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  1. JCW is an antagonist in movie Punishment? I don’t know if I’m happy or not. After drama Five Fingers, JCW said he didn’t get any new offer for drama or movie that made him quite depressed. I’m not sure if acting as an antagonist would bring any good consequences. However, I like him in MV “Cry cry” (T-ara) even though his role is a bad gangster. I’m sure JCW has multiple offers for movie, and if he decided to choose movie Punishment, I guess it must be good enough to convince him to accept the antagonist role.
  2. Actually I’ve found out that the song “Emotion” was originally sung by singer/actress Yu Chae Young in 1999, so that’s why it’s not on Backstreet Rookie’s CD track list. The singer is no longer in the world. Anyway, here is the original “Emotion”: In the interview on DramaQuarterly, did they say that it’s better to do a drama for Backstreet Rookie first before turning it to a movie? Does it mean we may have a movie someday?
  3. Yay, he now has 14 millions followers on Instagram! This is the translation of NewBin interview: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFJDPoqJYI3/?igshid=xkm6pwsbuexb JCW said he is not afraid of over exposure, and he feels sick if he doesn’t work. I think JCW will consider to do some new project soon because he doesn’t like to take a long break.
  4. I’ve just found 1:25 minute-long version of the song “Emotion” (by Fancy Girls) with translation. The embedded video couldn’t be watched on Soompi forum, so you can only watch it directly on YouTube site: This song is not included on the track list of the OST CD. It is composed exclusively for Backstreet Rookie. Why don’t they put it on the OST CD? I think Backstreet Rookie season 2 can be created in any way the scriptwriters want, and it doesn’t have to be a continuation or connected or related to season 1. Many TV series don’t have season 1 and 2 that are related to each other. iQIYI YouTube channel posted a video 3 weeks ago with title “TRAILER: Postscript of Sweet Life | Backstreet Rookie”. https://youtu.be/loUVzOL49W8 I don’t know why they use the word “Trailer” for that video. Many people wonder if it is the trailer for season 2 .
  5. @Jillia 51 episodes take too much time to rewatch. Maybe I can just watch the scenes that have Ha Ji Won and/or Ji Chang Wook, and the rest I will skip. @partyon Empress Ki has a good script, great cast, excellent directing, and beautiful music. JCW portrayed his challenging role as TaHwan so well in this drama that I don't think anyone else can do it better.
  6. It's been more than 6 years since the last time I watched Empress Ki. Time passed so quickly. JCW said he wanted to do a historical drama because it's been a long time, and he would like to be King again too. Empress Ki is a good drama, but the last 13 episodes were kinda painful to watch. The scriptwriters tortured The Emperor and also the Empress too much.
  7. I believe that Taewon Production won’t start the production if there is no network that is willing to broadcast the drama. The script for season 2 must be good, otherwise they won’t spend money on it either. It is totally possible that both KYJ and JCW will agree to do season 2 if there is a very good script that they like. It is reasonable for them to deny the offer if the script is not well-done. Season 1 is already 90% different from the webtoon anyway. I’m sure season 2 will have nothing to do with the webtoon anymore but a fresh brand-new storyline. Even though the drama was controversial in the beginning, many viewers love it eventually, and they requested for season 2. It was also rerun on multiple channels in Korea, and also maintained a good trending spot on WAVVE and iQIYI apps. It’s encouraging enough for the Taewon Production to plan for season 2. Everything is just in the preparation stage. They may cancel their plan anytime if things don’t work out. We’ll see. The article on DramaQuarterly was published 5 days ago, but somehow it just became the netizens’ talk of town recently because some JCW or KYJ fan pages just brought it up. I remember on the last filming day, KYJ asked her manager to keep his promise to open the second store. I guess they had already discussed with the actors about season 2 at that time.
  8. There’s a marathon of drama Healer on KBS W channel in this September. I really miss writer Song Ji Na of drama Healer. She’s a very talented writer. Hopefully she will create another masterpiece and cooperate with JCW again someday.
