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  1. I’ve just learned that KYJ and JCW first met each other at Baeksang Award in 2017. At 1:47 in the video below, there’s KYJ, and at 3:52, JCW shows up.
  2. I looks like Geum Bi will confess that she’s dating with Dal-Sik, and Saet-Byul seems so shocked to know that! This photo is posted on paengbo Instagram (the scriptwriter). It’s an another concept for the poster. I know it’s photoshopped, but it looks so pretty!
  3. Thanks @ailanthus for info about the song that actor Eun Moon Sik posted on his IG. Synopsis for episode 15. Oh no, Saet-Byul might move out of Dae-Hyun’s house.
  4. The new BTS is cute. I like that JCW also looked at director Lee with his romantic mellow eyes when he practiced for the scene. Does he has a strong chemistry with the director too? Actor Eun Moon Sik just posted a dancing video on his Instagram. It sounds like Reggae music but not K-pop. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDh-nr3p4ZY/?igshid=8f4blwon1hiv @cherkell Let me tell you a true story that happened to me last week. When I parked my car in a shopping mall, suddenly I heard the song “You Never Can Tell” of the dancing scene in Pulp Fiction that comes from a shop. It’s just a coincidence, but it’s funny because it’s really unexpected!
  5. This is a recent BTS photo. What do think when looking at this photo? I think they caught Dae-Hyun and Saet-Byul kissing each other inside the convenience store.
  6. IQIYIUS Instagram will give out photos of our Dae Byul couple with their autographs if you leave a comment on their post. It’s open to international viewers, and promotion ends on Aug 7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDaZQ9-HbNW/?igshid=66plk18vv6cb
  7. @cherkell All controversies will pass. Time will heal everything. Nobody will keep complaining on the same issue forever. If a drama is boring and unnoticeable, it could be worse than being controversial. JCW had many fan signing events in Korea before, and they announced the event in advance, but somehow there are a lot more people showing up at this surprising GS25 event and they are quite chaotic this time too. It’s quite unexpected. Probably drama Backstreet Rookie is more popular in Korea than we think it is. Nice fan art by Kafee.
  8. @ailanthus Your gif is so hilarious! I guess JCW was already able to predict what would happen if he shows up to work at the convenience store. He just forgot his celebrity’s power sometimes.
  9. Kang Ji Wook was dolled up when he did the Go Star 25 promotion event, but obviously JCW didn’t even have any makeup on his face when he comes to work at the convenience store. There was no security guard also. I guess it was just supposed to be a fun event personally for JCW with support from GS25 so that he can do a Vlog on his YouTube channel. @Ale _ida Even if the staff didn’t post the photo of JCW, some other customer would be able to take his photo and post it on social media with hashtag #jichangwook anyway. Life of a celebrity is not that free. It’s just like how Kang Ji Wook is depicted in the drama. @cherkell If people just got in line to get to the store properly, it should be fine. It’s not really GS25 or JCW’s team that made this event inappropriate during this Covid pandemic. It’s beyond their control that fans got too excited to push each other to get a chance to see him, so they had to stop the event earlier to help protect other people’s safety.
  10. I’m curious why Saet-Byul wears a pink suit and earrings in episode 15. It looks like that is her business attire more than dating outfit. Are they going to GS25 headquarter together? JCW had to leave the convenience store early today because it has become too crowded after his photos on the social media started circulating (Does it remind you of Puppy Ji Wook working at Dae-Hyun’s store and then there are a lot of female fans gathering to check out the items with him? Ha ha...). Of course they had not announced this event in advance. Otherwise he wouldn’t not even able to enter the store for a second. His hairstyle looks very different from Dae-hyun but he still wears the black bracelet. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDbB-gmJzde/?igshid=x25h6rn8xhs7
  11. JCW actually expressed in a recent article with a Taiwan media that he wants to work at a convenience store for real. Maybe that’s why GS25 decided to invite him to work at their convenience store because they knew that he would be happy to accept the offer. Yeah, if KYJ is there with him, it would be perfect!
  12. Breaking News! JCW actually comes to work for real at a GS25 convenience store today. Check this out. I think GS25 invited him to work at the store for promotion purpose. That’s quite interesting.
  13. Why couldn’t they release the show via DVD? All they need to do is to change the parental guidance from 15+ to 19+ on the DVD’s label to satisfy those 7000 people who feel disgusted by it. For those viewers who seek erotic drama to watch, they would buy DVD of Backstreet Rookie due to its rating of 19+ . Then they would get mad after watching it because there’s nothing like what they imagined. After watching episode 14, I kinda understand why the introduction of character Dal-Sik in episode 1 was depicted like that. They just want to tell us a big transformation of an adult webtoon author in later episode when he has met the muse of his life. How he creates his webtoon now is very different from the past.
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