantic/enduring kind of love (and I strongly feel they will be together in the end). Whereas, the love she felt for JB is cross between friendly tender affection and familiar love. She considers herself a family to him (she hinted on that quite a few times already), nothing like how she felt for KHS. Is it selfish on JB part not to understand her feelings? In two lifetimes the only person who has shown JB/GJC real affection was HE and now SB. The only woman he has ever loved is HE/SB. He is a VERY VERY sad soul! (I feel so much for him and I want him to be happy also!) Yes it is selfish! but in his situation it would be heartless not want to give him his only source of joy even for just awhile. He knows his condition and I feel he also knows he is dying soon and is trying to wrap things up with SB (the red ribbons on the trees for example). Like someone on their deathbed asking for their favorite food (by all means give it to them as they are not going to have it for long!) Deep inside him he knows KHS is the one for SB (he never holds her back anymore when she left to go to see KHS nor even trail after her). I think It is wrong to begrudge him of the familiar affection SB has for him.
  7. From MY understanding..(haven't seen the four new eps. yet) Even in their past life, SE was unexplainably drawn toward GJC, always acting affectionate towards him until the time she saw him murder the lady at the saloon. Then later after she decided to marry HB. She felt rejuvenated at the hospital after JC stayed with her all night holding her hand -- her formalin aversion is completely gone! (I felt here that JC/JB will always play a big role in her life) HB had been courting her for quite awhile and she had been rejecting his marriage proposal (most likely because of her heart condition or could be some other reason also (?)). She somehow foretold they will not be together as husband and wife but only lovers in that lifetime (which definitely happened). On one of HS's flashback of the time he(as HB) and HE first met, he asked her why a person who has done wrong shouldn't apologize. She explained, it would put the burden of forgiveness to that person who was wronged. It would be better to care for that person instead (might explain why she's caring for JB that way after he tried saving her and got himself in the condition he's in now) All three of them in the past had somehow tied a red string to one another that complicates their future happiness, GJC to SE, HB towards SE and SE towards HB. Here is how I feel the ending is moving towards .. JB will die (!) and HS and SB will finally have their happy (?) every after. (This ending to me is tragic as I actually feel so much for JB/GJC, he is one poor soul with very sad story. I think he deserves a happy ending also) This is how I WOULD LIKE to see the story to ends ... Being that the string that binds them is already strained and untangling it would leave very noticeable marks on the strands, in the same way their present life is already complicated due to the issues from their past. So whoever is left behind will be shouldering some guilty feelings over the other person. All of then will be REBORN again on a clean slate without strings attached and murder issues, curses and hard feelings. HE/SB will be a twin this time. And three of them will have their happy ending!
  8. I remember in Episode 5 they said something to this effect. It was when both KSH and SA were given red knotted bracelet. The lady who gave them the bracelet said: "I heard that a relationship so full of affection that it hurt in your past life comes back only to graze past you in the present. But a bad relationship in your former life will come back to you in order to untie the knot. So, no matter what, you have to take care of each other and love each other." then SA said to KSH: "I guess you're okey with bad relationship in our past"
  9. This is base on how I percieved the story, once again I hope I dont step on anyones opinion. Just wanting to share. GJC had childhood traumas. There is a posibility that GJC has dissociative personality disorder, one personality being the 'dad' who already died 15 years back from 1987. GJC is the real personality. That other personality murdered people who are abusive themselves, the last murdered victim was also abusive. They are similar to the GJC mom/stepmom in feature as the dad personality said on one of his hallucination of him. Both of them can paint except the 'dad' personality paints women as they were laying dead. The difference with GJC painting was of HE Smiling with a wound on her heart maybe signifying her bad heart condition. GJC technically was not the umbrella killer but his other persinality. He maybe the one who scribbled on the umbrellas victims names the way he did after he murdered the lady at the salon. Just as he was the one who put the green socks on the last victim. Hye-mi was the lady who helped GJC 'dad' personality in the past and is also SA mom in the present. JB is GJC reincarnated state while, and this might be farfetched, SA might be his 'dad 'personality's reincarnation. (This is fiction so storyline can get very creative) JC truly was in love with HE and does not want to cause her harm and was fully decided in giving his heart to HE so she can live. Reincarnated SB has GC heart which explains why she can feel this pain in her heart after slightly touching his JC hand that day she almost drowned. JB inability to feel emotion might be due to his losing heart in his past life as GC. Both KHS and GJ will resort to killing when it comes to protecting SB. Both has attempted but hasnt killed anybody yet. The butterfly killer is SA and just like GC dad personality, also offered to help him murder. (LHY murdered babys mom) I havent seen the latest episode yet but have been thinking this could somehow be the plot of the story. JBs main purpose in life I guess is to protect SB just as like GC towards HE, only misinterpreted. If only HB did not go beast mode with gun and knife on GC, it would NOT have resorted to that tragic ending. But understandable though its human emotions that moved him to act that way. My opinion is ever changing so it could be different next time.
  10. Just a few thought I want to share also. I hope I don't step on anybody else opinion and correct me please if I have missed out something. I am concentrating more on GC/JB personality as he the one that intrigues me the most (He is like a 'lost' kitty but ferocious like tiger) I find GC/JB to be an anti-hero type character. He is a mentally unstable person who has never felt love from his family and was ostracized by people around him because he is different from them. I found his actions of crime are motivated by injustices around him, or he let them to die so they can get resurrected and have a chance of better life, or to help SB/HE due to his affection. Some of his crimes that I've seen he committed in the story - The lady at the salon who's son she murdered as GC - the doctor and the security (while trying to escape jail and hospital to go to SB) - attempted to kill his brother who has been mean to him (has he hurt him before?) - and the guy he stabbed after he attacked SH where SB got hurt in the process. To me his reactions are somewhat similar to (the incredible hulk) in a way, once his sense of injustice gets triggered he totally flips out and go crazy. Why I have difficulty putting him totally in bad light, his mental state is due to the mental abuse experienced both in his past and present life and he some redeeming qualities as well. - In his past life he was a friend to the kid who was murdered by his mom, he even bought him ice cream. - In the present time he buried the baby behind the church after his mom murdered him - He wanted to give his heart to HE in the past so she can live but was thought differently by HB - In the present day he still still wanted to protect SB at all cost (He practically assigned himself as her bodyguard without her knowledge aka stalker in order to protect her/obsessing over her). Now, KSH and CJB to me are similar in that they both don't tolerate injustices, KSH as prosecutor will put them to jail however way he can, and JB on the other hand, with murderous intent. I think JB needs to heal before he can be love but definitely he too deserves a chance to be loved. It would be nice to find out in the end that present day SB was given GC heart or maybe lay his life for her sake at the end of the story, then to me their lives would have come full circle. Tragic it may be, but knowing how SB and KSH love story is flourishing, there doesn't seem to be any room for him in their life. Story is only but halfway so my opinions can change overtime but right now these are my thought.
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