  9. @Jillia as an international fan of Backstreet Rookie who often search for articles in English, I’ve just read this news recently even though it was published on Sep 7 already! I guess the Korean viewers don’t know about this article which is originally written in English, and DramaQuarterly is not some famous and popular news portal, but it looks like a legit online magazine specializing in global dramas’ news, and it is not some kind of trashy gossiping site. Usually we got Backstreet Rookie’s news originally from Korean first, but this is an exception. A foreign magazine (DramaQuarterly) had an exclusive interview with the director and writer first. There is no guarantee that the main leads will be JCW and KYJ in season 2, but based on the article, the feeling I got is that they will definitely keep both KYJ and JCW because they’re the important factors that attract international viewers. The expensive indoor studio they built for Backstreet Rookie will be in use again. Yay!!
  10. The article on DramaQuarterly is definitely real. After reading it, I can tell it’s not fake news! This article was not translated from a Korean source, but it is an original and exclusive article written in British English by DramaQuarterly magazine. It’s said this drama is set to air on U-Next in Japan, which is true because currently Japanese fans still couldn’t watch it on U-Next yet. The article is totally legit and factual! @Ming Lim Where are you? I think you will be very happy about this exciting news! There is a big chance that JCW and KYJ will reunite in a drama within 5 years. Ha ha...my Tarot card’s prediction is likely coming true. @asterann They’re writing season 2 now. I think you’re a good writer, so if you have any good ideas for the new season, please don’t hesitate to submit them to Taewon Production! We really need a very romantic season 2 with many kiss scenes, ha ha OMG, this is such an exciting news!!! The ratings of Backstreet Rookie were not super high on SBS, but it seems like it got a very good reception from other countries (We knew that North Korean daily news even published an article about how much love it is received by North Korean young viewers! Maybe their leader want to invest for season 2 secretly, LOL ) . It’s pretty quick that they’re working on the script for season 2 now. I guess the production team couldn’t take a long break.
  11. A glimpse of Photo book #133 posted by JCWPhilippines: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFB9tm6J-aR/?igshid=p001hxtzn44m I think JCW took his selfies at a weird angle on purpose. Breaking News! It looks like JCW will be back with Backstreet Rookie season 2. Check out this article: http://dramaquarterly.com/talking-shop/ (Don’t be surprised that there is no news in Korean about this, but only an online magazine headquartered in London, UK published this news! Many people doubt that it is not real, but I think it’s true. I read some other articles on DramaQuarterly, and I can tell it’s a legit magazine.)
  12. @Mai Stars I think Photobook #123 is the first printing, and photobook #133 is the second printing. I heard that Melting Me Softly has been aired on Viu TV 99 (a Hongkong TV channel) since Aug 2020.
  13. Glorious Entertainment has just posted this new notice of the Photo book #133: http://www.glorious.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=notice&wr_id=17 I guess Photo Book #123 is related to Backstreet Rookie only, but the book #133 is all about other personal photos of JCW.
  14. @Ming Lim JCW said he is indecisive just like Choi Dae Hyun, so probably that’s why he has not made a final decision yet or he may have multiple offers at the same time... Some other BTS photos: These are Backstreet Rookie’s filming locations: https://www.instagram.com/p/CE3yMA7n8nA/?igshid=6ix563fuzp3u
  15. @elizabeth I enjoyed watching Backstreet Rookie a lot. It’s the funniest JCW’s drama ever. It helps me have a good time and relieve my stress during the Covid pandemic. The storyline is fine, not bad at all. It’s quite successful on WAVVE and iQIYI app’s trending popularity. Drama Backstreet Rookie was controversial in the beginning, but overall it is just pure fun, light-hearted and heart-warming. It’s my cup of tea, so I think it’s worth watching. Everyday I check the news to see if there’s any confirmation for his new project, but nothing has happened! Why does it take so long?
