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  1. They wont become couple at the finale for sure, even if they will in the future, its gonna take a long road for them both. they r gonna be fine as a friends too, like i said, Ikjun's confession didnt really ask for anything, if he did, he will confront her rn, i think he knows songhwa will be burdened by it Thats what i thought too, all the boys helping songhwa moving out altho originally i thought ikjun wont be there bcs his spain thingy, being together is good way to close the finale.
  2. 1st is Confusion, Why now? But Whatever she used to feel, she let go and just living her life. Not like she waited ikjun got married to dated around right? Both of them dated people in their college days. But after thinking again, ikjun confession doesnt really have anything, both of his confession out in the open bcs other person asking for it. Its not like he tell shwa he likes her and want to be with her forever.
  3. Tbh, when she said that, i feel like shwa didnt like him that way. Or maybe she used to but not anymore or even never feel that way to him.
  4. Maybe the three of them (Jwan, jwon, seokhyeong)? When will ikjun go to spain? I think he wont be there helping songhwa, but oh well.... Ah my heart breaking for iksong too this episode, ikjun just, too unfortunate. Chihong crossed the lines in that drinking scene, but ikjun was no better, both of them really have that awkward tension everytime they met now, i feel bad for songhwa, she must be feeling so uncomfortable.
  5. they've been working together for months now, so this kinda things make sense, consider ikjun personality. There is soo many subtle build up already for wintergarden idk why you cant see it, they r number 1 ship for this drama for a reason I mean, even that time when gw asked him for dinner, the guy who never reject suddenly taken a back, reject her with a lie? He never reject anyone tho. Also, that using banmal things, just simple as that, why he have to denied it? Just saying i become comfortable to her like you or any make sense reasoning possible. If i were ikjun, i would also get suspicious of him. Also, winter is coming, i hope in the upcoming episode we will see gyeoul side
  6. Junwan is my fav character after ikjun, and i want more scene with him and iksun! Also, i dont think dr.bong is reliable source, junwan is faar than jerk, he is a softie, him and jaehak dynamic is real good. Also, i think he is the most mature one out of our lacking 5, we can feel his character development both on being a doctor and on his dating life. Lmao, i noticed that to, he be like, "yeah nope" both junwan and ikjun are jealous of chihong is real funny to me
  7. How can u think ij will easily back to her again? She cheated on him and also, like all his friend keep saying, they get married bcs that ex wife presistenly chase after him. If you think this will happen, Isnt this apply on whoever? Not specifically a close friend. I just hope no one will bring "He deserve more bcs he isnt a divorcee or a divorcee shouldnt do this and that" kind of topic just to prove a point. Its really upsetting to see that kind of reasoning. Everyone deserve love regardless one status anyway.
  8. Well iam not gonna comment on that bcs we clearly had different meaning, i just want to pointed out that dream thingy you said that clearly didnt match, Since the blurring of the figure i actually think to erase their visible lines and make it invisible, but you can have other theory. About that wishes with her resident, isnt that mean she didnt have any wishes too? Not on anyone (not only for ij). She comfortable like this now, We dk about later. That caring for uju is not ij wishes or even his dream, its real and it happened
  9. This actually can make sense IF she told him to sleep after he make that confession. But its the other way around, and after that confession, shwa be making him a coffee, so
  10. Shwa is not an innocent child, she is not a virgin either, she dated around too. They may or may not happening, but Why wouldnt be okay to accept his love now? Why? I failed to understand this part. So people with failed marriage cant pursue the one he love? Why? And later if shwa love him back,, you think it still unfair to her? Whats different with meeting a new woman or finally pursue his long time love? Shwa is a new woman in his life too, since he saw her as a friend after he give up on her for a friend. Chihong is a good match too. But Seeing people saying this making me going 'huh?' whats about being a divorcee?
  11. This view is really weird for me, iam not married yet, so i guess ruled them out bcs they were married kinda turn me off? Someone cant love people with past (divorcee and single parent) bcs that someone will have no self respect? What? So do you think divorcee and single parent have less value than the one who is single? Why? Its not just about the drama, but everyone deserve a second chance. Good things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle, so waiting that long is not good too, esp if you do not include it with actions. that opportunity will be taken back by others.
  12. This, he is like, to good to be true. Such a rare male lead quality with all the thing he can do. Usually male lead have all the ikjun trait but with cold personality or you know, not funny. While ikjun is smart, an extrovert, can do anything, friends with everyone, single dad, leader of the group, perfect with his jobs, gag king. Seriously, whats not to like?
  13. I watched that ikjun confession for couple of times already, and cant get enaugh, its really sweet. Songhwa flustered face after that, lmao. She didnt realize that it was raining even after looking out to the window I dont really ship anyone since ep 8, but this two be making my heart flutter. Btw jeongwon sing that winter garden anthem cant wait for junwan and seokhyeong turn to sing~
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