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  1. Kim Yoo Jung really deserves the award for her hard work and talent. I’m sure Backstreet Rookie’s team are all happy for her, and I feel like she is the representative for the whole team. Anyway, this drama is actually an original of Korea’s Lifetime channel, so I understand why most of the winners are from original SBS’s dramas. I really like her black and white dress. She looks more mature and elegant.
  2. This is JCW’s interview with Japanese magazine Hanyru. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJQTvVIJ2iT/?igshid=bd76wmubx7c5 He disclosed that his favorite line is “Grape”. Should we expect a reunion of the main leads someday?
  3. I’m glad that they are nominated as Best Couple Award. I guess all the nominees are invited to attend the SBS awards night. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJN_bpGpfJf/?igshid=1fm2x7u4eurq6 The voting period is from Dec 24-30.
  4. I just saw a new article on Soompi: https://www.soompi.com/article/1445229wpp/kim-yoo-jung-and-shin-dong-yup-to-mc-2020-sbs-drama-awards Yay, Kim Yoo Jung will be the MC of the SBS Drama Awards 30th anniversary! I have a feeling that our drama Backstreet Rookie or its team/cast will win something at the coming awards ceremony.
  5. @LYM I heard that Backstreet Rookie is officially nominated for SBS best drama award. I hope it will be the winner!
  6. I don’t know when they will announce the nomination. Anyway, SBS awards show will be aired at 9 pm on Dec 31. They said the competition is fierce this year because many SBS dramas have high ratings. At least I just hope both of our main leads will walk on the red carpet together this year.
  7. Yeah, the female lead in Annara Sumanara has so many similarities with SaetByul. SBS has released the teasers for SBS Drama Awards 2020: It’s interesting that the first teaser includes the most controversial kiss of the year, LOL. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI4L8aeh-Jb/?igshid=1q3zksjbt1tkg The second teaser only has KYJ but no JCW. I hope both of them are invited or nominated. https://www.instagram.com/p/CI4L8aeh-Jb/?igshid=1q3zksjbt1tkg
  8. JCW recently promoted for Backstreet Rookie to be broadcast in Japan on Dec 22. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIQtolipT2y/?igshid=h7r76fu4gzd5 When I heard JCW is offered the lead role in a new Netflix drama Annara Sumanara, I was immediately thinking of KYJ as the female lead. The director of this drama also directed Love In the Moonlight, so there is some connection between them. I want a miracle to happen to reunite them in a new project soon.
  9. The recent news says that both Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook are tested negative for COVID-19. The production team are considering if they should resume filming in about 2 weeks based on the test results of the staff and cast. In a new video uploaded by actor Eum Moon Suk, JCW said the filming of this drama had been tentatively scheduled until mid of January 2021. Hopefully everything will be on track.
  10. It’s so sad that filming is halted, but I hope they will be able to continue soon if all other staff members get tested and have negative results. It’s only 12 episodes with 30 minutes for each episode. It’s not a lengthy drama so that they can get it done quicker...I’m really praying for all cast members are doing well and always stay healthy. It’s so nice that the drama will be streamed online on Netflix too. This is the first teaser with English subtitle:
  11. It’s just a video upload of a pre-recorded camping cooking show. It’s more like a talk show with eating, but not so much about the cooking part, ha ha... Hopefully we will get the English subtitle at that time and date too.
  12. At first I thought the “moving poster” is the first trailer ( I was a bit disappointed because of its simplicity), but actually it is not a trailer. The idea of “moving poster” is quite creative. An article on Soompi about Kim Ji Won’s character. (Do you see her tattoos on the arms?) Kim Ji Won Falls In Love With Ji Chang Wook While Pretending To Be Someone Else In Upcoming Romance Drama Nov 18, 2020 by E. Cha https://www.soompi.com/art
  13. Good news! JCW will appear on UmBelieve YouTube channel of actor Eun Moon Sik (Dal Sik) at 9 pm KST on 11/24/2020. This is the link of the channel: https://m.youtube.com/c/UMbelievable
  14. Yeah, I notice that he wears a ring, so I guess his character is married. In the new stills, he carries few different cameras too. I think his camera was stolen by a pretty girl so that he has to buy some new one. Anyway, based on Glorious Entertainment’s update, the official English title of this drama is “Lovestruck in the City”. It sounds better and more memorable than “City Couple’s Way of Love”. Last night I had a dream, and I saw both of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won in my beautiful dream. It’s very interesting!
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