  16. The scriptwriter @paengbo Instagram has posted some new BTS photos of KYJ: More photos on her post here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEyYGVmpT81/?igshid=1hr8nlbhojeb7
  17. Many of his tattoos in The K2 were fake, but some of them are real tattoos because fans often caught the same tattoos below his waistline and on his left thigh many times since drama The K2. JCW does not deliberately reveal his tattoos clearly for the world to see, but he doesn’t try hard to hide them either because I still can notice his real tattoos on some photos on his Instagram and also in a photo published on 1st Look magazine. In drama Backstreet Rookie, there was a scene that he pulled down his pants and then got kicked by the female lead. Somehow, in that scene the tattoos on his left thigh didn’t show ( I guess they put make up on his skin or they use Photoshop to clear it).
  18. There’s no confirmation news for JCW’s upcoming drama yet, but it seems like Chinese fans are very eager to see Kim Ji Won pairing with JCW. They even create a page for this possible upcoming project on Douban: https://movie.douban.com/celebrity/1315170/movies?sortby=time&format=pic Also it is rumored that drama “Mr. Right” will be aired in December 2020. I really don’t know where this rumor originally started, but many JCW fan pages have posted this speculation. Hopefully we can see JCW again on TV this year.
  19. Full English translation for the press conference (45 minute-long video): Doing action scene is KYJ’s hidden talent. I think in the future she will receive more offers to work in an action movie or drama. It’s funny that director Lee Myung Woo didn’t want to ruin JCW’s cool image due to his large female fan base, but JCW is the one who pushed the director to go further to make his character more nerdy and hilarious. Some new BTS photos: Also based on Trans TV Twitter (an Indonesian TV channel), it will broadcast drama Backstreet Rookie someday soon.
  20. With on-demand service, digital copies, and online streaming, DVD sales have been declined significantly over a decade already. I’m not surprised if people are not so interested in buying the DVD. Even though I really like Backstreet Rookie and want to support my favorite actors, honestly I still think it’s a waste of money if the contents of the DVD are just exactly the same as we can watch for free on iQIYI app. If the DVD has many exclusive contents or a special episode that we have never seen before, it will be worth buying. I enjoy watching JCW dancing a lot. His new video on his YouTube channel is quite fun to watch. At 9 pm on Sep 1 on actor Eun Moon Sik’s YouTube channel, there will be a video of him and KYJ.
  21. Dancing might be JCW’s hidden talent. Instead of an action drama or movie, I prefer JCW to challenge himself with a role that he has to dance a lot (for example, a role in a musical drama as “dancing machine” K-pop singer would be cool). iQIYI app now has a button to rate a drama. Of course I gave it 10 stars for the main leads’ stellar performance.
  22. @Mai Stars JCW has done many different jobs in his movies, musicals, dramas such as body guard (3 times), chef, PD, convenience store manager, lawyer, prosecutor, reporter, Emperor, martial art coach, etc., but he has never done any medical drama yet, so I’m just curious to see a new and different image of him. I remember at the beginning of Backstreet Rookie, he had 12.5 millions followers on his Instagram, but now it is 13.8. Yay!!
  23. I remember JCW said in an interview that they even filmed a few different versions for a scene and then selected the best one. I think there are many alternative versions for a scene that we didn’t have a chance to see. There is a chance that Dae-hyun kissed Saet-Byul for real at the last scene, but they just decided to choose a funnier version of the scene. I really want to send a request to Taewon Entertainment to ask them to make a special episode on the DVD that includes all the exclusive BTS or deleted scenes that we have never seen before. I guess the kiss for the Pulp Fiction parody was not done successfully in one take. TWICE members (Momo, Nayeon, Sana) admitted that they watched drama Backstreet Rookie before. Guess what? Last night I saw a music video “What is Love?” by TWICE, and I saw something very interesting at 00:50 - 01:00. Check it out:
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